So I Do Mention Various Courses Over and Again

So I do mention various courses over and again and I think the reason is that one you have begun exploring various strategies and tactics and inputs and outputs and so on, you can quickly come to realise just how confused and conflicting many things in the World are, and indeed where you may or may not be receiving the best or most appropriate information for how you want the course of your life to go.

Anyway after yesterday’s debacle after seemingly having applied particular strategies consciously or otherwise and being successful then unsuccessful I can of course wonder as to what activities did I do differently from one day to the next.

Of course it can be suggested that I did sit down and feel that I had enough time and so on in writing on Wednesday, Thursday and then when Friday came along the free time within my day has been shortened via work chopping and changing Friday working hours, that led to myself rushing a list of selections perhaps under some minor compelled to write stress, where I could have simply not bothered and then not have a record in how differing activity patterns and routines within your daily life can have significant changes in how you are operating from day-to-day.

Unfortunately, however these things can be placed under a differing light in the sense that I spoke on doing various courses, and one course that was a later edition to the Learning Strategies Catalogue circa 2012 was the Ultimate You (Personal Growth Collection) I think.  Yes, I was unaware of that collections existence and took a later Ultimate You course dedicated to another life stratosphere (so to speak) then later purchased the 1st Course when I felt that I had funding available at a later time.

The issue perhaps that whilst I like those Fest Like courses and dedicated to a particular sector of Life the Universe and Everything, sometimes it can feel as though it may have been sensible to have grown through the companies catalogue over a period of years, rather than take in some SNAPSHOT that does not necessarily do justice to the potential, for a required Learning CURVE.

Yes. It is a debate in the sense that one, whether a Fest or a Shortened Segmented course acts as a Highlight for a particular line of products within the Overall Catalogue and Collection.

So I took several Fest’s typically because they were free, whilst still early days doing holosync, though did not perhaps purchase multiple courses until I came to a later decision that a repeat of some modalities was a worthwhile investment, in time and all the rest of those things.

Yes large digression though that Ultimate You course had Paul Scheele mentioning studies of various long lived Organisms, about this world and the strategy adopted for there survival was one of try a strategy and change, try a strategy and change, typically if a new strategy failed then the old or former strategy could be returned to.

That strategy of course in contrast to what many of us adopt:- Find a winning formula and stick rigidly to that tactic and strategy for ever and ever until some event or whatever comes along and knocks us out of our stride or off our horse and so on.

This is something again that has been shown to occur to both males and females, in or across many realms, those suddenly realisations that many an excessively rich and wealthy person has that they cannot necessarily buy the health or youthful vitality that is slipping away as they age and so on.  Or quite simply that having achieved all these great things that they can pat themselves on the back for that something is still lacking within their life’s and so on.

These typical of where ideas of philanthropy and so on come from, where by people realise they cannot take wealth to the grave and indeed possibly find handing out wealth to charities as a form of giving back and so on.  Clearly MOTIVE and INCENTIVE can be debated given how easy it can be to fall into negative patterns and traits and so on that prevent you from pursuing positive and rewarding behaviours, very often dependent upon what you feel you have to contribute and so on.

So I perhaps had been successful and then shifted in some fashion to an alternate set of patterns or behaviours and was then unrewarded, and should now revert (in theory) to what I was doing previously to be successful and so.

That perhaps akin to making maps through mazes with ball of wool and pegs to mark points of interest and so on.

Of course in going on Twitter quite often, that is also another something new and it could well be that I have gone to the edge and fallen down the cliff face rather than found the invisible walkway that takes myself safely over the precipice.

This of course a distraction to what I had intended to write upon today, another kind of repeat of information as to Halloween coming up and Trick or Treating, daughter reminded myself in asking me to purchase and send her some accessories for her that can arrive in sufficient time.

I mention that because I was going to write something once again about PROPS and what is in your bag of TRICKS?

Yes strange though true having spent years in childhood growing up around musicians and arty layabouts and so on, I typically rejected much of the choices and options that I saw many of those types of peoples carrying out and doing.  Playing instruments and singing and so on.

Of course as some who followed myself on Facebook are aware I did several years ago, get some singing practice CD’s to practice along with and they were in fact quite fun, much as people got into the Karaoke FAD of a few years ago.

Anyway I though well I have done the singing a little, and whilst I know my way around keyboards, guitars and computer samples and reading music and so on, I fancied taking up an INSTRUMENT, though rather than do one that requires huge quantities of practice, and takes up lots of space, I suddenly found myself thinking “I WANT A POCKET PROP”.

So David is now the proud owner of a excessively cheap HARMONICA or MOUTH ORGAN and I can sit in the garden practicing and annoying the hell out of neighbours and so on.  Yes even this most basic of instruments is actually quite fascinating in the way and manner that people have a mine is better than yours attitude and snobbery within the MUSIC REALMS.

I got myself a bog standard edition, though full collections of each and every octave and note range can be had or found with a little extra research.

I also like the fact that much like many of the courses and meditation exercises they have a breath in and breath out quality to them much like your BRASS section or indeed WOODWIND.

So whilst everyone else is comparing pocket props in the form of Latest IPHONE that only cost £XXX and an unbreakable 3 year contract. I can boast a fun pocket instrument that cost £X and no hidden extras.

Yes, this week I was discussing E-Cigarettes with colleagues, a relatively cheap version I had purchased snapped in my pocket, and in discussion with some longer term users of such devices, they are all seemingly gradually being sucked into ever improved models that are akin to the Porsches and Lambo’ and Ferraris and so on. I of course having an investigative flair was thinking I may well look for a Sherlock Holmes styled pipe edition, and was reassured that such devices are widely available, though again typically come with special prices.

Well of course they do say you cannot buy good health, though typically you can of course earn to communicate better and talk in more rewarding and uplifting beliefs about such things until your overall heart/mind/soul and being gradually shift your alignments (on such things) to what it is that you are wanting.  Those things can seemingly go hand in hand of course with where within your favoured attributes and values you are placing importance on such things.  (Hence the popularity of recommending people sit down and carry out the list of values) and also of course question is this really genuinely the value that I personally hold or one that is expected from family or friends or society and so on, likewise I personally see little harm in combining any medical remedies with some of the la-di-da type World stuff.  I enjoyed Spring Forest Qigong and meditations (for example).

Yes so props of course can be akin to your lucky CHARMS, that rabbit foot or Four Leaf Clover you keep in your wallet or purse and so on, and again I think I mentioned DUMBO of course being given a lucky charm in the form of a Feather from the teasing CROWS.

Those things of course interesting in that example was a kind of prop to find an ability that was already within him.  I think we see this time and again throughout LITERATURE whereby some device is said to be imbued with SPECIAL POWERS.

IF IT WORKS FOR YOU USE IT, the further I progressed with Holosync and came to understand topics and issues such as waves and frequencies and indeed the simplicity of alphabets being utilised as a representation of thoughts, feelings and senses and so on the more I came to conclude that many such things are actually true.

Much like medication such as aspirin and Paracetamol came about through people investigating why herbal type remedies work and so on.  Yes, SCIENCE may well isolate particular substances within trees and wildlife and plants, though if we as people can simply be well through eating apples and oranges and five fruit and vegetables and so on then such simple things can be best followed.

So yes, props can come in many shapes and forms of course, and also utilised for differing purposes, I when smoking in the work smoking area typically see a dozen or more folks playing games on mobile phones and sending receiving messages and so on, completely oblivious to the World and people about themselves and when you think about it, that is actually akin to “being in the zone” whereby you are able to maintain focus and concentration and so on, whilst the immediate World about you may not have anything of interest to yourself.

How many of us as kids were taken to this event or that event, that we were not keen on and would whip out a Nintendo DS or MP3 player and quietly do our own thing. I also on regular train journey’s would do something similar, and even books can act in that fashion of taking you mentally out of your immediate zone into the World imagined within your mind’s eye and so on.

So yes after yesterday’s results I am potentially back to square one, or I can simply suggest that some differing pattern was activated or utilised.

What else, well I did find myself thinking about Dan Brown and The Davinci Code of course, because it has been mentioned by one or two peoples.  I never read or saw the book though later watched the tom Hanks films and then did a little research into the background CONSPIRACY theories and so on.

Strangely I can confirm some parallels (within my own life) to those within the conspiracy theories that The Davinci Code was based upon, although I can also refute particular details.

I was wondering how I may have found myself carrying out such pattern analysis and so on anyway.  Though of course SHARED HISTORIES and 5 Degree’s of separation come to the fore, as do putting your own SPIN on such matters.

No I am not so much interested in Conspiracy so much as the simplicity of wondering what DAVID SIMON (my given names) might come out as when chopped up and changed a little bit. DAVINCI is not all that far away, likewise that may have led to the HARMONICA within my mind and the purchase of that instrument.

Yes I mentioned Leonardo the other day, though was not on this subject for that and indeed in non-linear strategy thinking others may have followed famous line names Mr Di Caprio for instance of Titanic and “catch Me If you can” fame and so on.

So I looked at the fixture list for today and of course it could be that I pushed into a mental blockage and the SAFETY mechanisms kicked in hauling myself from the cliff face, the AUTO CORRECT on Dynamic Steering versus going through the accumulated mental walls and barriers and so on.

Yes I was thinking about that because of course I mentioned difficulty in translation of bodily function messages (to a certain extent) anyone who has experienced extreme trauma (for example) may have been pushed through some THRESHOLD of some description as to PLEASURE versus PAIN whereby in order to dampen down pain (pleasure hormones are said to kick in and so on) likewise of course that is said to be the reason for very many ADDICTIONS.

Whether chemical or behavioural very often those things are found time and again to be down to chemical release and hormonal type balance levels and so on.

So straight out with it in list terms I will say CRINGES


Scotland, England, Wales

Well I am born and bred within the United Kingdom, so what do you expect?


Wales, Latvia, Netherlands, Czech Rep, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Norway, Bulgaria

Yes I will not say anything further, as I stayed up today and am somewhat rather tired and indeed may be asleep by the time of these matches, boring, boring David.

Oh Grand Prix in Russia?

Ummn hold on a moment

Well that bloke called Ross from M&S is in the headlines and Rose is getting her Halloween costume stuff delivered and Rosberg is on Pole Position, with Hamilton 2nd.

It will probably be more interesting to try to pick third place if those two are going to start and finish in similar fashion to how they are lining up.

Nope all I try to demonstrate is that if you pick the favourites who are favourites for a reason, you are usually going to prosper more than otherwise, across most sporting realms.

Typically my listing all teams in all games, is a GREEDY TACTIC and I would suggest that people only use such things perhaps for confirmation of their own CLUING SYSTEMS.

Repetition of repeating that gambling is a decision making process, and all of life is a decision making process, very often has to be repeated somewhat and likewise seeking to work out differing people’s systems and clues and so on.

“That Is” two words within one encapsulation or bracket (for example) so I might think a result is going to be 2:1 or 1:2 depending on other pointers.

A “three in one” might look like that and that might suggest 3:1 or 1:3 or any combination there of, that is going on within the mind of THE WRITER or BEHOLDER themselves.

I have sought where possible to seek and identify or isolate the most obvious, though as the HUNDREDS of CORRESPONDENCE on the HOLOSYNC BLOG demonstrated, the available amount of INTERPRETATIONS really is MIND BOGGLING.

The SAM HORM WRITE WELL course, I did feel gave some IDEAS as to better layouts and positioning’s of clues and indeed getting peoples asking those journalistic W5 questions who what where when why and of course the additional HOW can I go about implementing these system’s within my own World and life and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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