Yes So Got home and Wrote Article

Speaking of course after the end of a long shift and likewise I can now of course think as to now in the sense that today like most days, many other sporting realm events are taking place.

Strange though true of course the most obvious thing for myself to do is to once again look at today’s Europa league fixtures and demonstrate just how INCONSISTANT things can become.

Yes I would like to demonstrate and even admit to wanting to gain a greater level of CONSISTENCY, though my own testing of many such a theory and analysis and witnessing and feedback often seems like 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

So with having looked at the fixture list previous I will select a most likely candidate for each fixture as follows and I can say now at the outset that I expect many more DRAWS to appear (rightly or wrongly) among the results, when I of course am looking perhaps for outrights, maybe I can do one group and then the other.

Outrights at first look are







Sparta Prague

AZ Alkmaar

Partisan Belgrade


FK Krasnodar

Borussia Dortmund

And yes, I was shocked when I found myself near the top of the list picking Monaco over Tottenham, though again that perhaps a REISTANCE issue and of course just because you pick or choose a team does not mean you will be proven right.

What was interesting to myself (for example) YESTERDAY was that all the MAJOR HEADLINES were about RUSSIA becoming involved in AIRSTRIKES in SYRIA, though I still chose the given opponent within that fixture.  Likewise of course in language sensibilities MOSCOW and MOSQUE COW are not all that far apart.

Likewise Galatasaary of course Drew and they (TURKEY) are still regarded as a GATEWAY COUNTRY to the Middle-east and broader Arab World even though of course AIRCRAFT and FLIGHT renders traditional ground based borders pretty useless beyond MAP USAGE and DEMONGRAPHICS.

What else, well I am still getting to grips with this newer laptop I purchased and a minor annoyance that has cropped up over and again is that whilst I like the keyboard (many a modern keyboard on laptops is dreadful) it strangely has an irritation of a shift key right next to an up arrow key and my SHIFT FINGER still seemingly drifts slightly too long and I find myself writing some word within a word on a previous line, because I accidently stepped the cursor up, anyone who has learnt to type can typically use most keyboards due to the relatively standardised QUERTY layout though of course slightly differing keyboard sizes and key positions and configurations and swapping machines can completely alter what you are doing.

Yes only a MINOR irritant though one that I was not expecting given how many years I have been a typist (of sorts) I took official qualifications during the early 1990’s, and in terms of a skill I would recommend anyone practice, it really is a godsend in getting things down quickly and so on.

Yes so elsewhere of course RUGBY is taking place and even though I may be lacking in game awareness I would opt for WALES and FRANCE as today’s victors.

Elsewhere we are seeing several rankings being released and the biggest non SHOCK that comes as a surprise is that the WELSH FOOTBALL TEAM, are now listed as being at 8th within the FIFA ranking system whilst England are still down at 10th.

Now I am generally a home nations supporter within most sporting realms, (I noted Prince Harry yesterday taking part in a walkof Britain and today he (Prince Harry) visited the England rugby team complete with England top (despite his name being WALES).

Yes That a digression, though Wales ranking position does not reflect the true nature of the game, does it?

Most of us of course regard Tournament Competition as the be all and end all of TRUTH when it comes down to any competition, and it might be suggested somewhat annoyingly that Wales and Scotland and indeed Northern Ireland have had trouble making it through to many Competition Final’s.

I having not really followed the FIFA ranking beyond it often being a brief conversation point of “HOW THE HELL” have to presume they have been utilising a similar tactic to that used by the United States (for example) several years ago, in boosting their ranking via simply playing lots of games and friendlies and so on, the ranking perhaps demonstrates games played and competed rather than necessarily simply tournament wins, yes many other usual suspects are there or there about though it can be more difficult to justify within the HEARTS & MINDS of regular fans and viewers.

Is the ranking truly reflective of the game (in the fashion that a Tennis ranking system generally is) or is it perhaps closer to the GOLF ranking model whereby you can pick and choose from a rather large number of events and get those plaudits and higher positions without ever running into strong opponents.

This perhaps returns us back to anyone being able to make a fairly decent or respectable living within many a sport without necessarily getting vertigo in terms of fame and fortune and following, though clearly higher ranking can be good in terms of getting SPONSORSHIP and sponsorship often helps competitors in terms of where they are able to focus training and stepping up or competing in particular realm COMPETITION.

So yes I have just gone on and on and today I really would hedge on many of the Europa League selections, simply because (whether teams like it or not) and yes it gets called a PARACHUTE TOURNAMENT for those dropping out of the Champions League, though likewise many are teams that are well known and within the upper echelons of respective leagues.

I am genuinely wondering as to how best to combine differing modules or sections of several courses into one that gives myself an improved ACCURACY and so on.

Today is of course the 1st of October and as well as a family birthday many a person generally thinks of October as Autumn proper.

Elsewhere we are continuing to hear that it is party political CONFERENCE season and no matter what the conference you are attending is for, it does seem that similar cross realm rackets and nonsenses take place that you would not be able to make up.

Everyone of course protecting something that they believe in or not if you are simply throwing mud for the sake of throwing mud, though it can be demonstrated that reading between the lines can be an art form in and of itself.

Yesterday I watched a brief TED TALK related to some woman who was speaking on DECISION MAKING and seeking to explain the difference in how we VIEW decision making can make all the diference to whether it is genuinely HARD or GENUINELY easy.  That perhaps related to what I wrote this morning as to it being easy to think every in terms of NUMBERS, though likewise she from a philosophical perspective game many examples with pictures, hence my suggestion that whilst I did not fully foolow the Photoreading course to the letter(read then draw) and then spoke on Future Mapping as turning things around slightly n(draw then story), this morning I spoke upon the IDEA that a GAP of sorts still exists for VARIANCE and perhaps it is the GAPS and the desire to improve or NAVIGATE, CIRCUMNAVIGATE, MOTIVATE, INCENTIVISE the UNKNOWNS that makes things more of a CHALLENGE.

However, I am sure that like many a person, who has fallen down on their luck in some fashion or been targeted by militant atheists or whatever, that you can only take so much before you have to one again ask those questions as to not only “is this a worthwhile activity in terms of TIME DIME and MIND and indeed, how can I create a NICHE or expertise all of my own that brings people to awareness and enlightenment whilst still being based in firm foundations and fundamentals that have stood the test of time and so on.

Yes it can seem that the further you progress, the more it seems like all and everyone is simply making it up as they go along, though clearly you can be making it up as you go along in a successful and rewarding fashion and manner or you can be making it up and spinning dizzy like the ball in a pinball machine.

So as I always suggest, try the meditation and indeed seek to perhaps come up with a methodology that works for you yourself and then perhaps seek to get some friends to try it and tweak such things until you have some broader and wider collective that are attuned enough and indeed WISE enough to know that some topics and subjects are always going to fall into NEVER THE TWAIN, whilst other things can be far more fun and entertaining and so on.

So once again I am of to utilise time in seeking to wonder the best options of INTEGRATING in modular fashion those aspects of the learnings and teachings that can improve the accuracy of prediction and so on and so forth, not to defeat some perceived WALL or BARRIER so much as wondering what are the ELEMENTS that GIVE RISE to those beliefs in various DOCTRINES AND METHODOLOGIES.

Yes elements is one of those words with quite broad usage, though I think we can narrow such things down.

Anyway TTFN said Tigger Too.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

Twitter @TheAngelAtHeist

PS.  Whilst Yesterday’s champions League choices were based perhaps on reputations and demonstrated abilities, I suspect that today’s Europa Choices will demonstrate how quickly you can go from seeming HIGH’S to seeming LOWS in a somewhat “WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES” Fashion.

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