And The Results For Yesterday Were

David previously said rugby was easier to predict and then proceeded to give a wrong result.  However on this occasion  for these matches, he was spot on.

So David Said

Argentina, Italy, Japan, Ireland and was correct in all four games, nice to have that 120%, or 100% for those used to regular percentages of operations.  I can also of course suggest that anyone who has done engineering modules, is likely to know and understand acceptable tolerance variance’s that are used within a range of industries in + or – 5, 10, 20 and from that angle or perspective the 120% is perhaps easier to initially accept without complaint.

So I can now be brought back down to earth via the Football scores

David Said

Scotland Win and was correct

Poland Win and was correct

Finland Win and  the result was a Draw incorrect

Germany Win and was correct

Romania Win and was correct

Greece Win and was correct

Armenia Draw and the result was an Albania Win incorrect

Portugal Draw and the result was a Portugal Win incorrect

So from a list of 8 games I can claim to have achieved 5 correct results and 3 incorrect results.  A little more thinking on my selections and I may well have opted for a Portugal Win (for example) against Serbia, strangely Armenia and Albania and Finland almost act as a spanner within my thinking, in that I have little in the way of CONSCIOUS thought or data as to those teams and am potentially more likely to favour draws and so on as a result.  Clearly I went against the grain of the tactic or strategy that I thought I was consciously utilising.

Elsewhere I think I briefly commented upon the Formula 1 suggesting that the 3rd place was more interesting.

In fact Hamilton Won, Vettel was Silver, and someone called Sergio Perez of Force India managed to raise himself up to the Dizzy Heights of a Bronze Podium Place.

More interesting for myself was that in a quick look at some car images, the Force India car had Kingfisher as a sponsor written across the vehicle, even though of course I spoke on fisher king, clearly the reference is close enough to AH-HA that is interesting.  Yes a section of the River Wye that is quite close to where I live has some small King Fisher (bird) population along the river bank, encouraged by the addition of some bird nesting boxes and so on (I think) unsure though have noted both birds and nesting boxes at various points, unfortunately some sectors are overly popular with humans/people and that pf course tends to deter some creatures.

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