So What Is Happening Now Then

Well I did of course recently mention a turn of phrase “Autumn Proper” and in spiritual terms you can probably apply such thinking not only to a given identifiable season here within the United Kingdom Climate but it is also of course in metaphorical terms often a dignified colloquialism for someone who has or is entering more senior years of expected life span.  I say expected of course because so-called life expectancy has increased dramatically in recent decades and whilst you could less than a hundred years ago suggest life expectancy to be your 60’s perhaps stretching to 70’s these days people are often expected (apparently) to easily make it ever longer life spans such-as 70’s and 80s.  That does not of course mean that any of us will, especially within the United Kingdom where a certain hardcore mentality exists in lifelong abuse of body and mind and so on and unhealthy living and I’ll get the NHS to sort me out when I get any troubles.

The idea that you might take it upon yourself to adopt healthier lifestyle choices and attitudes seemingly passes over the heads of some folks, brought up on lifelong whinging of paying too much Taxes and suddenly wanting to get there “Money’s worth”.

The problem of course is that it has been demonstrated over and again that a system that extended life expectancy and so on and gave big handouts and pensions to Union members and so on just a few generations ago, quickly ran out of financing.

It has been calculated across all financial demographic bodies that each next generation of smaller groups of youth is paying for ever burgeoning groups of retiree’s and the push the debt forward system that worked in one generations favour is stifling each and every new generation of peoples and workers that comes along.  In fact whilst many a person of The Thatcher Years generation is sitting pretty (possibly having bought into all the national utilities sell-offs and buying your own home schemes) the generations of children who were growing up around that time period and below have pretty much Royally SCREWED in a classic “I’m all right Jack, Pull the rope up” fashion.

The best way really can perhaps be to set up for yourself in some manner and fashion as at young an age as possible in some business fashion of any sort and just get some experience (whether good or bad) under your belt that you can learn from and so on.

Just like it has often been quoted that a golf club does not make any money until at least the 3rd owners, the same might be said for people setting up a business and failing, only to later set up another business and succeed.

Clearly some of us perhaps learn or realise that circumstances are not conducive to particular kinds of entrepreneurial activity at particular times and cycles though likewise the ability for manoeuvring and so on, does seemingly open up the more you learn and indeed the more you proceed with some of the Courses and Technologies I recommend.  Yes, it can sometimes seem that you are not progressing, though usually new ah-ha’s etc, can come with further changes in attitude or clung to beliefs as to utilising a course more than once.  Some courses really do require going through several times until some shifts sink in or get through long established patterns.

Anyway what else, well today I awoke to news that England are now out of the World Cup Rugby and of course, we will now see fans reduced to criticising the performance of other nations still within the competition.  I of course purchased a cheap rugby ball to mark the event, it typically showing a manufacture name and sponsor name and indeed just how technology has progressed within many a sport.  Whilst in my youth I can recall us joking about the older generations football’s attempting to kick some was akin to kicking a brick wall, these days in football and rugby and many other sports, you have to perhaps worry as to them blowing away in the wind and so on, they often being superlight weight and allegedly utilising enhanced aerodynamic like qualities that only the manufacturer themselves can testify to as being true or not, the same of course can be suggested to be true for many a sporting boot.  I recall years ago having an excellent pair of rugby boots and football boots and again a few years later it seemed that modern flashy coloured super materials did little in the way of support or protection (In my opinion), so god help those who are playing such sports today.

Yes, one of the things I picked up from working many years ago within the NHS (and indeed perhaps more personal choice) was the IDEA of PREVENTATIVE medicine and that again perhaps goes hand in hand with sensible decision making and choices as to what is a genuine need or requirement versus what is advertised as super-duper and worn by star and made by brand with little in the way of genuine scientific study as to proof of quality.

Anyway moving on, from the Rugby trauma we do today of course have what Sky Sports in all there advertising publicity drumming up trade call a Super Sunday within the Football World.  This apparently consists of not one not two but three matches to appetize the armchair fans up and down the land, and of course you could not call it such a day unless you have some teams playing that match the publicity machine.

Unfortunately, it might be suggested that they were not to know when setting up the sporting calendar with the Premier League that all the top teams were going to have somewhat indifferent starts to the season.  Something else I mentioned in a tweet at some point, though much like this blog I have seemingly back peddled a little in terms of the daily writing and so on.

Not that I had any need to so much as getting to perhaps one of those points of wanting some greater focus or achievement to come about in what I write and so on.

Actually it does seem that it can as said above take some repetition for some shift to occur in moving past various intransigence’s that we may have as individuals or indeed as a group or household or business and so on.

How much weathering of external conditions can any one person manage alone.  I can say that things have settled down greatly from some of the seeming troubles of just a few short years ago, as others took up the Technologies for themselves and were better able to see things for themselves and so on, though likewise it has been a gradual process for most folks and indeed not altogether that well planned or indeed choreographed and coordinated in the sense that you really do need and require knowing what sports and so on any given individuals may be monitoring and following and so on, sounds strange when many folks now you can get to a point of monitoring many, though likewise the keep it simple to alleviate confusion, does time and again come into play.

Yes so anyway, for example it seemed that the Write Well course, had many a tennis fan and indeed fans of some of those American Sport and other sporting realms that most of us over this side of the pond are unfamiliar with.  That does not really matter when you have progressed in your feedback and respond type monitoring though I do try to emphasize not spreading yourself to thinly less you wind up in some of the states I found myself falling into with all the vary many frustrations and distractions and so on that can come about.

So Super Sunday or whatever it is called consists of Arsenal versus Manchester United and Swansea Versus Tottenham and starts of with Everton versus Liverpool (derby), in honesty I have not got a clue beyond again the suggestion that Halloween and dark nights and things that go bump in the night are often the THEME for this time of year.

Elsewhere I decided to watch the next Dr Who episode having watched the first couple and found myself noting another two-parter story, the first having been that Daleks and Missy episodes.

So the Dr in some claustrophobic like underwater base, though in fact it was not really that claustrophobic inducing perhaps more akin to many a modern 3D shoot-em up maze, where more emphasis was on various PUZZLES that had been scattered about the story line, (at least in this first instalment).  I enjoyed it again actually though do recognise the writing as being differing from some of the earlier seasons we have witnessed (not necessarily different people) so much as other awareness’ or perspectives being brought to bear in terms of what is being seen and portrayed.

Yes so who will win, and does it really matter, I think of course, that whilst I enjoy meditation and indeed having seemingly removed many traumas and so on, I have also in some ways removed some of the motivations and incentives as well, I think I wrote on this previously and clearly in wanting greater clarity that is a goal, that many would actually want, though likewise I think of course that finding new directions and truths and being able to act responsibly and honestly and so on, can still be annoying in some respects of one, not necessarily want any involvement in many topics and issues, and likewise knowing that all and everyone is taking part in the greater going on of it all from 1 or other angle that may or may not be compatible with my own in terms of knowledge and awareness and learnings and lifestyle choices and all the very many attributes and values, goals and targets that we can set for ourselves.

Clearly personal motivation goals and choices are potentially better than those that may have been given by some external entities demands, though likewise where you do not have to go into conflict, I generally think we can still choose and opt for choices where everyone gets to look at life the universe and everything in terms of win/win rather than the win/lose that some folks seemingly are intent on inflicting on all about themselves.

This perhaps again related to that being more impartial to some aspects of life.

So a very strange day and despite raised awareness and threshold I really do wonder as to where the so-called higher plains of existence merchants and gurus and so on are leading followings.

The Tory party apparently about to begin and likewise they have it somewhat easy in being able to say they will actually use nuclear weapons and they will stick rigidly to classical Tory party policy and all the rest.  In fact whilst much has been made of The Labour Party taking a wide berth swing to the left, little has been suggested as to noting the Tories have gradually been steered further and further to the extreme Right in the last couple of years, talk of taking Britain out of Europe and tax them to death and are there no workhouses speeches and so on.

Enough for today, I think, though one thing I would recommend to anyone trying out any course is to get your questioning systems operational and so on.

In writing terms you really can look about yourself choose some object, whether it is a plant in the garden or a property or a room and then sit and write and describe it (chosen object) in as much a detail as you can whether you include shape and colour and form and material and textures and any other sensory type detail that you can and all the rest, getting those cross realm ideas thoughts and feelings going when many a sensory stimulus is quite subtle it something that can have to be worked upon a little just to open up long lost communication channels between the conscious and non-conscious realms of our bodies and so on.  Early on with hypnosis (for example) I became so preoccupied with material wealth and gain and so on, that it acted as a form of self-sabotage, hence my suggestion that folks steer clear of particular teachers and indoctrinations that are geared towards materialism as the be all and end all, because whilst we may all of us aspire to more wealth and so on, a strong focus on such things, often keeps you blind to many other more spiritual potentials that go above and beyond many societal well established issues, you will probably conclude these things in time for yourself, though like many others make all the same mistakes that many of us have made as we have advanced through courses and levels and stages of enlightenment and growth and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉


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