And Once Again A reaction To Yesterday’s Results

So What I said was:

England Win, Ukraine Draw, Slovakia Win, Spain Win, Slovenia Win, Switzerland Win, Sweden Win, Russian Win, Montenegro Draw

And what actually occurred in reality was:

England Win, Ukraine Win, Belarus Win, Spain Win, Slovenia Draw, Switzerland Win, Sweden Win, Russian Win, Austria Win.

So in total I was correct 5 out of nine. From the rest there was only 1 draw and I was wrong and a complete loss on 3, yes it is not really possible to describe any draw as a loss for either team, though typically were money being placed upon all results, then you want the result to match what you yourself has stated.

Unfortunately, I can claim to be disappointed with these selections because clearly my choices and options went down in percentages of accuracy rather than up, however which way I might like to look at it.

In the Rugby of course, we say favorites are usually expected to ease through lower group stages, for a reason and New Zealand, when in any kind of shape or form are usually formidable opponents, so few can be surprised at the result. Yes, they do have losses, though rarely as many as appear when I carry out my own “making an investment” where my vision is.

So I can on this occasion again come out with all sorts of analysis though it is perhaps better at this present time to not dwell on the overall statistics.

Yes I did write up in a rush and yes I did become confused when looking at the choices, though clearly opted correctly slightly more than otherwise.

It is interesting that with only one draw in the field out of nine games, you effectively can say well you were correct mathematically to the nearest whole number of games, though what we perhaps want is greater trust in accuracy and so on, maybe that is a one day or moment adjustment, rather than some overall issue.

I will see later when the next group of matches and choices and options are made. In reality this again perhaps comes to monitoring many differing realms without necessarily having made the deeper linkages and having the ah-ha’s and so on that I may have had with those I have paid greater attention to.

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