Another Fantastic Dr Who Episode?

Yes I enjoyed this 2nd half of this two-parter, though of course typically perhaps seek to ask some questions as to the various signs and symbols puzzles going on within the science fiction and threads of the story line.

So we had four words imprinted into the minds of those who entered the outwardly Black Spaceship (the interior being white), those words being The Dark, The Sword, The Forsaken, The Temple.

We are also informed or told that they are COORDINATES toward Earth (a kind of star map for space fairing peoples of the galaxy).

The Fisher King episode interesting in that Apprentice also came to the fore, within this second part of the story.

Not only of course do we have Alan Sugar/Donald trump of Apprentice fame headlining in various realms, we also of course have a million and one TOOLS for our computers and gadgets usually referred to as Applications and Applets.

This perhaps why Steven Jobs cornered a market with the symbology of Apple, just as the beatles had done to a previous generation.  The Apple often within Tradition also suggested to be the Forbidden Fruit (in Religious and THEOLOGICAL studies and so on).

Of course I was thinking about those word pointers and wondering as to whether they could be translated into TAROT type references.

They perhaps can, though I think, anyone who has studied across many genres and realms and linkages often (especially with meditative assistance) and breaking up or re-understanding the BRAIN MAPS that we often build up throughout our lifetimes, comes to see that many a reference also gives way to various bodily functions and positions and so on.

Anyway also prominent at the beginning of this Episode was the Doctor uncharacteristically breaking the so-called FOURTH WALL, a favourite used within “House of Cards” and indeed the Theatre and Pantomime and CLASSICAL Productions whereby a Character is telling/Narrating the STORY whilst also being within the Story/Production.

That of course akin to the being in the World but not of it Jesus Quotes and other IDEAS as to separation or gap between being overly involved in the ACTION and having a WINDOW upon the WORLD and the ability to perhaps demonstrate great WISDOM and THOUGHT as to what is taking place.

So in AWAKENING and ENLIGHTENMENT terms it might the case that the Narrator is leading you through the Story as to how they came about having the greater Wisdom and lessons and learnings and so on, whilst when within the story they cannot necessarily change what went previously.

That issue of timelines and paradox and NEW INFORMATION coming to the fore.

I had not checked the local news recently and today found myself doing just that and seeing an appeal for Witness’s to events at 3:30 am on Sunday 20th September about the Kings Fee (public house) on Commercial Road.

Unsure why it has taken so long for an appeal to take place (article dated 8th October) couple of days old for myself reading that.  I of course traverse through that QUADRANT of Town, quite regularly though I think had already passed through at the indicated time.

Unsure as to why they are appealing NOW when I know that a long line of TAXIS is always USUALLY stationed along that sector of town, and likewise such pubs and clubs usually have bouncers and many a premise has SECURITY CAMERAS in operation.

So I thought I will look at my notes for the given day, not only for 2015 but for 2014 and 2013 to see if some patterns and cycles are kind of documented and established.

Unfortunately, whilst I can see some particular PATTERNS within that DATASET I generally have a break within my writing around that time period, unsure as to my own reasons though it perhaps part of my own body clock and cycles.

Some assault took place apparently, though more interesting of course, was that I mention that because I gained the impression on the way home that some similar activity may have occurred within the early hours this weekend.

Some larger bloke in a group of three commented as I headed toward the Graveyard at the end of Conningsby Street, unsure as to whether positive or negative (in honesty) as I have an IGNORE ALL-COMERS approach to walking through Town at this time, having historically been challenged and abused by various groups and drunken hero’s over the years of utilising this regular route.  Many in more recent times, have actually been generally well behaved, though the occasional IDIOT still appears.

Anyway I thought some altercation may have occurred because another group of voices could be heard from Commericial Road and another lad appeared along Monkmoor running toward my location as I was exiting into the Graveyard.  I presumed him to possibly be in pursuit of one of the group of three, perhaps the guy who threw some comment in my general direction.

On exiting the graveyard, I noted a POLICE VEHICLE directly in front of myself at that location.  I am sure that if they want my commentary they can ask for it.  I must surely be known as a regular COMMUTER that passes through that sector given how many regular peoples and persons and cameras can been seen within that Vicinity.

Yes, in fact I have not notated much of what I have been witnessing because of that issue of focus and concentration, though my notes do suggest a HEIGHTENED FIGHT or FLIGHT time period within various CALENDARS.

I think the run up to Christmas and so on, especially within the UK calendar seemingly has a tradition of peoples getting out and about more and socialising and chopping and changing partners and squabbles over women and of course the usual targeting people who do not CONFORM to some given group psychology or GROUP IDEOLOGY.

I may very well now perhaps INCREASE or return to some of my note taking, activities through typically differing courses seemingly HIGH-LIGHT differing realm aspects.

I can for instance suggest I noted a coloured Guy on Turner Street walking past a blue fenced dig site into Central Avenue, he had a scooter over his shoulder being carried in the manner of THE FOOL within the Tarot or indeed THE HAPPY WANDERER and I have difficulty of course in knowing what realm is most appropriate REFERENCE POINTER.


Well being Hereford born and Bred is not the same as many of the troops WHO legend has it, have walked the street and passed through local REGIONAL military establishments (they often coming from the four corners of the UK and beyond with exchange programmes etc.).  Most of us CLASSICALLY think 22nd SAS though modern day SPECIAL FORCES are when RESEARCHED made up of the 21st, 22nd and 23rd and indeed CROSS-REALM TRAINING also has HIERARCHIES and that also means that other CONTROL & COORDINATION FACTORS have to be taken into consideration.

When you follow the LEGEND TRAIL, cross realm activities with the SBS for instance and those at the establishments such-as GCHQ and MI5 and MI6 and so on.

The further you raise up awareness, the more you come to see that you really may have to learn to trust those other establishment bodies and personnel, because of the DEGREE’S of SEPARATION issue and indeed the fact that each UNIT SUB-DOMAIN really does have strong focus on particular activities.

We typically of course can show a SIMILAR HIERARCHY within multiple realms, whereby you may learn 7 aspects of a particular realm at the most basic level and then move up a rank or management position, and each moving up comes with less GENERAL information and more and more SPECIALISATION.  Within whatever realm you are operating.

Another problem of course that the “in my day” topic and issue comes to the fore when new recruits want information from those at higher stages.  The mandate and what is acceptable and allowed often been given to chopping and changing dependent on who is in power and Government and all the rest.

Whilst the CIVIL SERVICE is often spoken of as the REALM of MANDARINS and where the real power lies, you still get all the in-fighting and gang building and group identities forming, and so on.  At least that is the IMPRESSION given by many a GOSPEL according to This BIBLIOGRPHY or indeed TV Fiction realms such-as my old favourite “HOUSE OF CARDS”.

Perhaps a follow-up “Corridor of Mandarins” is required to demonstrate such things.

What else, well a big book day was recently noted within my WITNESSING, some day regarded as the day when many a pre-christmas release is made by publishers wanting to cash in on the stocking filler book trade.  Alex Ferguson and Alan Sugar and peoples who have become Kings and Queens of interest among us lesser leading lights.  The AUDIENCE.

Yes so what to do next.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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