Wow trying to get to grips with so many dynamics

  • England v Estonia 19:45
  • Macedonia v Ukraine 19:45
  • Slovakia v Belarus 19:45
  • Spain v Luxembourg 19:45
  • Slovenia v Lithuania 19:45
  • Switzerland v San Marino 19:45
  • Liechtenstein v Sweden 19:45
  • Moldova v Russia 19:45
  • Montenegro v Austria 19:45

So a een quicker quicky if such a thing exists, though clearly the now zone has to be expanded within your own heart, mind and being and I spoke on reference material and where you do cross realm interpretation on, because clearly in seeking to identify what is good for data and bad for data differs from person to person.

Hence so many TEACHERS suggesting that we each and every one of us, become attuned to all the positives surrounding our own data set in terms of names and dates of birth and the WEALTH of atrrbutes and values that are often built up around such things.

Likewie you may want to have a job lot clear out and go with a new name and personality and character, like an actor and actress in a new role, though clearly creating our own identity and how we see ourselves in the World versus what the World seeks to impose upon us is a differing debate.

I like any one else can cry wolf (though in general) given the nature of 5 or 6 degres’s of separation, that is not a stepping stone toward success, beyond of course being a potential FEEDBACK AND RETURN WITNESSING, style or fashion and so on.

Anyway a quick glance at the above fixture list and I would go for

England Win, Ukraine Draw, Slovakia Win, Spain Win, Slovenia Win, Switzerland Win, Sweden Win, Russian Win, Montenegro Draw

And if you thought yesterdays a bad set of choices, then todays even running them of quickly became a non-belief in one’s own choices.

Typically some teams have qualified, though always want to win, whilst others rest players and help neighbours and given the various conflicts that can take place between sets of players and managers and Countries and so on it often boils down to what is often seen within The Eurovision Song Contest, of particular voting groups and blocks of Countries operating in alignment with other informations.

Likewise IRELAND both North and South were the ANOMALIES within my own data when we return to yesterdays’ results.

I am most uncertain as to the reason, though an alternate VIEWPOINT might be the one give via the so-called HALO EFFECT.

In this instance the ATTENTION gained via THE RUGBY WORLD CUP and international following of favourable attitutes toward the IRISH RUGBY TEAM has afforded the Football Teams a kind of knock-on effect of some of that Magic or whatever rubbing off on them.

Sadly of course HALO EFFECTS often have a limited time span and it is equivalent to a early morning car with low petrol, whereby you want to get it going despite the engines complaints, and keep going until you arrive at a station or however.  Yes an ancient complaint and issue with vehicles, though typically eturning to The Halo issue, I think it is a GENUINE recognised thing.

Today I think is a All Blacks Day within the World of Rugby, though likewise we must recognise that TONGA are not worrying about New Zealand typically setting out there own stand, who does the result most benefit should they win, lose, draw and so on.  New Zealand given results to date might be suggested to have a GAME-IN-HAND over all other members of the group.

Therefore we may find some resting of players and swaps and changes occurring that make the game far closer than you may think.  No they will not play to lose, though typically may well be wanting to get some higher rated players prepared for upcoming later stages of the competition.

The same tactics are well known across multiple sporting realms and of course, mistakes can be made, though I think tomorrows fixtures also offer some interesting potentials.

Work is beckoning, and I suspect that the choices I threw out above were rushed and wrong, so am I going backwards rather than forwards, am I confusing data across realms football and rugby in a confusing way?

Yes lots of questions to be asked though clearly I will wait and see what happens.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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