So The Simple Report Back On Oneself

So what did David say in the RUGBY

David said

England, Scotland, Wales

What actually Happened?

England, Scotland, Australia

Now despite the number differences between Australia and Wales, anyone who follows the sport can see that it was a close game, whilst points are usually awarded for TRY’S, CONVERSION and PENALITIES, both teams only actually managed a score via a few penalties.

Likewise SAMOA versus SCOTLAND was in the balance for most of the match, Samoa led most of the way, though Scotland came good toward the end.

My point?   Well from a heartless Neutral point of view, both of those 2 games were on the final scoreboard very close and a Try, conversion combination was all that was need for the games to have swung the other way.

However I can still claim 2 out of 3, and likewise am sure that Australia was likely potentially backed by anyone who read a writeup I did a day or 2 back mentioning a Royal visit down under, BECAUSE an indicator did appear within my writing at that time.

This of course the problem with EXPERTS and MULTIPLE SPORTING REALMS being monitored and so on, you can blindside yourself and all about you.  Hence whilst the GREEDY TACTICS, such as greedy picking and greedy search are useful in STUDY and RESEARCH, they are less useful to punters and your average Joe Blogs who wants to simply go all in on some weird and warped choice that defeats the public and bookies and so on alike.

So yes I can like anyone else give “A MILLION & ONE” justifications and “REASONS” for the choices I gave, though all that matters to most people is having successfully achieved a number of RESULTS.

Is this technology and activity going to give myself an improvement on an activity that anyone can do without necessarily taking up the various Technologies.  My own view is that the Technology is demonstrated in this fashion to potentially “pay for itself” for those who already have a dedicated gambling mind set.  Likewise the TECHOLOGIES are not about one give REALM or activity, so much as demonstrating how a THEME or THREAD of UNIVERSALITY can be show to run through the Greater World, irrespective of man or woman’s attempts to claim or make it otherwise.

Why might you not pick up on that?

Yes one of the ISSUES is that differing computers and smartphones and pads and gadgets often format the written word into the most suitable for the device, so a TRIGGER or MEANING given on one gadget or phone or pad may not be noted on another.

That is another form of an INTRANSIGENCE TRAP that I fell into early on with these studies.  When I was writing on one device and only monitoring on one device, and then checked alternative devices, I realised where even more options and choices existed.

The blog at present is being written on NEW laptop, whilst for the last couple of years was written on my Surface Pad, and they again give differing page size formatting of content, some of those things are quite SUBTLE, example an average of 20 words on a WORD page, might become 18 words within the Blog Editor and then 17 Words on the blog when viewed with a pad and 12 words when viewed with a phone and 21 words (PER LINE) when viewed via a PC or Laptop.

The SUBTLE differences can make HUGE differences in where you are placing your ATTENTION and that is why continued Meditation and realisations, really is worthwhile.

Now to the Football

David Said

Wales, Latvia, Netherlands, Czech Rep, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Norway, Bulgaria

 Now to the Football Actual

Wales lose DAVID wrong

Latvia Draw DAVID wrong

Netherlands Win DAVID correct

Czech Republic lose DAVID wrong, HUGE HEADLINES RE TURKEY, may have indicated that one.

Belgium Win DAVID correct

Cyprus Win DAVID correct

Italy Win DAVID correct

Norway Win DAVID correct

Bulgaria Win DAVID correct

So from 9 matches, I can state that I was incorrect on 3, and correct on 6.

That is a big improvement after the previous Day’s results and goings on. OR IS IT?

Yes, the issue is one of Gold Silver Bronze winners in Olympic type events (this is taken from that Ultimate You collection) where Gold and Bronze are HAPPY for mentally having Won, whilst the SILVER OUTWARDLY usually triggers thoughts feelings of having LOST.

Why does a 1 RESULT VARIANCE going from 5 correct results to 6 correct results feel so BIG a GAP to BRIDGE (as it does), genuinely interesting how that worked out.

Though it also demonstrates that DIFFERING MENTAL ISSUES taking place.

So I said on the ARTICLE re Rugby, born and bred United Kingdom, hence an INHERENT BIAS for HOME NATIONS. & the potential for Heart versus Head issues.

Supporting your Nation or Country with your Heart does not necessarily mean you have to do the same when it comes to separating those Head versus Heart decisions, when it comes to financial investment.

MOST GAMBLERS KNOW THIS, as do most supporters.

So why when you know your TEAM is likely up against it, do you not go with the SENSIBLE CHOICE.  You can back an opponent, or indeed as I have often done, simply not BET on those games, when so many ALTERNATIVES exist.

Now the Formula one has yet to take place, and the MOST LIKELY CHALLENGER for one of those 3 PODIUM positions is actually SEBASTIAN VETTEL.

Though in fact I may well rethink all about those choices and options, given some other news and stimulus.

Likewise of course I mentioned SAM HORN and Tennis is taking place and I did fail to mention that a look within her BIBLIOGRAPHY shows her to have spent several years during her younger years working for a TENNIS CLUB and so on.

Anyway does not MEAN anything, though most folks who develop an interest within any given sporting realm generally keep or maintain such interest as an ongoing CONCERN throughout life.

I have of course stated that I threw the baby out with the bathwater or the Dummy out of the pram at aged 17 going from somewhat ALL SPORTS to ZERO SPORTS, being told it was best if I avoided contact sports.

So some folks IGNORE MEDICAL ADVICE and continue such interests (whether just playing or monitoring), whilst others are more occasion, I will see how it goes, whilst others are ALL or NOTHING.

Anyway, my loss during those younger years does not mean I have to PARROT the same old story now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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