From Storyboard To Storyboard And Back Again

Now it has of course been noted within various realms such-as writing and scripting whether for film and television and movie production or more recently interactive game production that a certain emphasis is given to where and when is the most appropriate position to begin a story.

Again if you are struggling for instance with beginning at a beginning, you in CREATIVE MODE can decide to write/draw what is coming to you now and then gradually perhaps in piecemeal fashion gradually decide upon where the differing elements of the story are inter-linked and interwoven.

We typically hear and read within film makers and producer / director type courses and bibliographies that STORYBOARDING is one of those early phases of production, whereby a book has been read and loved (or whatever) and a purchase for the rights to create an alternate realm versioning has been secured and then someone will want a script drafted that contains featured scenes and scenarios of said book.

In fact, when you think about it, the earliest form of storyboarding that many of us encounter is actually COMIC books, I have spoken of course in reading classic Beano Dandy type stuff as a youngster, and typically if you maintain interest you graduate to some of the American DC and MARVEL type fair.

These days, the industry has expanded so much, that those comic book characters who rarely had major literary book productions behind them, have become the mainstream of TV and Cinema and Film.  They did however perhaps as someone such as Stan Lee demonstrates have audience and a CREATIVE appeal that grew out of the enthusiasm of those artists and so on.

In fact, whilst some may say it is an unfair comparison, it could be suggested that some Comic Book writers and artists are the modern day Shakespeare’s, in terms of plaudits and fame and so on.  Most or many people of course having heard of Stan Lee. When you take away or strip away all the SUPER POWERS that often came about through Scientific experimentation and accidents and so on, you often find that the underlying HUMAN THEMES and behaviours and so on are as prevalent as they ever have been.

I like the idea of cartoon and indeed COMIC style storyboarding and indeed a quick look on amazon demonstrates that you can buy related books and materials of the craft.  Yes you can opt for traditional Stan Lee materials or even Graphic Novel expertise that came along later and so on.  No BANDWAGON is too big or small to have all and everyone throwing there HAT IN THE RING.

Not the cat in the hat of dr Zeus Suess or the Big Top CIRCUS Ringmaster, very often dressed and attired of course in the style and fashion of those THELWELL Country Set top hat and red top, white trousers Huntsman (Hunting with dogs).

So very many an entertainment realm TV production/film reality show that has been created and crafted, has typically been put together with the age old adage START WITH THE END IN MIND.

Unsure of course what to make of that, because one of the best teachings that we encounter over and over again, is to shift perspective, angle, those classic black & white “TO BE CONTINUED” Flash Gordon type dramas where you could not see how Hero/Heroine was going to evade death capture and all the other ins and outs displayed within the DRAMATIC REALMS.

So I can of course CHANGE the perspective for those who watched that CRIMEWATCH EPISODE in the sense that the District of Town where those EVENTS took place is locally known as “SHANGHAI”, a nickname that has stood the test of time, though I am completely unaware as to where its origin began.  How does that CHANGE PERSPECTIVE DAVID?  Well anyone for instance who follows the WORLD TENNIS TOUR might think of clues related to Shanghai where a present Tournament has/is taking place.  Of course that is a local knowledge being expanded upon as a pointer to World Wide Clues, though someone who does not know Hereford or that district NICKNAME, would be non-the-wiser.

So we are always asking as to how does this information relate to my own local life and World within the greater cycles and patterns that can be seen at operation.

I can for instance say that as a youngster I enjoyed some of those films made around the stories of the Ancients, typically Greek and Roman and Viking Mythology was all the rage at one point in Hollywood, and those productions gradually trickled down to being shown on the small screen.

So inspired via watching say “Jason and The Argonauts” and the Hunt for the magical “GOLDEN FLEECE” no not the public house at St Peter’s Square, when it came to secondary school, I was very much interested in a Class entitled Classical Studies, that was very much about Greek and Roman architecture and the surrounding legends and stories.  It was one of those NICHE type classes that was gradually perhaps disappearing from the curriculum in the sense that when it came to options, I took the course and found myself in a class of perhaps half a dozen students.  Having said that when I later went on to 6th Form college/ technical college, it was an appropriate gateway subject to ARCHEOLOGY, that I also had an interest in during those times.  Unsure the order that I took many of those courses because, I went to 6th Form (dropped out for a couple of years following accident) then returned to Tech college, then dropped out in favour of a full time job I was offered).

So multiple people have of course read the  Princess Diana story I wrote, though likewise of course when we look to the myth and Legend realm, we see that the NAME DIANA is given/shown in a differing light

So, I of course from Hereford, England, United Kingdom and lived on St Peter’s Square when those events took place. In delving into RESEARCH of course we POTENTIALLY want to know some knowledge of the locale. Well St Peter’s Square is actually the location of St Peter’s church and has a War Memorial at its Centre, opposite to where I lived was the SHIRE HALL and indeed alongside the SHIRE HALL, is The GOLDEN FLEECE pub. I living in a Flat above an Alcohol retailers TANNERS. The site was in fact visited by the Queen (wreath laying ceremony) during the time that I lived at that address, and whilst I think I was probably at work, the VIEW from my Flat would have been excellent in viewing such events.

So I hope in showing a DIANA with a differing set of given perceived ATTRIBUTES and VALUES that those who are able to have a window upon the World can see that being in the story and without the story are very interesting ELEMENTS to have to contend with.

Princess Diana of course, was FEATURED within multiple books and story’s from former SAS personnel who may of course be regarded as ELITE “Dogs Of War”.

Strange though true another ASPECT I have failed to mention is that during my very young years, my father was a folk singer and one of the songs he had written was actually a favourite entitled “The Howling Dogs Of War”, the song I think was typical protest “Bob Dylan” type fair though had a certain amount of passion and enthusiasm and hardness to it in delivery of message, that I think disappeared from my father’s writing later on when he found “God, religion and so on”. Although he does seemingly appear to have crafted his own life into a choice of always being the underdog against the “THEM” of Governments and Corporation’s and Business and so on.

Interestingly of course we have seen Jeremy Corbyn attain the High Priest Position of Labour Leader, and he and his political leanings seemingly FIT that anti-war loony toon 60’s mindset, I actually think a particular MAPPING of sorts is reasserting itself, and it does appear as though that GENERATION is coming to the fore within NEWS and MEDIA and so on, in terms of what is being shown.

Housing Rents and checks being debated as having a return to “No Dogs, no Jews, No Irish, No Foreigners, No Gays” type attitude of the 1950’s and 1960’s. The obvious QUESTION then is of course “just exactly who is going to pass all the checks”

In fact, of course we have seen such characters within TV Land fictions, such-as ALF GARNETT, and most towns and cities have folks who live by such preaching’s and mantra’s. though clearly again being able to STEP out of the STORY is perhaps a better place to operate from, than seemingly gradually boxing yourself into a corner and so on.

So why does David think that 50’s, 60’s mapping is reasserting itself? Well the MEDIA evidence is seemingly all around us, though typically we can get sucked into such things or simply turn our own attention to more aspiration thoughts and feelings and actions.

I spoke on the SCANDINAVIAN VIKINGS and of course CLASSICALLY they are portrayed much like Adolf Hitler’s AYRIAN supremacy and so on, Blue eyed blondes, fascism etc.

Now as the Season has changed from Summer to Autumn, I seemingly have developed a yearly health issue, in that I seemingly find myself heavily coughing, cold/flu breathing issues and am of the opinion (rightly or wrongly) that I may well have some form of Pneumonia reappearing, working in a climatically controlled environment at night is not all it is necessarily cracked up to be, I did stop smoking (at work) for a couple of years and may adopt similar remedy this time around, the smoking seemingly a trigger to an already WEAKENED bodily system.

Another word that is ASSERTING itself at present is SUBTLE and of course subtleness is another sensory data model and so on, is sometimes misleading and confusing as to INTERPRETATION. Many a Teacher and so on suggests that we have Multiple BODIES.

The first is this idea of MATERIALISM and I AM BODY and nothing else, often where most of us get our EXTREMIST points of view and so on from, The next is said to be a SUBTLE body, suggested to be the DOOR or GATEWAY to Higher Realms. Then of course there are the so-called SPIRITUAL HIGHER REALMS themselves, and as much as we seek to label such things, a hundred masters will tell you a hundred differing labels or IDENTITIES for such things.

So whilst we can suggest that we have 5 Degree’s of Separation, it does appear to myself that doing a course early on such-as Jeda Mali’s “Seeds of Enlightenment” is differing to doing the same course several years down the line after stronger Meditation etc.

She speaks over and again as to speed and location of frequencies and waves and chakra points. Interesting of course that most of us are completely MIXED BAG’S of assorted confusion and chaos when we first encounter these courses.

I can for example suggest that whilst she speaks on higher frequency speeds that become lower and appear in human form as a kind of density of the body. That confusion still reigns in that it might be suggested that GAMMA Frequencies are said to be fastest and then you have the Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta.

The latter 2 said to be sleeping dream state frequencies. Also of course it could be suggested that as youngsters we are generally motivated, enthusiastic, go getting, excitable and again it may well be that is part of that STAGES of Man type imagery and IDEAS, whereby as we grow older, we are slowing down and so on.

So can regular listening and maintaining high octane frequency and so on surrounding yourself with youthful people be a way to REJUVENATE, simply through convection and those 5 degree’s of separation type IDEAS.

I am sure some experts have already worked out, many such things, though clearly those who have raised Threshold and Utilised SLOWER deeper states such as Theta and Delta are probably loathe to operate at the higher Frequencies, unless of course you can as a physical body level of being have the DEEPER FREQUENCES (stabilised) acting as a CONTAINER for the higher frequencies. (and that is what I think people have been doing).

Anyway enough for today, I have some further research and study to continue with, though I really do think particular mappings are coming to the fore and asserting themselves, though typically of course cannot tell people how they should think and feel and act beyond suggesting that “the map is not the territory”, I know multiple people who KNOW it is never too late to change and indeed, how to improve their own life strategies and health and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 😉


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