So In Commenting On Yesterday’s Europa and Rugby

So in commenting on yesterdays Europa and Rugby results we can say, well you got the 2 Rugby games France and Wales) correct Dave, just in fact as I am quite sure many a person might, this weekends fixture are troubling to my mind in fact, because as mentioned previously, my 3 cousins were all born and raised Australian and the lad among the 3 shares my given Name so much like I mentioned having some kind of mental RESISTANCE to the MONACO vs TOTTENHAM game (wanting to pick Tottenham though drawn to Monaco) I have similar thoughts and feelings at present, it could go to the WIRE so to speak.

Anyway onto the Football and I listed 12 team names that I would have opted for as outright winners.  Anyone who actually checks will find that from the list I gave 6 of the Matches resulted in DRAWS.

From the remainder I had chosen 5 winners, and 1 loser.

Of course in reality had I been gambling on outright results then I would have lost money on all of those DRAWN games, fortunately anyone can look back and see that I did suggest that DRAWs might be the order of the day, and whilst INTUITION was high in relating to DRAWS I would have genuinely STRUGGLED to decided from among the 12 as to which were going to do what.

Today of course returning to the Rugby is New Zealand versus Georgia and whilst I am sure many a person wants to see underdogs do well and so on, my own witnessing and feedback and return system suggests that in reality successful gamblers and so on can be quite heartless when it comes to such decisions. So a heart decision for someone my be the Country of Birth or even adopted homeland, though a Head Decision is usually based in well known statistics and facts, (although the occasional ANOMOLY can occur).

That of course depending upon how NEUTRAL your thoughts and feelings and all the rest are to some given sporting realm.  I for this game cannot see beyond New Zealand though of course no real genuine shocks have occurred (in reality) for myself (yes home nation press suggest otherwise (England/Wales)) though most peoples used to regular 5 Nations or 6 Nation type fixtures, are well used to seeing quite closely fought games and either side often being able to claim a moment of madness and stupidity as the reason for the loss or indeed win, we hear such TALK from all the British Nation teams and one suspects that even those Southern Hemisphere Countries have similar issues down under.

Anyway I may write again later If I get up in time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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