So Once Again Unto The Breach

What David said

What actually happened

David: Czech Draw: Incorrect

Actual: Czech Win :0

David: Wales Win: Correct

Actual: Wales Win:1

David: Latvia Draw: Incorrect

Actual: Kazakhstan Win:1

David: Turkey Win: Correct

Actual: Turkey Win:2

David: Belgium Win: Correct

Actual: Belgium Win:3

David: Bos-Herze: Correct

Actual: Bos-Herze:4

David: Bulgaria: Correct

Actual: Bulgaria:5

David: Italy: Correct

Actual: Italy:6

David: Croatia: Correct

Actual: Croatia:7

So from a total of 9 games, David Managed to speculate 7 Games correctly and failed in the remaining 2 games.

Again given the seemingly magnetic impulse toward some average or mean, it is interesting that whilst the Rugby is on a break, and I only look at the Football fixtures, my own personal result has been raised up slightly over the last day or two.

 Of course, very many other sports are taking place such-as the Cricket, though I perhaps simply falling into a pattern of where the Various websites and media outlets place the majority of emphasis.

Again that is an interesting one, because of course several sights including the BBC are now branching out and developing dedicated websites and pages for greater individuality in many sports, yes they already do that to a certain extent, though it appears that a greater or improved site navigation structuring is being created.

My own opinion (perhaps unfortunately) is that I dislike many site changes that have been made across multiple media outlets.

The problem of course that the front end is not necessarily showing myself what I would like to have or be shown, I for instance have become accustomed with the Surface Pad to being given a sample of headlines from multiple media outlets on various topics and subjects and I can whizz along the headlines to choice articles, and I personally prefer that simple approach to having what is seemingly an AGENDA front and Centre, on many outlet sites, whereby you are having particular articles seemingly chosen as being of more importance via some third party individual or system that you may disagree with.

So all the sites claim cookies and better feedback return in giving you more of what you have visited or read previously, so what if the reason I stop using a site is because, they are not showing what I genuinely want to see from them and have not the patience to work through some list of menu’s when a TOPIC headline or Subject Headline is perhaps what I want at the front end.

Anyway I think I may write again later at some point, though strangely am wondering as to where next to turn attention.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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