David Said Germany, Our reality Said Republic Of Ireland

Yes so of course I can compare what I opted for versus what actually occurred, in statistical data “does not lie” terms logic and math and so on we can go into an intransigence as to a supposed anomaly.

However when we perhaps use a greater understanding of other data from (for example) psychology, it may well be suggested that Germany having already qualified chose to rest senior players, try out differing tactics and young up and coming players and so on.

So that an INHERENT problem with IDEAS of pure mathematics and logic and computer machine robotics and decision making and so on.  A database can of course be created that mimics other human characteristics influences and attempts to WEIGHTGRADE multi-various dynamics, though generally machines and machine learning have perhaps, not yet caught up with their human creators etc.

So a full list then

David  Said

Germany Win, Poland Draw, Greece Win, Georgia Win, Hungary Win, Romania Draw, Serbia Win, Portugal Win

Actual Result

Republic of Ireland Win, David Loses

Scotland/ Poland DRAW David Correct

Northern Ireland Win David Loses

Georgia Win David Correct

Hungary Win David Correct

Romania/Finland DRAW David Correct

Serbia Win David Correct

Portugal Win David Correct

So 8 games and I correctly gave 6 results and 2 wrong results.

I said I would be happy above 5 and clearly that gives myself a +1 that I can build upon.

I can also be happy that on this occasion I correctly included win and draw, when previously had only listed whom I thought would win (so I might be said to have skipped a stage in not listing them separately prior to combining.

So yes that perhaps gives myself 3 quarters correct and from the 120% Future mapping Target 90%

Now interestingly of course whilst I know I am geared toward the 120% target, like many a person in everyday society I have LEARNED many basic math calculation from an exceptionally young age, and had those things repeated and repeated throughout schooling and everyday life, so we cannot potentially help reverting to former mathematical maps and models that we may or may not be holding either consciously or otherwise.

We also have the possibility that were I not some singleton loner working alone, then any analysis that I make, were I in a professional realm might be thrown back and forth between 2 or more operatives seeking to confirm each others calculations and judgments and so on.

We also have the other option that had I actually carried out some analysis of my own writing and seen what I myself said or highlighted such things and linked them to other things I said, I could well have had a realisation from within my own notes that I had chosen in ERROR.

So that perhaps part of the human condition, that even when our own subconscious gives us the reults and answers we are looking for, we can not take such things into account.

That of course happens in many realms, whereby a judgment has to be made as to what is actually going to get a desirable outcome versus otherwise.  We see such things within the Police realm (for example) when building a case against some individual, whereby we here requirements of evidence that leads to conviction in some “beyond reasonable doubt” shape or form.

I can perhaps wish I had taken up Twitter much earlier in some ways given how some folks seemingly are far more aware and knowledgeable than they necessarily let on.

Yes so hopefully I will get up in time to later write some guestimates for todays matches though each and everyday is of course new and variance occurs across most realms.

Rugby also going on, and I have to suggest that the Scandal from Rupert Murdoch as to who is proper black, Obama or Carson was perhaps a hint or nod toward the Rugby being played today.

It really is great that some of these mega rich and wealthy individuals have Twitter Accounts and indeed provide the rest of us with pointers and tips and so on, irrespective of the subject matter they are commenting on.

Likewise it did seem as though I was walking downtown in ancient Detroit or Chicago or one of those ancient BIG CAR CITIES at one point, having to have a look around to see if Henry Ford was going to stick his head out and declare “ you can have any colour you want as long as it is black”

So are New Zealand about to become disqualified for failing to gain the support of a British Royal?

Yes I was thinking about this recently in relation to Prince Harry, he of course visited the England Squad among various duties he has been carrying out, and prior to that had visited Australia not all that long ago to spend some time with the Troops down under.

He did perhaps also take in New Zealand on that trip, though I think William and Kate and George’s trip to New Zealand a year or two earlier is perhaps the headlines that stayed with most folks in terms of George’s first international trip, I seem to recall some headlines about Wellington and that neck of the Woods.

Yes strange though true all and anything counts when you raise and raise threshold and indeed, learn and repeat and practice some of the very many strategies available.

It could well be of course, that I am not hitting all targets because I have not written appropriate goal setting IDEAS or I am getting the results though not necessarily WHERE I am looking in terms of direction and focus and so on.

We can all perhaps recall examples of saying some non-specific thing only for it to become apparent later that we got what we had asked for, just not necessarily in shape and form that was planned or intended.

So possibly another one later, see how the sleep goes.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉


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