Substitutions, Triggers and Meaning?

So one of the very easiest things in the world to do in order to seek to activate or identify Now Awareness is of course to carry out some basic steps toward Cross Realm Interpretation.

A very simplistic and easy example for instance is that car manufacturer VW has been making headlines (for all the wrong reasons apparently).

Though a person who is actively seeking to carry out some Cross Realm Analysis or Translation might see VW and think Venus Williams, Tennis player and so on.  Of course that is a one-step linkage and even though the car manufacturer is being held in a negative frame or light-you cannot necessarily assume or presume the same within the ALTERNATE REALM that you make the linkage to.

Today of course sees’ a long line of Football Sporting Fixtures, and in terms of practicing getting those mental linkages and clues and so on and so forth going, you might play the game of substitutions as demonstrated above with Venus Williams.

So the fixtures listed on the BBC website today are:-

And we can of course scrutinise the World Media Outlets and personalities and so on for direct or indirect clues to each and every Country within the list, (what is your favourite Irishman saying in the news, what are the professional pundits saying) or indeed come up with some SUBSTITUTIONS of our own.

So I might suggest for example replacing each Country name with a Celebrity Name of the same INITIAL or some other substance such as a food, or indeed any given substance comparison from some designated zone or realm.

Rhianna versus George Michael

Sugar versus Potatoes

Nightingale Versus Giraffe

So that is quite simply really.

The interesting thing of course is that in terms of speaking on TRIGGERS I have often referenced such things in a somewhat NEGATIVE fashion with regard to some topics and subject, though the reality is of course that when you have RAISED THRESHOLD and now that all interpretation comes from within, you can of course choose to direct yourself toward POSITIVE or NEGATIVE triggers.

In all likelihood when we have gone above and beyond the most basic of awareness and enlightenment procedures and are still choosing or getting things WRONG it could be suggested that some non-conscious or unresolved BIAS is still in operation at some level of your being or personage and so on.

Or indeed it might be suggested that you gain some level of awareness doing as I did with Heavy Meditation and then concluded well meditation is all well and good, though clearly I want to DIRECT and CHANNEL or TUNE “these new awareness’” so that I am more attuned to the Greater going on of it all in terms of thoughts and feelings and patterns and cycles and can better through improved HARNESSING of previous knowledge and experience and so on direct myself better NOW.

So yes we can meditate with a product such-as Holosync and still be mixed bags of chaos, confusion and conflict.  We can then go to a company such Learning Strategies that has built packages around the harnessing of improved mental functioning and so on and come into greater alignment with some of the various masters and teachers and so on.

All these things are debatable perhaps as to what we may or may not need, though clearly any number of things can be affecting us in a detrimental or distracting fashion and manner.

Typical example, today I received an email relating to Spring Forest Qigong, a course I actually have quite enjoyed when I return to it, and present courses are quite long and ongoing, Chunyi Lin continuing in his mission to have a healer in every family and so on.

Anyway I of course mention that because, I have recently found myself in pain once again, I seemingly sprained a wrist at some point in recent days and indeed found myself with a STITCH like pain in my RIGHT HAND side rib cage, though am uncertain as to cause/effect triggers and so on.

Anyway typical of anyone who is in pain, such things ACT to distract from where I may or may not want my focus to be at.  Likewise, of course, anyone who has worked within my working life realm over the years, knows only too well that some individuals are one-trick pony’s in terms of conversation topics and nonsense’s and whilst I might for example on regular day let many an idiocy go (water of a ducks back fashion) when I am in pain or agitated already, a HIGHER likelihood then exists that I might be closer to BITING SOMEONES HEAD-OFF, for something I usually SHRUG at.

Likewise of course, that is one example, though typically demonstrates just how NUANCED and SUBTLE, our day-to-day behaviours and so on are, and when you have hundreds of people operating in this fashion as many a large employer does, it is exceptionally easy to see how so many ISSUES and TOPICS get Blow up out of all proportions and EXAGERATED to EXTREMES and so on.

So we SUBSTITUTE what we see or sense with words and labels and in raising threshold and letting go and understanding these things we can UTILISE such things into step by step processes to improved lifestyle choices and actions and so on.

Some folks wonder as to what I meant recently in saying men and women potentially have differing concerns and worries and so on with regard to relationships and clearly it can be difficult to ascertain any given person’s INTENTION, we can all be polite and respectful of others about ourselves, or we can brag and joke about, though many excessive behaviours often return to haunt, because many a study and observed behavioural test demonstrates DIFFERING RANKING MODELS in relation to things such as lying and cheating and some are accepted across many World Wide Society whilst some are typical of a particular National Identity Culture.

So blokes of course are said to be able to go willy nilly from relationship to relationship without knock-on effect concern, whilst women are suggested, because of the ability to have children to be more cautious in choice of relations and so on.

Likewise anyone who has ever seen the results of have you ever cheated or how do you define lying questionnaires, knows that the sex’s are often given differing IDEAS as to what CHEATING and LYING ACTUALLY ARE.

Yes you can open up a hundred glossy mags and find statistics that say men claim this many female partners friends and relationships and women claim this many male partners friends and relationships, and likewise anyone who has placed male results of surveys side by side with female results of same surveys can only conclude that both groups have some ingrained inability to simply be honest.  From what I understand similar figures and results can be demonstrated across most AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS (irrespective of class, colour race etc), although some variance exists between differing World Zone demographics, which is a differing topic.

We all know that many nationalised peoples and persons who were former immigrants can have a tendency to become more British than the British and so on, and likewise the same has been demonstrated in many realms whereby fear of being regarded an outsider or OTHER THAN in some fashion causes a MOTIVATION or STRONG INCENTIVE to an OBSESSIVE level of CONFORMITY.

Some are clearly HARMLESS whilst others are only ever going to lead to Little Hitler’s and Tin pot Dictators.

So do I give a list with these football fixtures to demonstrate just how having simple minor aches and pains and DISTRACTIONS can alter where you go in terms of who you think is going to win/lose/draw?

OKAY, this (if historical patterns and research experience is anything to go by) is best done PAIN FREE, as a witness and return PRACTICE, so no betting or INVESTMENT will take place today (for myself) until I have an IDEA or awareness that may point to some results for tomorrow.  If I am WAY OF BASE then I will steer COMPLETELY CLEAR regardless, and likewise I often think it can be better to go large on one result that you are convinced of than spread yourself thinly over many, only to fall because of the criteria you chose within the gambling halls etc.

So random choices, without conscious knowledge of prior fixtures, simply based in what I think NOW

Germany Win, Poland Draw, Greece Win, Georgia Win, Hungary Win, Romania Draw, Serbia Win, Portugal Win

Again in these competitions until you get to FINALS, you often have to go with FAVOURITES are FAVOURITES for a reason, whilst some seem obvious on face value Portugal, Germany, such countries have history of struggling in qualifying only to come good within Tournament, so it is not all home and dry done and dusted.

Likewise the Eastern European teams seemingly swing into greater extremes in terms of having a good team for a generation and then disappearing into obscurity for a few years before suddenly being great again, so they perhaps have more a struggle in IDENTIFYING and MAINTAINING CONSISTENCY.

Such things as wars and current European Crisis and Immigration etc, probably do not help in how those Countries will perform.

Anyway I will simply at some point, probably morning, look for ACTUAL REAL WORLD RESULTS and then see how well or otherwise I have done.

With 8 games, and being a perfectionist, I would hope to have gotten at least 5 correct in order to build on previous lessons and learnings, and being in the appropriate ball park etc, more than that then great and less than that I of course, I can go into self-inquiry as to what conscious or non-conscious HIDDEN TRIGGERS or MEANINGS am I perhaps applying that are irrelevant now and indeed how can I best take such information into account when adjusting my choices and options for improved accuracy next time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


PS.  Whilst I have exampled a couple of IDEAS here, there is zero reason, for anyone to not carry out some other cross realm project and interpretation examples for themselves, doing these things for yourself can boost confidence and learnings and of course we can always seek to ask improved and better questions (should we not get the desirable or expected results).

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