Leonardo and The Two Missing Pigs

So of course, many a person is encouraged when travelling to a city such-as Paris to visit The Louvre gallery (I think) and take a look at the Mona Lisa.

I mention this because of course I have of course mentioned Leonardo previously not only in relation to his artwork and famed contribution to the science and culture of his time period but because he is also strongly linked with methods and drawings and what would now be regarded as some aspects and forms of science, whether you look to anatomy and so-called golden ratio’s or indeed being a future visionary (flying machines) Leonardo seemingly had managed a somewhat supernatural feat of having covered very many bases in terms of exploration and inquiry and so on.

Anyway such things can also of course not be spoken of without mentioning that he was an Italian and also linked via modern day movie extravaganza’s such-as Hudson Hawk to the Pope and Vatican and religion and all the rest of those debates.

Now believe it or not there are still multiple courses that have been produced that I have not actually fully studied or referenced and one that perhaps fits in nicely with linking in Leonardo is one by Lisa Nichols, I think I was put off by some of her subject matter when first listening in and decided it might be one that I return to as some future time or date when other aspects or awareness’ and so on have come to the fore in some fashion.

Why am I saying all this?

Well I decided to have a run through of the No matter what course again to see if anything came to the fore that was missed previously and typically of course like many of the courses, another run through often leads to something else coming forward to your CONSCIOUS AWARENESS zone that you may have previously missed.

I have found this aspect of courses frustrating in some respects though also useful in another way, because such new ah-ha like things can of course show you that no matter how much you think you know and have concentrated and focussed (within a given course or lesson) and all the rest of those things, that our ability or capacity (rather) is something that is again subject to questioning of how we put information in and indeed how we take information out.

I wrote yesterday about questioning systems and the No matter what course was very much geared around another way of questioning your circumstances, perhaps in more of a what are the lessons and learning that I can take out of this given scene or scenario that I have lived through and so on.

She very much interested in carrying out a FLIP or TURNAROUND of sorts, to keep herself motivated and indeed those who have followed her career and so on.

As mentioned on numerous occasion, unless you are a big fan of OPRAH, much like we had Terry Wogan show over here in the United Kingdom, you are unlikely to be aware of some of these “The Secret” and “Law of Attraction” guru’s and teachers and masters and all the rest.

Anyway I did on the run through find some aspects that linked in well with some other materials that I had witnessed or seen in recent days.

So the problem for many of us in motivation terms can of course be one of RESULTS, in the sense that we can take on board many lessons and learnings from many a teacher or guru or personality and star or indeed our family and friends and social circles and some thought processes are going to serve us well throughout life whilst others have to perhaps be questioned as to TRUTH and REALITY and all the rest.

Interesting of course that America has Donald Trump at present within the Republican primary elections for the candidacy to become the Parties chosen candidate for next years, Presidential Election.

He someone often regarded as living within some mental World of his own making and it worthwhile mentioning this at this time, because we are also seeing similar attributes and values being claimed by Tory voters in multiple surveys, here within the United Kingdom.

So one group or sector of society suggested to have a higher bounce back Threshold or ability to weather a given storm scenario within their life and timeline than say the traditional Labour Voter, who are potentially often more likely to fall into alternative patterns that reduce the ability to have so-called bounce back.

These things are of course debatable though most people taking part in those sorts of surveys and questionnaires are unlikely to have reason to not be forthcoming with the truth of their thoughts and feelings and so on.

What else, well it can and has been stated many a time over of course that you want to state what you want in the affirmative and positive as a goal and then of course carry out various intermittent feedback and return or witnessing like activities to see how far along you are toward a given goal.

Something that crops up over and over again is this idea of not be relaxed about things enough to step back and not rush to seek to necessarily immediately interpret any SENSORY DATA or IDEAS that you get through some activities.

So for instance I could try out some kind of Image Streaming or Lucid Dreaming activity where I close my eyes and imagine myself entering some particular scene that I then go on to describe and notate in as great a detail as possible.  Possibly even making reference sketches and so on of what I have witnessed within my mental realms.

Once that has been carried out I can stick the notes or whatever on the back burner and forget about them for a few days (for example) prior to then looking at the notes a week later and then seeking to perhaps tell or decide how such INNER HELD information relates to EXTERNAL World goings on and so on.

This is of course the idea that everything in any one’s life at any moment is actually possible to translate in some fashion to another realm, once of course you have become accustomed to IDEAS of CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION and that all is now and can only be now and that whether you are being encouraged to think of the PAST (it can only be a representation mental construct) and likewise if you are encouraged to think about the FUTURE (it can only be a representation mental construct), so if past and future are mental constructs, that we know (for example) we can witness from an alternative viewpoint (as if looking at ourselves within a scene) how do we give ourselves enough SPACE and TIME so to speak to this MENTAL CONSTRUCT REALM OF NOW.

It can be suggested of course that we can convince ourselves of anything belief wise and that is what all and everyone does in society, so if you are going to have any beliefs you want them more conscious (perhaps) to be able to decide whether they actually serve you now as opposed as to when you first gained a particular belief.

Why the two pigs in the title, well I wa thinking about the issue again of NUMBERS, in that most of us of course may have heard of This Little Piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home, giving us a count of five fingers, whilst traditionally another famed story we may tell to our children or indeed have been told to ourselves was the Three little pigs, now as a child were we to have been told those two pig related aspects story together, we may well have questioned where the other two pigs were that appeared within one story and not the other.

We would not necessarily differentiate between the invented idea of differing realms for the stories.

The same is true of course that most adults (myself included) cannot get our heads around numbers as to 7 Billion people on the planet, most can perhaps understand or relate to the idea of perhaps thousands even millions with 6 zero’s is a struggle in terms of COMPREHENSION for most of us.

So yes that little child me that does not distinguish between pig storying realms is actually the kind of creative bridging realm that we want to get into in order to not have all those very many separations and compartmentalisations and categorisations that we often confuse ourselves with and get into conflict about.

We want the UNEDITED information stream or dream in as much detail as possible and then seek to understand the World about us in a more combinatorial fashion and way that recognises both linear and non-linear brain functioning.

Yes so I did at the beginning think I would actually type out the entire story of the 3 little pigs and then apply it to some CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION (CRI) just to demonstrate that absolutely everyone can do this with exceptionally little training, though clearly, given early reception to some of the IDEAS I presented I can see that some things really do have to be experienced for oneself rather than told over and over again by some external entity, the World within each and every mind of the beholder and so on.

I was also going to write about MIRRORS again and how portraits and indeed photographs are a kind of mirror or looking glass and how we can utilise such things in a positive fashion in going past some of those mental blocks that we have.

The thought in a body idea that I have presented is perhaps a leap to far for some or indeed not far enough for others, though I think when we look to IDEAS that thoughts become things, then the idea of having a better grasp on our thoughts and feelings and so on can be quite appealing.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well ;@)


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