Who The Hell Is Dan Martial?

Okay so I just came up with that name through various inter-realm links that I have recently been witnessing.  Though you can of course knowing how many people exist, that 1. Someone will have already coined the name someone, whether for a child and family name or indeed 2. For a character within some Book or film or media styled show of some description.

So what were the causes?

Well I of course have step by step and stage by stage gone through various Awareness and Enlightment courses and indeed opened up to many differing so-called plains and realms of existence, in the sense that we overall given a period of time and continued practice, see ever greater links and chains and threads that run through the Universe.

So typically, in stepping up to Twitter I opted to find several teachers and people and persons with rather large followings.

I also in taking an interest in my daughter’s life as she has grown up have followed and watched some of the influences within her life such as liking a show such-as Dr Who.

So anyway, I of course have spoken upon the recent show Fisher King and I am of course known to have several years ago, utilised The Sorcerer’s Apprentice picture as my Facebook Avatar, and I also explained that came about via having purchased a Children’s Soft toy at Euro Disney during a visit to Paris a number of years ago.

So that IMAGE is interesting in that other long established believes and-or teachings are that for example Jesus was “a Fisher Of Men” and typically much of the teaching was around the idea of teaching people how to fish, so they could fish for themselves rather than doing everything for them, as though on a plate.  The interactive element or participation perhaps.

So further to that we had the perception of a Kingfisher sponsored Formula one car doing well within a recent race, and now of course the new series of The Apprentice, starring Lord Sugar and his working life friends and of course the latest batch of apprentice recruits.

I decided to watch the episode this morning on returning home and once again we had a Fishing linkage, a trip to purchase some fish from a famed London Fish Market, that then had to be sold in a cooked or produced fashion and manner to a London Lunchtime trade.

The task eventually led to a chap who seemingly appeared quite HUGH GRANT “Foppishh” being selected for the chop.  Dan Callaghan (I think) was the name, though clearly given the Dirty Harry reference (in name) that many of us might link to, we can see how lousy miscasting can occur.

Would he have been selected for the chop by an American Audience (for example)?

In fact it did appear a fair and appropriate selection, my only complaint being that I think a couple of tasks should occur prior to first sackings, the psychology at present gives no time for “FISH OUT OF WATER” to settle (at least that is how it appears within TV-LAND).  Not enough rope is being given to all candidates, I would be “EARLY ON” more inclined to chop those non-participants (hiding under the radar) or in the background.

(Yes that in psychological terms would likely include myself given that I would probably be in the background assessing the lay of the land and so on, I am unfamiliar with modern TV shows and so on (for the most part).

We also of course had that Crimewatch reconstruction, I spoke of relating to the Hereford Murder, and the action took place quite close (I think) to the Riverbank, that the walkway runs alongside.  So further fishing type linkages.

I believe another chap I happen to work with is on holiday this week and again he is someone I have known via schooling etc. (for many years) and again one of his hobbies or passions is fishing.

So in the News relating to Football I see and hear article headlines related to some latest Manchester United player called MARTIAL?

I strangely found myself thinking about Martial Arts, and early 70’s Arcade games (for example) were typically Karate and martial Art styled Games utilising some word called DAN?

What’s your Dan?

So of course I at present have several Dan related name work colleagues also.

So yes I was thinking that were I at present seeking a Hero Character name I would opt for obvious and REAL sounding.

What else well I also saw some Astronomer scandal high-lighted (I think) and of course I am quite sure that a particular sector of the SKY AT NIGHT is described as a Constellation.

Many a person carrying out a Dot-to-dot and imagining what the stars might look like, one that I have always called the Lawnmower has never been labelled that being called the Big Dipper/Plough or something like that (no not nuggets).

They are known as the CONSTELLATIONS

So I thought AH-HA is there a constellation that is described as a KNIFE or SWORD and so on and where in the Sky is the HANDLE located? Yes a plough is often a larger tool that might have been scaled from a knife image and so on, visuals often the same though the labels change, probably for the best.

Given classic jokes such as The Two Ronnies Four Candles Handles for Forks

Knife Handles, Handles for knives?

Yes all sorts of indirect connotation of fornication and knaves and 4 knives COMPASS POINTS Degree’s Bearing and so on.

So I am of course simply going ah-ha, ah-ha as to the evidence of communication.

I have once again found myself thinking about the Official Forensic Method versus the la-di-da chains and links, given that as you advance you find ever greater degree’s of cross realm relationships, where once I considered myself as having a clear out of much flotsam and jetsam, that later shifted to coming to terms with the knowledge and indeed seeking to improve the harnessing and power therein contained in a more rewarding and uplifting fashion and manner.

So within famed Fiction and ideas as to FORTUNE TELLING/PREDICTION we are often encouraged to belief that some skill that we do not possess it occurring from those who have trained or greater attuned themselves to such things.

In reality of course that is due to the seeking for the goal, brain and mindset.

The raising of Threshold and understanding dualities and states of change and coin sides, typically leads us to understand that we can all ask the questions and that we can all be attuned.

Typically of course Psychic abilities are thought to be almost other Worldly or indeed, people claiming to speak to “The Other side” or indeed using hooks and hinges, based in character assessments of the sorts of audience that are attracted.

Many over rely on a generic model of things we could all SAY and INDEED all WITNESS

Though I do hope that people can see a DIFFERENCE in ATTUNING FREQUENCY

To saying “A Football Team will win a match”

And This “named Specific team will win a match”

Okay so I have not necessarily got a 100% rate of accuracy, though I think any of us can be pleased with just how much we can greater attune or ACCESS what is for most of us already ACCUMULATED INFORMATION within.

So yes, unsure where all this Fisher Man material and so on is HEADING though of course we have stepped into Autumn where classical Society has celebrated the end of the Harvest and is looking to utilise preservatives to store foods for the Winter months and so on.

What else, Well the Countess of WESSEX visited Hereford (according to Hereford Times) and I of course have an almost non conscious hook as to various activities of where differing Senior Royals are, within the map and so on.  Wessex is of course Due South from Herefordshire (within the Ancient Maps).

I mention that because the NEXT Dr Who trailer spoke on VIKINGS, and that is related of course to various Regions of the United Kingdom (North East) and SCANDINAVIAN Invaders (how to train your dragon from daughter generation and those old KIRK DOUGLAS films from my youth), I was Surprised when looking up Wessex for example to see some Viking related information, though I have also (within my books research) also read multiple histories, and they nearly always get a mention.

Anyway trying to get all those linkages going is going to take time, though likewise repetition and not being overly conscious or concerned as to HOW WE WANT THINGS TO BE versus HOW THINGS REALLY ARE.

One part of the brain is constantly attuned to greater ongoing timeless reality when we enable and allow it to be, though typically various layers of ego often have to be worked through and so on.

Anyone can find greater attunements.

The most recent fiction I found interesting as to LIFE & DEATH issues was of course “Life on Mars” type shows, that allow you to wonder as to when you are DREAMING or when you are in a real REALITY.

We cannot in THEORY exist beyond our ability to take in and release air and food and so on.

I spoke on Daniel Dennet as the writer of a book on consciousness explained (from his anti-god atheist perspective).

Likewise of course I still do like to think that we are all part of the greater going on of it all, though likewise working through the fear defence mechanisms is a strange thing to have to do.

I have not listened to Jedah Mali for a while, so may well do a little of those courses again at present, though am perhaps more attuned to Marie Diamond materials and of course, getting my own Feedback and return systems going.

Jedah Mali (in fact) introduces the idea of being a Universal like CONSCIOUSNESS within Seeds of Enlightenment.

So many a MODULE perhaps a differing personality and angle and perspective coming to similar conclusions fom differing teachings and life experience angles and perspectives.

I have also not mentioned techniques such-as EFT TAPPING and so on recently though still belief that in terms of using multiple sensory feedback and maybe wanting to get some better TRANCES operating or breaking down that they can be of benefit (as a technique).

Prop wise relating to that murder, I later found myself wondering as to the obsession with the handle, thinking it a distraction.

Were burns found about the stab wounds suggesting it had been electrified?  Were poisons present on the wounds?  Yes sounds silly though in fact, such IDEAS can establish whether prepared and pre-meditated versus otherwise (I think) though likewise, as all who have advanced realised.

If all the underlying consciousness of reality is data

And statistics and reports are taken from data

Then all reports and statistics can be demonstrated to only be a sample or snapshot of the data, that likely show the psychology of the creator of the report, rather than the overall DATA itself, because the consciousness itself is all pervading.

Strange though true only higher levels and continued practice really do get you do those more advanced realisations and states.

Yes the conscious windows can perhaps be expanded and threads and improved links and syncs can be made with the greater and broader non-conscious data realms, though we always exist with a seeming list of Filters.

Filters are regarded of course a good in many ways, though can perhaps confuse and bring us into conflict when we do not or cannot IDENTIFY the reason for things that are simply over worked “Protection Mechanisms” et., one part of our body mind ego working to perhaps protect us from early poor quality feedback and return experience from the more powerful part of the body mind soul and so on.

Work through those gaps and show yourself that you can communicate and trust those more ethereal awareness’s and attuning’s and continue in that vein as you go.

Yes, life offers many distractions and reasons to abandon study, though interestingly, we can always change the way and view we look upon a given circumstance in light of new information and IDEAS and philosophies and so on.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and be Well 😉

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