Wow What If

Yes, so despite seemingly plucking whom I believed to be the best 8 choices for yesterday evening’s champions league fixtures, I can honestly state a level of surprise to have been correct on 6 of those choices and options whilst another drew and only one of my selections lost or failed or was outright incorrect.

So this perhaps takes myself perhaps once again to the Future Mapping issue and indeed getting one’s head around the IDEA of 120% being a new 100% and so on, in fact as most can probably recall from school days, such things often involved getting out the FRACTIONS and working in non-whole number realms and percentages.

In fact it does seem that however accurate any of us desire to be that the BRIDGE that requires circumnavigating within our respective noggin actually requires more than just NUMBERS.

What, but David?

Okay so I a couple of years ago now I think around the time of the FIFA World Cup suggested that in motivational terms and how things have always been (to a certain extent) I said something akin to wanting NUMBERS to survive any sort of crossing of no-man’s land whilst attacking said hun, (I gave a James Bond example of 1st World War Battlefield tctics and IDEOLOGIES that are still used within many a realm to this day.

Safe Manager, Boss, General at the rear giving interviews and telling everyone how well all are doing whilst the poor bastards in the midst of wherever the action is are having an experience perhaps best “GALLOWS HUMOURED” within the Realm of “Blackadder Goes Forth”.

Anyway not all that a great period of time later I found myself receiving emails relating to a new course from Learning Strategies entitled Numerology and I indeed also suggested that some of the information involved was a kind of confirmation in many respects as I had also mentioned seeing particular information’s relating to Numbers contained within (for example) a WITCHES BIBLE and indeed a rather massive tomb ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS with commentary from famed Scientist Stephen Hawking, in fact it can actually be stated that much early research and examples of science came from and were part and parcel of Religious life and Society.

I mention that because of course this issue or problem (that I see within the United Kingdom) is that exceptionally strong distance and FASCIST ATHEISM is the order of the day among most of Society.

Fascist atheism perhaps another wording for MILITANT ATHEISM whereby huge amounts of criticism is aimed at traditional church values whilst not actually offering anything as a replacement, beyond of course being allowed to break so-called gospels of religious doctrination’s and what many a Western Civilisation and Society based in laws and so on upon The 10 commandments.

So the problem is that extremist anything is of little value to most or many people, in terms of living a fruitful or rewarding life. I may have had a so-called religious upbringing at one stage of my life, though that does not cause myself to say that this other group must be hated despised and abused at every turn and so on.  In truth extremists can be seen to be constantly setting peoples up as targets whether they deserve or desire to be or otherwise.  One of the things with raising Threshold is that you still require rewording or rethinking how you respond to particular events and scenes and scenario’s because just as I spoke about thinking pattern grooves, it is far to easy to fall into somewhat limiting patterns of playing victim, and if you are placed in such a position (as some of us can demonstrate) through some realms refusal to deal appropriately with particular bullying  individual’s then  the so-called climb out of the pit can become that seemingly little bit more of a struggle and so on.

Yes I typically in recent days found myself once again recalling:- I think I previously mentioned how during school years a regular teacher was on sick and a stand in took over the French lesson class.  Unable to cope with misbehaviour within the class the teacher strangely singled myself out and I found myself then within the so-called bottom setoff the subject, this French lesson was effectively not a lesson at all, because it was crammed to the rafters with idiots and imbeciles messing around, who had zero interest in the subject and of course anyone wanting to escape such environment or class is unlikely to manage it, because little teaching or learning is going to happen.

So anyway Numbers, as mentioned above can typically be demonstrated to be the realm of SCIENCE in that everything can be allocated a number or given a numerical value and likewise all can be TRANSLATED into forms and shapes and so on of numbers, as long as all and everyone is following some widel known and used standard, this has occurred over and again, whereby whilst some standards were once the realm of Government and Scholars and indeed Genius’, that market economics and the wide spread of appropriate tools led to more and more so-called non-scientific and civilian peoples and persons coming up with standards of their own.

This has in fact occurred again and again within Computer Realms where many enthusiast, like technologies were taken and given a polish and accepted as a Universal standard, or later adapted to fit some pre-established standard that was not too distant from the new technologies.

Anyway in having the Numerology course and of course the Paraliminal both of which may seemingly have an appeal to people with an Interest in Elite Military Forces and so on, can do no harm in terms of learning and indeed of course the ever growing mandate or differing techniques and strategies that anyone from any realm can pick up from other realms.  So everyone is some kind of super race to have the best forces and teachings and learnings and blha blah.

Anyway today of course we have Rugby once again and having already of course stated that I played at school level and not beyond, it can be somewhat difficult separating wheat from chaff as to clues.  Especially as a City Such as Hereford, England, United Kingdom does have a Rugby Club and it is a popular local sport, so you do see individuals from time to time who look something akin to Rugby players, not only in build of course but also in differing National Identities.  Yes strange though true of course once upon a time the local military personal and international families settled within the Region (not just Hereford but the County in general) and indeed you can see someone you think is Fijian on a bicylce going down the street and think yes I see that every day, NEXT TIME I might stop him and suggest he pop along to Coombes Cycles on Widemarsh and get himself something a little sturdier for his larger frame, and of course I can then speculate as to him calling myself Boyo and saying he is from the Valleys and it was his grandad who was in the forces and so on.

Anyway yes that is why CLUING SYSTEMS VIA any one given kind of methodology can lead you far away from the RESULT that you are seeking to pinpoint with some accuracy.

I of course have a background in NUMBERS and so on having studied AI and robotics and so on at Univercity and whilst it was not a strong area of my learning, an advanced mathematics module was a requirement of the course.

Likewise of course I have already explained many times how a simple variation at the beginning of a calculation can lead you so far from the result that you want that the sums really do not add up.  This has been demonstated within faulty software and mathematics equations over and over again and we can all ask why?

Likewise of course I then in asking such questions returned to the IDEA of wanting the ACCURACY OF NUMBERS and MATHEMATICS (that is demonstrably known as correct) strongly associated and linked in in some fashion with ART and SOUND and so on.  Getting some best practice out of multiple MODULARITIES.

Can this be done?

Well Learning Strategies may well feel they have already covered such a basis across many courses, though I still feel that a GAP EXISTS for a More DESIGNER PRODUCT that I feel I would purchase.

Of course I already Speak Highly of many a course, though given my own preferences, I think I would like to do something of a pic and mix for purpose.

The question then as to what ELEMENTS, yes I have a good online library of many components, though do find I return to some and less others.

Example, I like the colour and compass and divination magnetics work of Marie Diamond, and I feel that the Numerology would have to be more prominent, and likewise I want some aspect of photoreading and future mapping incorporated.

Then I guess I will have to think on what aspect of each and why, I do look at my on-line library and wonder as to why I have some modules and I think others are missing simply because I rushed many a course or bought home study and would prefer online, (I have some enhanced photoreading (for example within Genius code)

So yes I may well sit down and sleep on it though I really wonder as to whether they are able to encourage an autopilot that goes past COMMENTATORS.

Example:  I think it was on Twitter whereby Piers Morgan posted a picture of Jeremy Corbyn and typically he (Piers) and many a personality has millions of followers, some perhaps active in the thousands, and invited folks to comment or critic picture, most typically simply slagging Corbyn of or criticising dress code, whilst I simply when into a kind of REVERSE PAINT BY NUMBERS MODE

So I looked at the picture, and then noted a couple of dustbins and a door and a garage door and wall and so on, what would the PICTURE LOOK LIKE when I identify it from basic sets of detail.  In fact the picture gave the result of a football match played later in the evening, though most comments were excessively unhelpful.

I want to be able to look at any picture and carry out some kind of DIAGNOSIS or REVERSAL OF PAINT BY NUMBERS doing what I did without getting drawn by the comments and distractions from other commentators, yes we all may laugh and giggle and smirk at humour though likewise in wanting to maintain some focus and concentration on MAXIMISING turning what I am seeing into having some money on the table and food in the belly I think  could well be helpful.

So yes I have some continued research perhaps on what elements of what courses are going to INCREASE PERCENTILE ACCURACY.

Yes I am sure experienced meditators and users of such technologies are well ahead of myself, in combinatorial usages, though I am looking to BRIDGE those ACCURACY GAPS a little more,

They do say of course that the further you progress the harder such activities become because you may typically become so obsessed as to becoming something of a control freak, though I do think a transition into alternate formats and gyroscopic compassing and so on, along with knowledge of that hemispheric whirlpool and gravity and the presumed RIM OF THE BLACKHOLE that goes into an infinity like IDEA.

We have all seen science fiction whereby some point at the edge of a dark star or collapsed star goes on forever in some slow motion EINSTEIN EFFECT.

Does someone travelling this distance from Earth AGE at the same rate and so on, TIME WARP THEORIES etc. A distance as measured in relation to our sun is differing to that of an alternate Heavenly body etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ‘-)

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