So I Write This One As A Feedback response to PREDICTION

Yesterday I did of course, just as I have for several days, seemingly write more than I necessarily have previously and I also of course mentioned some Football Games that some folks may or may not have had an interest in.

So David said

England Win

Belarus Win

Slovakia Win

Spain Win

Switzerland Win

Slovenia Win

Austria Win

Russia Win

Sweden Win

The actual results were

England Win and David Correct

Belarus Draw and David Incorrect

Slovakia Win and David Correct

Spain Win and David Correct

Switzerland Win and David Correct

Slovenia Win and David Correct

Austria Win and David Correct

Russia Win and David Correct

Sweden Win and David Correct

So from a total of nine (9) games I seemingly managed to correctly choose eight (8) outright winners.  Now of course some folks might say well that is la-di-da though it can for anyone who has taken some of the courses I have taken and meditated and raised Threshold be regarded as Science.

The debate of course being one of CONSISTANCY, I am quite sure others who took up the Technologies and have utilised multiples of the strategies without getting caught up in “Witch Hunts” and so on are likely to have established for themselves a combinatorial “winning formula” that may well have alluded myself quite simply through much “witch hunting” and nonsenses that occurred in the early days of my experimentation with said Technologies and so on.  Whilst some realms could be demonstrated to already have “ISSUES” surrounding them, you may well suggest that the so-called ANTI was raised SIGNIFICANTLY for a year or two, one of the PRIMARY reasons for myself shutting up shop and so on in multiple ways.

Now Holosync CLASSIC, is of course The Original Holosync Solution Programme and I of course (and perhaps others) badgered Bill Harris to release a version two.

Does the difference or change make all that great a difference?  Well possibly not though you do have to remind yourself that I had come from a somewhat Scientific Background anyway with regard to Engineering and Computer Science and the practices therein contained.

Yesterday I wrote on a mass generalisation that has perpetuated within Great Britain as to a Societal Structure known as a CLASS SYSTEM.

Anyone who researches many Computer Courses and programming Languages over the last 40 years, will likely find references to Languages entitled C and C+ and indeed Java and many of those are regarded as Object Oriented Programming Languages and utilise what is known as a Class System.

So anyone taking up what is now referred to as Classic Holosync on packaging and so on, can perhaps come to realise that something similar occurs within the various Human Language Zones and so on.

Yes I know such themes and topics can POTENTIALLY be intimidating though, understanding how an underlying generic class model can be repetitiously used whilst giving variance to particular features is much what many of these things are about. Sharing DATA where it is fundamentally the same, whilst giving some extra changes and variance to make things appear otherwise.

So you could have a baseline Human Class and create a group of characters from the same base model, whilst the base model might list EYES, a called into usage INSTANCE of the baseline model may have Extra additional features, so instance one may have EYES and then instance 2 includes eye colours, and so on.

Effectively you can come to understand that the label is not a description, in fact my eyes example is poor in the sense that you could of course have instance of eye shapes, eye colours.

Yes when you learn to think as those who have researched and developed such systems do, you come to see the benefit of Hierarchies and what features and functions are common to all whilst others are a sub categorization feature and you typically in preserving memory and so on can see that very typically whilst you may (within a game for example) have a hundred characters with blue eyes, in memory or storage terms you may only need one instance of that colour, unless of course you again introduce variance within the colour itself, and that of course can also be achieved.

So anyway yes I can pat myself on the back for that set of predictions, though more interesting now is perhaps that if eight out of nine is close to the peak of the mountain, do I now seek to make that extra final push to the top of the mountain of a completely correct set and placing the Flag at the top and so on, or do I take into consideration other potential factors (weathering and cold and physical health in mountaineering) and descend from the altitude achieved in-order to try again at some later time.

Yes when we look to Everest we see multiple climbers who failed to achieve the Summit at early attempts, or indeed people who made Summit and failed on return trips and so on.  So even those things perhaps have personal patterns and alternate considerations to take into consideration.

So yes, whilst a CLASS SYSTEM exists within many a member of the POPULATION

What-if various levels of Holosync Classic usage introduce such things within your sub-conscious or non-conscious and you are better geared toward identifying the various stage by stage, step by step sequences taken or held for what are very commonly utilised STEREOTYPES, such as those given by myself as to working class Football and middle-class Rugby and Cricket and Upper class Polo and so on.

Intersting Dynamics to think upon.

I will leave this one here as I really do have a couple of other subject matter to seemingly write upon at present, in terms of Synchronicities and indeed various news related matters.  I am at present still not fully sure as to what is relevant and-or otherwise.  Given that whilst you would like to contribute, giving focus to some topics and debates that you have long since moved on from usually only every results in a return to trauma of some description, though likewise I spoke on peeling back the layers and so on of that onion within or between the hemispheres between your ears.


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