So I Was Wondering About What Graphics

So I was wondering about what sequence of graphics I might utilise were I to develop a course, that is for example on a par with photoreading, in terms of giving so kind of ah-ha’s and wake up to reality call.

In fact in simply thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that Photoreading, has perhaps already been through some of the best theory test and feedback of results, that can occur, in the sense, that you are taken through a sequence of steps designed to make you think and indeed convey the structure and format for books and organisational systems and so on.

So you have a container perhaps the overall title, and perhaps an index, and then perhaps volumes given within the overall book and then perhaps chapters that fall within particular volumes, and then page ordering and numbering within the given overall structure and so on.

So those things typically over and again whatever realm you are looking to are fairly consistent.

Many a mechanism and sequence teaches a set of skills that you may or may not already, have developed at some young age non-consciously (anyway).

And that is of course knowledge, that some seemingly find themselves able to harness and propel them to ever greater heights of life the universe and everything, whilst others among us struggle or find that such a longstanding MISREPRESENTATION has occurred within the mindset that new ways and means and understanding of the material really does have to be approached from more than one specific and chosen angle or dimension.

We can of course also when continuing in such studies say, well I looked at this from the sensory information related to sight, sound, touch, taste and smell and again, it really does seem or appear that whilst we may well be born with excellent and refined systems, that some wall of intransigence occurs or happens or can be found within our own EXPERIENCIAL EVIDENCE COLLECTION.

So returning to the DRAWING THEME, and the ENLIGHTEMENT theme I thought well what I need are simple sketches that explain some of the ins-and-outs of these things.

What is interesting is that repetition of one or two modules and the sinking in ever deeper of particular teachings and so on, can lead you to realise that even the presentation of a given Module is often a SAMPLE that we are taking in ISOLATION that may well be better represented via joining multiple charts and sketches and drawings together.

I for instance, feel that I have had that within Future Mapping, whereby I follow the outligned steps and task at each juncture of the process, and then gain some insights into my own thoughts and feelings and indeed INTERPRETATIVE CAPABILITITES as to what the data is showing.

Now within the write well series, and within her more recent book releases, Sam Horn Highlights three E words EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE and EPIPHANIES

Yes many more words can be found within dictionaries, though you can of course look Sam Horn (Intrigue Expert) “Got Your Attention” up for yourselves.

So anyway I was thinking that one visualisation that I can relate to is of course the running track, I used to run quite a lot during my younger years.  Likewise of course you can place obstacles along the running track and call them hurdles that have to be navigated in some fashion.

Getting in the “zone” in terms of your own purpose and action and step by step sequence is of course a well utilised tool, within sporting realms.

Anyway I found myself thinking that a running track within a stadium with hurdles is a kin to the mind or brain in many ways, likewise of course you could change the climate and lighting within such a zone and wonder as to how those balance of scales affect you performance.

So what are the ACTUAL useful parts of a given visualization.  Paul Scheele in several courses repeats his story of the Golf Game where he visualised the Front 9 prior to a forthcoming match and then found himself playing on the non-visualised Back 9, and his game went to pieces until later when he played the front 9.

I got to thinking well that is all well and good carrying out visualisation, though what are the actual graphics and-or environmental factors involved?

I used to run and I used to perhaps have such sequenced imaginings and indeed won many a competitive race, though likewise even now, I could not necessarily say it was simply the visualisation practice, because you have the OVERALL thoughts feelings and environmental conditions to take in.

Did I imagine an always lit running track or lane that I would be rushing myself toward?  In fact of course I then thought well we can introduce a kind of mini-scales for each and every measurement being taken into consideration, everything from time of day, to lighting, altitude, body feelings (aches and pains versus otherwise) and so on.

So was I winning through regular exercise and being fitter and building on previous experience of winning, or was I non-consciously carrying out all the very many factors in some auto-pilot like fashion and manner I was unaware of?

Possibly a little of both, though interesting for myself because, I keep hearing about the wonders of NLP and modelling and then finding examples within my own EXPERIENCE that do not match the COMPARABLE understanding through the given lessons.

Is it simply incompatible understanding of CROSS-REALM-INTERPRETATIVE capabilities?

I have to ask, because my own later life thoughts and feelings were that such activities in youth and so on were simply enjoyable and fun, whereas now the idea of exercise or indeed modelling itself, and bringing so many non-conscious measure and scales into the CONSCIOUS REALM is again of concern.

Do I really need to know, or do I simply want to return to that having fun and enjoyment with such things.

Clearly those within the Sports Therapy realms and pushing back the boundaries of Progress have a vested interest in such things whether regarded as Science or La-di-da, where many of us may not, simply wanting or desiring to become more attuned to the Greater Whole going on of it all and being well enough equipped to be able to with a little practice, achieve greater accuracy within prediction of “What happens next…” scenes and scenario’s.

Of course I spoke on this issue of You and am unsure if I published on the blog or elsewhere that I was wondering as to a so-called existence of a GURU UNDERGROUND.

Clearly those who know versus otherwise, and the conflict and confusion that comes about via preachers and personalities within many walks of life taking advantage or abusing the broader trust and so on that people in society are placing with them.

So for example Richard Dawkins spouts and spouts incitement to racial hatred and nothing is reported about his activities, whilst followers typically walk the streets spouting similar rhetoric toward all and anyone who does not fit his RACIAL PROFILE, whilst all these Muslim Abu Hamza types are rounded up, as being dangerous preachers.

Clearly I know that with practice and so on I an further direct and excel toward ever improving results, though do wonder as to how fragmented or scattered such things become if you carry out to much guru hopping, the you-to-you-to-you methodology that I have adopted to a certain extent within my own research and study.

And likewise previously where so much abuse of a particular DOCTRINE and type was directed at myself that I really did become almost single-minded within one lane of the running track almost, and very often you come to see where these Tourrette’s like behaviours come from, and expressions such as “catching a bad dose” that I have used or utilised upon occasion.

Another issue is this one of feedback and response, where you can suggest that particular actions and behaviours have come about or have been brought about through long held BLACKMAIL type Models held within some folk’s brains.

You may get or WITNESS such things within any given realm or EMPIRE whereby a more Senior member of staff demands LOYALTY from those he/she has appointed as subordinates, and we do of course see that subordinates can find themselves trapped by the mental models of the past and the WEIGHT being given to those models.

I have found raising Threshold and genuinely being present and NOW to really pay dividends in this respect, because where once (for example) it may have seemed as though a non-conscious FEAR mindset was acting as a cause/effect excuse for not changing behaviours and staff attitudes and so on.  The raising threshold and becoming more attuned to now and identifying the cycles and patterns and ins-and-outs and manipulations and influences an scales and measures really can make a DIFFERENCE to the Overall success of a Business or a sub-realm or sub-sub-realm within the Tier levels of any organisation.

That is not to say that mistakes no longer occur, so much as knowing that where once LOYALTY type cards may have been utilised in less than savoury circumstances of emotional blackmail and “I know what you did in your History”, that such things generally really should and can be moved on from.

Some folks especially some within positions of power have never truly been tested, because they may have been playing a better lifelong game of bluff against opposing bluffers, though when someone comes along who simply plays with how LIFE THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING is ROLLING and is not out to influence and manipulate circumstances in any way shape or form, it becomes more a challenge as to HOOKING & HINGING such individuals.

I have seen huge resistance to some of the PROGRESS (for example) within working life realm and the vast majority of that has been via INCUMBANT LONG TERM MANAGEMENT MAFIAS & GANGS rather than necessarily long term lower level staff who typically are somewhat resistant to change full stop.

So one group are as predicatable as what you are going to see on Page 3 of the Sun and the other TALKS A GOOD TALK, though is very often more psychologically aligned with the resistance of the lower level staff than they let on.

That is why releasing on very many an INTRANSIGENT PSYCHOLOGY and staying MORE FOCUSSED on your own THOUGHTS, FEELINGS & ACTIONS and related HEALTH, WEALTH and values and so on is more worthy than necessarily being overly FIXATED on external characters and influences, who talk a good talk, though fail when asked to walk.

Yes so blah-blah once again, and strangely both football and rugby (international) seemingly disappearing from view at present.

What to make of Wednesday, Thursday cycles & patterns of this week and anyone notice if it is every year?

Yes strange though true, you can be so fixated on one issue and topic and matter, that something really OBVIOUS passes your conscious awareness unnoticed.

Anyway a favourite RECOMMENDATION at present is to get those pens and pencils out and get some drawing and sketches and so on done, always seek to translate any given information into an alternate FORMAT, WHY? Because typically in COMMUNCATION it is far to easy to EXPLAIN AWAY SOMETHING as a MISUNDERSTANDING that never was, than go to alternate ways and means of seeing things for an even more


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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