So One Can Of Courses Ask The $64K Question

How can anyone build upon a given sequence of successful calls and predictions, presuming you have at some point achieved some greater level of alignment than you previously thought possible.

Yes strange though true, the feedback and return style of witnessing never quite seemed enough for myself in the sense that whilst I could much like anyone else, simply list some given selections from a newsfeed or article, generally any Cross Realm Interpretive Clues I attempted to utilise often backfired or failed to come up trumps in the fashion or manner that I envisioned.

However I can of course also state that as anyone saw recently on this blog such feats are not impossible, so clearly stepping up a level (possibly within a meditation solution) or indeed repetition of some courses and lessons and learnings and indeed not giving up may well lead to those greater shifts and new ah-ha’s and all the rest.

What was very interesting for myself was of course that whilst I may have been able to state categorically who I thought was going to win (within rugby games for example) or indeed do well in the football, it can also correctly be pointed out that there were losers within my selection.

Now historically I may well have reacted in some extreme fashion or manner to such things though a change in philosophy can perhaps do wonders in recognising that it may well be those points of error (or selecting a losing team or sport person) where the room for manoeuvre and so on exists.

We all of course somewhat hugely saturated with all sorts or life long learning trivia and pretty much everything has potential to be not only translated into some kind of useful information (perhaps for a third party) but also for ourselves in gaining those non-conscious shifts within long held intransigent positions that may be buried deep within our cellular structures and so on.

So of course I have spoken on ideas as to compatibility of ideas, and over the years of writing and indeed trying out differing courses and meditation techniques and technologies as a kind of therapy have found much of life pass myself by.  Though likewise I can perhaps better reflect and concentrate upon those areas where enough shifts have taken place to give clear and precise breakouts from previously established beliefs, thoughts, feelings and possibly attitudes that have been demonstrated to be false or wrong or only partially solved in terms of the greater puzzles that life can present us with.

So raising threshold is in my opinion a fantastic solution, because quite simply anyone who goes through such experience is unlikely to be able to stay in whatever forms of denial they may at present take as wholehearted truths or indeed may gain enough mental shifts to achieve passage through some of those murkier subject matters and so on.

I have of courses stated on numerous occasions that some topics and debates are genuinely not worthy of getting involved in, and the reason for that is quite simply because, whether any of us like it or otherwise, trances and indoctrinations and preaching’s and so on are occurring all about ourselves all of the time, and some of those things might be on topics and subjects we regard as positive and others as negative.  Whilst some folks life perhaps led themselves to be boxed into particular categorisations or lifestyle choices that many of us would reject, I am quite sure that anyone within any lifestyle choice genre an see the benefit of carrying out those mental sorting out activities as to various alignments and beliefs and so on.

I found again and again that many a person, perhaps some with greater awareness and others with less awareness have often stated they live life in accordance with what they say and do in their actions and so on.  Unfortunately of course, given that we are pretty much broadcasting and receiving devices and cannot CONSCIOUSLY be aware 100% of the time all that we have data captured and so on through our multiple senses, such statements whilst seeming honest are potential places for huge pitfalls and traps when you carry out some of those self-inquiry questions and so.

I spoke as to the Lisa Nichols course recently and I also said I was not overly keen after an earlier run through and quite simply, I think it was because she was playing the Woman card of having been a victim to some former boyfriend and so on, and I of course could not relate to the picture she drew of us males because I do not relate to the behaviour she described.

So whilst I maybe can sympathise or empathise at a certain level as to human suffering, we all in fact perhaps are better off really not taking on the suffering of others, so much as learning the techniques and strategies and so on, to turn life around, were we to suffer in similar fashion and so on.

What else well I think one of the interesting things for myself was on the Write Well Facebook page recently, where I decided to share my @TheAngelAtHeist twitter account so others could perhaps share and give myself there own twitter details and point to others to follow and so on.  One lad within that course has seemingly at every opportunity spoken on his writing of sex stories and so on.  I of course after earlier hypnosis studies and indeed study of the PUA and so on decided to give such subject matters a somewhat wide birth.

Quite simply, whilst all and everyone may have a level of thinking of sexual desires and needs and those industries are of course highly rewarding for the sellers and purveyors of such things, I have generally found that in terms of developing so-called higher levels of accuracy via prediction and the utilisation of body sensory feedback systems and so on, that those areas are often the sort that lead to completely useless debates and indeed wrong outcomes in terms of results and so on.

The problem of course that both sex’s (male and female) have differing lifelong needs, requirements from relationships, though again I find it interesting that when you do those sorting mechanisms, some things are not all that far apart.  This again a difficult subject (in my opinion) because of some quite basic facts that separate the sex’s and indeed how differing individuals within both male and female realms like to ego massage themselves, with opinions and broadcasting that few about them would agree with.

If you have someone who is broadcasting, do this this and this and you will get this result, and you then achieve that result, then great, though very often people are only working from a limited dynamic as to what has worked for themselves and indeed on presumption or assumptions that others have any actual interest in the same interests and topics and subject matter.

Anyway I think the Future Mapping course greatly complements some of the other courses, though as to answering the so-called 64k question well did I ask it?

Well in reality whilst I wrote a question at the top it was not the one that I had actually intended.  Several of the teachers and masters and gurus and so on of course are suggested to be experts in modelling and that is how techniques such-as NLP were developed as seeking to IDENTIFY those hidden away extras that a known champion or winner has that is not being utilised by someone who is not demonstrating such a feat.

Clearly some realms are perhaps obvious (such as Sports training) where you can from a young age perhaps practice and practice and practice and go for trials with clubs and all the rest and potentially be given opportunity to pursue your chosen sport.  As well as that of course we all or many of us have schooled with kids who were fantastic in the school yard and we identified as such, who have not been near a proper sporting club or league team or whatever.

That of course perhaps the breaks and so on, though it does of course demonstrate time and again how little or even subtle things can alter the course of your life and history and all the rest of such things.  All eggs in one basket versus alternative plans, and how did you come to decide on such things in the first place.

Many of us especially within the Future Mapping type of course can pinpoint those moments within our lives where we interpreted something as good or bad and likewise deciding on what we now take out of such recalls versus what we may have taken out at the time can also give those desired shifts in our pattern recognition and so on.

What else is happening, well on Twitter I have seen all the usual news as to Tory Conference and I also noted a Police Officer dying on duty story and great debates as to Russia now assisting Assad and also Lord Sugar as well as advertising his new book is advertising The New Season of the Apprentice.  I have to admit to having not watched since perhaps season 2/3 and when I followed a link to the present bunch I was somewhat less than enthused, though of course am sure they might be great for TV viewers and so on.  The viewing figures went up after I had stopped viewing (I think) and it shifted to BBC1.

So life of course demonstrated to continue, irrespective of the lives of many of us living on the fringes of society with little interest in being part of some of the strange absurdities that each and every generation seemingly throws up as the latest greatest societal spanner and hurdle.

What else, well someone called Klopp is being touted for Liverpool Manager and Piers Morgan is whining because he wanted him to replace Wenger at arsenal and yes, we all of us can comment on all and anything that appears within our chosen viewing realms.  Do these things really matter, and does having or sharing an opinion matter.

Anyway so I wanted to develop some skills to improve my creativity and indeed deciding on an Ultimate purpose for such things does again often seem somewhat problematic.  Does sitting with a pen and pad and sketches odd things that come to mind put money on the tale and food in the belly?

Well clearly, you have to continue and work through historical intransigents perhaps and likewise, seek to give yourself room to not be overly self critical and rush to interpretation.  Likewise of course so many realms and subject and topics can be studied and utilised and done to death, that it really can perhaps be useful to narrow down the visible criteria and attuning that you utilise.

I think I wrote previously about wanting to develop some system and deciding upon gearing it around those modules that I felt most beneficial to integration and how I personally best operated versus otherwise, clearly a wide range and selection exists and indeed just because I have not named each and every single course or module (and the techniques and parameters therein contained) does not mean that it (undisclosed features, modules etc.) has not contributed in some fashion or manner to the overall system.

What else?

Well I see that Microsoft have not only released a new version of The Surface Pro, but have also released announcements regarding a highly desirable laptop 2-in1 version The Surface Book with docking station and superior graphics and processors that blow away competing Apple products and it also beats them on price, for the most part.  I have of course already stated I love my older Surface and the New Laptop versioning (not to be confused with the announced release of the Surface 4) is certainly something to salivate over.

Strangely addressing some of the modern day complaints of modern laptops.  Yes it is more expensive than some I recently purchased and indeed smaller, though given experience of the older Surface and lack of issues and so on, I can of course think about saving up the finances, though likewise can probably list a dozen other things of higher importance and so on.

What else, well the Rugby is continuing and we have some internationals coming up and again these lists have been traditionally been of a similar nature to those I published last week, whereby I would choose win lose draw for each team and then see how close I was to results.  Strange though true my long term history of such action was predominantly a fail in terms of getting to some list of win correct, win correct, draw, correct and so on.

Of course this part and parcel perhaps of step by step stages and indeed the ability to weather what we are seeing and reading and experiencing within our day-to-day lives and worlds.

So yes HUGE TEMPATION to literally on a daily basis choose some sports and then see how close or far I am from the eventual outcome or results.

Clearly I like the courses because they are INTERACTIVE in nature, much like video games and much like work (for many folks) though likewise of course doing interactive activities for the fun is potentially where I want to be at and of course that seemingly involves not getting dragged into areas and topics of debate that whilst I personally have little opinion upon do little to reward myself with good or positive feelings also.

Each and every person has the potential to improve their life navigation systems and choice and options is generally what I promote beyond most other things, in that ever so easy fashion and manner of do not take my word for it, take the course purchase the product and grow the awareness for yourself.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well J


  1. Yes accuracy of prediction whilst demonstrated by long term users of some of these techniques and technologies and strategies and lessons and learnings is still something I am unsure off (personally) as to whether some switch has been flicked in some fashion or merely some TIME PERIOD related success has come about. So many a course speaks possibly about Harnessing the wind or the current and the waves and so on, and of course successfully steering such things has to perhaps be done by oneself to be able to have more and more of those positive thoughts and feelings and indeed ACTUAL RESULTS.

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