Well Now, That Is Somewhat Troubling

Yes we can turn to any given arena and make such comment though at present I thought I would comment or speak on a couple of subject matter that I have up until now not commented upon.

Now one issue was some lad who apparently being ginger had gathered himself some poisons and was intent on carrying out some massacre whereby his intention was eventually for Prince Harry to ascend to the Throne.  This chap apparently recently sent to prison.

I of course tend to think of the Royal’s as a Family like any other, so whilst I can imagine that a certain level of rivalry has existed in growing siblings, both Harry and William have always outwardly supported the family’s overall structure and hierarchy and so on.

Strange though true of course, I too might well claim that Harry has a mandate to ascend to the throne, given that he shares a given name with oneself someone among his many names.

That of course perhaps why names such as David have been so popular down the generations.

However, when we look to History we see that this branch of Royalty only actually ascended the Throne via the Edward and Mrs Simpson issue and affair and much of those matters have or are said to have stayed within the thoughts and feelings of the immediate royal family, so unless some other forthcoming scandal or major issue is going to raise its head (from projected Futures) I doubt very much that any change in policy is likely to occur by any members of the Senior Family, especially when we look to all the press coverage and documented lives and living under the constant scrutiny of observers and so on, whilst we in Britain may well feel it appropriate to respect privacy and so on, no such mandate may exist within the wider external World context, in which an all and anything goes approach seemingly operates in some quarters (and from presumed or assumed enemies of the state or culture and so on).

I write this because I notice a dispute over some potential DNA evidence linked to the inheritance of a Title.  The Queen when asked for input on the matter, directed the issue to some Senior Judges to make recommendation upon.  Clearly DNA evidence has been one of those BIG GROWTH industries during my own lifetime, though typically is refuted and refuted over and again very often simply within the realm itself.  Strange though true whilst Science often points fingers as to being at war with religious intolerance and indoctrination, as such industries grow they very often COLLAPSE in on themselves with internal wars and in-fighting as to who is going to lead the way in the next generation and so on.

So DNA material is accepted with the wider Audience as proof for many an issue, though only those who have reason to cry wolf at the misreading or misrepresentation of data can truly know within their own Heart of Hearts as to truth or otherwise.

What if you were a Star or Personality and someone comes along and claims they had an affair with yourself that resulted in this illegitimate child?  And you the Star has never even heard of the person making such claims (think Michael Jackson Song “Billy Jean”).  What if within the results, someone comes up with some comparables, that make the likelihood exceptionally high.  This has been shown within some Families and indeed were all and everyone within the United Kingdom tested, I believe at present the entire Nation would fall into arguments, as to truth of what the data is being INTERPRETED as meaning.

It appears to myself the further I have advanced with Meditation and feedback and return systems, that the SCIENCE COMMUNITY and indeed those who have adopted FORENSIC usage within the Wider World (Police and law & Order, Medical World) have relied upon many peoples OBJECTION to DNA Science as proof or reason for its REQUIRED existence.

Much like SPORTSMEN & WOMAN are often exposed as POTENTIAL cheats within those realms, augmenting the physical strength via steroids and other identified bodily substances, it does not take a genius to consider not getting involved within such disputes as the Solution, as time and time again as each newly established DISCIPLINE within a given REALM grows through a generation, we seemingly see that CHAOS and then the overwhelm and then the New cohesion occurring.

Unsure as to how much such things can occur, though clearly I can say well I have meditated for several years and whilst early times, seemingly created more overwhelm I do still have occasions now where such things occur.

Interesting in the Dr Who episode the other day was the introduction of GHOSTS and HOLOGRAMS within the SAME PROGRAMME, and this of course akin to us being full of ghosts of captured images and sounds and sensory intakes, and then gradually and step by step removing such things from our mind body spirit, so we can become more like the Hologram (perhaps) though RECOGNISING that we want our own identity in the process, perhaps also means setting VARIABLES and ATTRIBUTES that may not be in our own best interest until it is too late and so on.  Who knows?

Elsewhere of course I spoke on Alan Sugar on multiple occasions, he often quoted from the beginning of the Apprentice as saying “I do not like bullshitters, liars, etc.” and of course when we leave School and Education Establishments and go into the Greater Wider World, we often quickly come to see what he means in many ways, because many a realm typically has built up its own VERSIONING of influences and ideologies and “this is how the World is” and early impressions often lead us to conclude we are surrounded by Bullshitter and Liars and Arse-lickers and all the rest.

Can a change in attitude and policy be forced?  Well clearly Sam Horn within the write-well series suggested that EXAMPLE is the only thing, and in many ways it perhaps can be, though raising your own Threshold up whilst recommending others who fall into the Bullshitters, Liars and arselickers category also take up such Technologies is an interesting debate.  Did I show a lack of WISDOM in making those recommendations, or did the LONG TERM TRAJECTORY suggest that in seeing greater Truths and so on, that even the most intransigent of peoples and persons would not be able to make claims to the contrary of the REAL TRUTHS of the WORLD.

So I have removed many of my own intransigent beliefs and positions and am quite sure many others have done likewise, though the picking and choosing and decision making still has to be refined and coming to terms with what has already occurred also has to be carried out, so yes interesting one all round.

This was a DRIFTER in terms of where I began and where I have ended, though I will likely write a little more later on today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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