So Angus Deaton (No Not That One) Wins A Nobel Prize

Yes the big news today is that a British Economics Professor based in the United States has won the Nobel prize for Economics.  I of course am aghast at having never heard of him after investing in so many financial and economic realm literature in recent years.

I guess I may have been misdirected as to the most appropriate resources on such materials, though likewise do genuinely find that when you jump from realm to realm within your research that the chain or thread of links often leads to some STANDOUT individuals.  Very often those who created the Field or indeed were regarded as a Major Dominating Force within a given field of expertise.

We of course can see debates within most realms, whether History, Economics, Psychology and Literature, and indeed within Acting and Music and Science and so on.  So you happen to like some present day personality or star within a given realm and you investigate and you find they are quoted as being influenced by the work of…

You then switch to another individual or personality and star who claims to have been influenced by the work of…

Yes in fact when you look at POPULATION GROWTH figures you do actually come to some rather startling conclusions as to how population growth has accelerated and literally doubled in a 40 year time span and so on.

Of course when you take the time to try out the meditative remedies that I recommend, you often see these things far easier than you may have done as a seemingly regular person going about your day-to-day life and so on.

It does in many ways perhaps come down to the circumstance you find yourself within as to how you feel about getting some enlightenment and awareness and so on.  It does seem that the further up you raise your Threshold the more it appears that many individuals are speaking your language and have very many commonalities with yourself and so on.

So anyway yes in following chains and links and threads of sources you often come to conclusion as to cutting out the middle man, (depending on what you are doing of course) in this instance why buy a book (for example) by some youthful sell, sell sell entrepreneur if all they are going to do is tell you what they learnt from this previous generation of masters and influences and so on.  In fact another great truth that many seemingly live in denial of, is that whilst people trained in Hypnosis and NLP Modelling Research can make great claims as to the strides within those kinds of domains, what is good for the goose is not always good for the gander.

Yes some snapshot of work from someone who is sharing a snapshot of work who is sharing a snapshot of work X places down from Original Source is likely why society genuinely seems to have gradually been dumbed down so much.

Clearly whilst some constantly talk of the wealth of the 1 percent of the population, forty years ago that 1 per cent was from 3 Billion people, and is now from 7 Billion peoples so the 1 per cent has in fact whether these preachers like it or otherwise EXPANDED with each and every other grouping and denomination and audience and so on.  If it had not they would be talking of the top 0.025 per cent or something like that.

Yes so some folks live a gifted life perhaps in finding something they are good at and graduating to ever higher empowerments and indeed learnings and teachings, whilst others among us are heavily traumatised in some fashion, and very often even when you are going through the lower levels of mediation you are still often seeking to point the finger at all about yourself, though in reality, the wiser choice seems to be to better improve the internal dialogue and self-talk and so on.

In fact I generally can often pinpoint where and when I have good internal dialogue and indeed where I may or may not have picked up less than helpful dialogue and so on.  Of course in raising Threshold the temptation is there to go all out in prejudicial assaults on those you feel have dragged you down or through the mud, though I have generally opted to release and carry out letting go type exercises on such things, in order to perhaps enable myself to return to some of the more healthy thoughts and feelings and actions that I know in my heart of hearts I have had at various times and junctures of my life.

Anyway enough rambling.

I seem to have taken to trying to prove to myself that prediction works, especially for making money and so on, though likewise am strangely hampered as to when I make an investment am likely to lose, much like a watched kettle that never boils.

So what are the causes?

Well I was thinking about the attributes and values issues and was wondering whether in fact it is (for example) having Health high on the list above wealth that causes myself to lose.  Or is it having family at this position on my sorted list, or having friends, good relations, an outgoing personality and so on.

Strange though true of course a million and one reasons can spring to mind for not getting the favourable results that you know must surely with enough research happen, though likewise unless someone very clever has come up with some super-mastermind system for achieving such things, it strangely alludes over and over again.

Clearly I was thinking about this issue of so-called SOCIETAL CLASSES that we within The United Kingdom or Great Britain are regarded as having, and of course it may well be suggested that success and the games and sports you follow may very well be linked in.

Yes I know people say the class system is old school and no onger relevant to the modern World, though I also know that some do not genuinely believe that on a deep level.

So it could well be that the massive lower class’ and multitude of Football clubs makes prediction a difficult set of judgments (when you take into consideration the lists of things at the forefront of your mind vying for attention), where the next money coming from to pay bills and so on.).

Likewise of course you then supposedly have a middle-class and upper middle-class that follows the Rugby and The Cricket more than those non-gentrified sports.

Then of course you go to the Upper Classes whereby sports are often taken to include owning your own stables and a horse for the Polo, and a car collection and so on.

So very difficult beyond TOYS of course for us lower down the pecking order to adopt the mindset of those peoples.  For every Alan Sugar and Richard Branson who were successful within a given set of childhood circumstances, there are thousands of others who followed exactly similar choices and options and failed to get the major breakthrough’s and so on.

So anyway that perhaps why modelling techniques and strategies and so on, can only ever (in my opinion) take you so far, and also of course we have the issue of just as you think you are seeing clear water where previously was only mud, some new topic and debate pop’s up that is oh so ever important apparently, all this stay in Europe get out of Europe nonsense (for example).

So I shut up shop and switched of the TV and Radio and stopped Socialising and became Mr superbore, though likewise rapidly raised Threshold and took multiple courses to pass the time and days.

Do I feel any better of, well I can certainly claim to be in a far better mental health state than a few short years ago, though likewise some realms and the individuals and personalities within those realms do seem to react as though they have been dragged kicking and screaming against their into courses of action and direction not in their own best interest.  Unfortunately whilst many take up the meditation and see the light and so on and potentially move on, you always get the stragglers and indeed the next generation of this group or that group wanting to cry wolf and all the rest of it.

Most of us who have raised threshold and have carried out some research and come into greater alignments with the overall direction that the world is taking, are able to cooperate better with each other than those who simply want to drag all and everyone about them down.  So where once it may have seemed that you were walking into PIrhana infested realms, at least now, many a person has indirectly or directly been influenced into better thoughts and feelings and actions and so on.

So what does David think is going to now happen within the Football and can he bridge that gap of seemingly always been just over the halfway cusp, or is that the real life center pointe or bridging point between hemispheres and so on.  Clearly we know that the longer the chain of threads and calculations, the more likely that error will appear within the mix, though I do seem, having carried out a little analysis on what I have been predicting and the actual results to always be on that cusp point when it comes to great numbers of games being played and so on.

Perhaps that is an issue within the Gridding systems utilised within fractal mapping and so on. Or indeed quadrant mapping and achieving those improved health and other list of variables and attributes and so on.  Yes becoming congruent and indeed perhaps inwardly and outwardly true to what is true, rather than being in confusion and conflict is an interesting one.

Almost like a highway man asking you if you want your Health or Wealth, when I have a tendency to think both can be achievable.

So today’s matches of the top of the head, and can I stretch closer to a higher number of correct results.

England Win

Belarus Win

Slovakia Win

Spain Win

Switzerland Win

Slovenia Win

Austria Win

Russia Win

Sweden Win

Yes so strangely opting once again for all outrights of winners rather than draws and obviously those teams who have already qualified may try out differing formations and teams and new young exciting players and of course some failed to qualify teams may want to do well on home turf and so on.  Though I am happy and pleased with the choices I have made above irrespective of what the actuals are.

When I return and check the results in the morning, I will of course, have thoughts and feelings as to WOW or WHY ME and so on.

So whilst many people say, wow you studied all these topics and have all this knowledge, why do you not share it and in fact, it perhaps comes down to the WORTH or VALUE that we place in such studies or possibly in ourselves.

What price do we put on a life among seven billion, a high price if it is our own, slightly lower if family, slightly lower still if a friend, slightly lower if someone we know, slightly lower if someone we have never heard of.  Yes all sorts of discussions to be had, though some of the subjects that you have to delve into and carry out internal inquiry upon, can seemingly bring out some issues and so on that are merit worthy of debating, just so long as you have some awareness that with threshold and knowledge and so on, you are still only really able to change your own thoughts and feelings and actions and maybe influence the thoughts feelings and actions of a few peoples about the wider world, though trying or seeking to please all-comers from each and every possible dimension and all the rest of it is unlikely to be all that rewarding for anyone.

The guru underground is seemingly full of peoples simply trading on pleasant personalities and social records and there is nothing wrong with that per se, though I do like the IDEA of having some physical product that can be distributed and sold and so on.  That perhaps why despite the rise of people such as myself seemingly having a rather large kindle book collection, there really is something to be said for having a good book in your hand that you can genuinely be reading, beyond the scanner like methodology that I have utilised within research.

Anyway TTFN

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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