Have You Got A Georg Friedrich Händel On Life


Have you got a handel?

So like many a person I go about my day-to-day life and typically of course hear stories and rumours and accumulate quite a large selection of such things throughout my lifetime.

However much of the technologies that I recommend and promote are typically of course about re-evaluating the perspectives and angles that you are looking upon any given dataset with.

So I spoke a day or two ago as to suddenly finding myself checking out local news, something that I have not really monitored for quite some time, I perhaps when moving or stepping up to twitter and a broader diversity of sources and resources of information perhaps found myself less interested in what my local community and Hereford has to offer.

That of course goes hand-in-hand with many of the goings on that have occurred since I return to the City of Birth and so on, whilst some things are documented and others not, over time a quite a large selection of writings and insights and so on has occurred.  Especially when it comes to making non-linear and more lateral thinking and approaches to things.

Of course the reality is that day-to-day life also not only continues for myself but each and every individual out there within the wider and broader collection of peoples and persons that make up Society and various populations and so on.

Anyway as some recall, and others may just be discovering, an “alleged” murder took place earlier this year within Hereford and whilst many a larger City and indeed smaller City has such goings on from time to time, on this occasion it was seemingly deemed necessary to create a wider catchment net and so on, in terms of some National coverage and indeed a Crimewatch Programme sequence.

I of course in checking the local rag again, noted that a programme was shown containing the reports of events and so on, and so thought, well I may as well have a look.

I know for instance that it is many years since I lived and walked that area and district of town and so on, though likewise was interested in seeing how the case was handled because of the rather large local coverage at the time of those events (I say rather large though again only became aware, via media several days later) so whilst the relevant community and peoples or populace knew of reported events, nother local was completely OBLIVIOUS to such things, much perhaps like PERCIVIL within Fisher King stories faling to ask the question.

I mentioned Dr Who of course, and likewise lateral things of interest such-as the King fisher sponsor on a Formula 1 car, though such things are of course akin to that “million and one” clues or a DECK OF CARDS being thrown up in the air and you having zero idea as to finding the Chosen or pre-selected card given by a Magician.

Anyway further to that Nationally we have seen reports of a famed Dwarf actor having had his caravan stolen, he of the name Warwick and strangely enough of course Warwick is exceptionally Central within the United Kingdom map and has a long history.

A work colleague was recently discussing his purchasing of a new second hand caravan he being a long time user of them and I joked he may well find his new purchase comes with a three foot bed and so on.

Anway that of course a Digression

So a guy was stabbed in Hereford on father’s day after visiting his daughter and seemingly bled to death from his wounds and injuries, Crimewatch creating one of those replay production of events, combined with one or two relevant personalities within the deceased guy’s life, former girlfriend and mother of his child, mother and brother I think.  Likewise various things were left out of the mock-up that has been reported locally such-as his cries in the street being ignored by local residents until he finding his way to some old or former friends house of residence.

So we saw character directly involved with the chap and a mock-up of events and I was somewhat disappointed in the sense that it appeared exceptionally vague to my mind as to what was being asked for.  Likewise according to today’s reports they did indeed have several phoned responses, so they Police/investigators perhaps now what they are doing above and beyond amateur speculators such-as myself (grown up lest we forget on a diet of Detectives and Crime and Police shows.

So one of the main points asked of the public was in seeking the handle of the knife that had broken of during the attack, thought likewise a link to handles exists within the deceased guys name, and indeed is experiencing wide national coverage in the realm of shopping for a newly introduced fee for such devices from supermarkets.

Anyway I cannot presume to know what all these things mean or are really about, in terms of lessons and learnings and teachings.  I simply mention the composer above for example as that non-linear point of view toward other IDEAS of finding those missing links and chains etc.

We also within the fiction realms of course had inspector Morse and he famous for listening to Orchestral Composers, though I do not think the only one, many an orchestral piece used as a theme within various film and tv productions (for example) so non-linear strategies and indeed INFLUENCES are all about us.

All well and good seeking to ISOLATE a MOTIVE, though you may well come across where a Source of inspiration for the action occurred (for example).  Yes that is searching in the DARK though clearly given the lack of other information such-as possible motives and so on, it really is being portrayed as somewhat bizarre.

Now prior to writing this, I had in fact been thinking what is your handle on life, and gone into cockney styled rhyming trouble and strife and so on.

Likewise I was reminded that as a young child, I went a long to a Former Hereford public House known as The Greyhound Dog and that pub (situated somewhat close to the Asda roundabout (A49) just South of the river, used to hold many an event.

The seventies and early eighties perhaps the Heyday of so-called CB communications and many a person inspired by films such-as Convoy and Smokey and the Bandit, took to having CB Radio not only on cars but in homes and so on.  Anyway I seemingly recall that a group regularly or occasionally met at the Greyhound dog and indeed that we even went on a Long Haul trip up North to Blackpool Illuminations around this time period.

I say all this of course to demonstrate that with appropriate stimulus you can see how INFLUENCE and MANIPULATION (irrespective of the learning and lesson) can be collapsed in on itself somewhat VERTICALLY and indeed HORIZONTALLY.

Likewise finding the needle in the Haystack or the Handle may well be the same as a group of nicknamed or named individuals being asked their names when first attending a school at Nursery age or Primary school age and so on. People had CB handles (in the lingo of that realm).

Also interesting for myself was that as a former shop worker, during my teens, I am confident that a couple of the other workers I found myself among also shared the deceased guy’s surname, though they perhaps a differing branch of the family two sisters one blond and the other brunette and both fun colleagues to have.  They I think covered toiletry type Aisles within the store in Hightown, Bewell Street area.

The big trigger PROBLEM I had in watching the so-called mock-up of events was that it was PRODUCED and seemed to myself that it was the same for the actual events like some kind of inside job.

I could like many an amateur go for multiple STEREOTYPE PROFILE and so on.

The lone wolf person or foreigner seeking revenge on someone who slighted them.

A planned insurance claim gone wrong.

Wronged girlfriend/other woman type playouts.

We typically see that stereotype where it can be an unknown male assailant, or a known female assailant, perhaps to do with the psychology stereotypes of men and women and the way in which one personalizes things far more (allegedly) than the other.  I say allegedly because I think that is a MISCONCEPTION based in one sex simply compartmentalizing more than the other (again stereotype) that many of these Technologies demonstrate to be choice and options, practice and encouragement.

It really does seem to myself that those involved within the case have not been forthcoming with the releasing of information to the broader public that may give differing perspectives and clues directions.  There is vagueness and withholding information and then there is complete misdirection and uselessness.

Exceptionally contrived.

So what else can I do?  Well with little to go on as to what information is being disemminated, it will likely remain unsolved.

Likewise, another full fixture list is soon approaching us and just to demonstrate the fluctuating fortunes of CONSISITENCY or INCONSISTENCY I will again list my prime suspects as to outcomes and so on of those matches.

Czech Rep DRAW

Wales WIN

Latvia DRAW

Turkey WIN

Belgium WIN

Bos-Herz WIN

Bulgaria WIN

Italy WIN

Croatia WIN

I suspect that I may have chosen the wrong drawn games, or indeed that at least 1 other Draw may appear.  Only later reviewing the final scores will show the difference of Comparables between events.

So if at first the logic and linear lets you down, introduce some of those patterns and cycles that may give alternate views and perspectives and so on.

Anyway moving on and enough from myself for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

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