Welcome To The Christmas Firing Gun

So as always around Autumn time, we find ourselves being gradually seemingly manoeuvred and coerced into thinking about still 2 months away Christmas, predominantly from various retail outlets and realms giving some guidance as to forthcoming releases that are going to be on our shelves within time for the Festive season and likewise enabling us to perhaps begin to save for those latest must have cannot do without items.

Some of course are already aware of such things because they keep a constant eye on what’s hot and what’s not, though more discerning individuals such-as myself have a tendency to not normally pay much attention until that particular time of year.

This year for instance we have had the gradual build up to what promises to be one of the Biggest Boom Festive Seasons ever.

Hitting Cinema’s is a new Star Wars release containing not only some members of the original cast but a whole new generation of character’s gadgets and realms to sell merchandise around.  Tickets go on sale today apparently, as well as a new expected trailer release.

Yesterday evening also saw a snippet of some forthcoming “postulated” new song release during the X Factor Commercial Break, presented perhaps in what is often thought of as a black/white background/text Karaoke style graphic I mentioned recently, that 20-30 second snippet sent the Internet into overdrive with claims as to it being a new Album from someone called Adele.

I of course unsure as to who Adele is so look her up and actually do recognise several of her songs, they perhaps having been background to a generation on radio’s and so on; and I do generally agree with the positive reviews that she has accumulated throughout career, at least from what I listened to, and yes I have now added to follow her on Twitter along with 23 million others apparently.  A quick look in advance, showed that unlike many a hero/heroine personality, she does not stream or feed hog and in fact on occasion of Twittering seems quite a regular “normal” person.

Yes I already mentioned a major book release date recently and again that is all part of that here we go charge into the Winter Months and so on.

Unfortunately for myself or fortunately depending upon how you look at such things, all major birthdays within my family are predominantly in the latter months of the year, so by the time they are done and dusted, very little is left in the coffers for OH GOD NOT CHRISTMAS AGAIN, ALREADY can’t they make it Biannual or something like the Olympics every X years.

Yes, so of course, it is interesting as to how differing peoples and persons feels as to the importance or lack thereof of particular SPECIAL DAYS.

 Most nations can claim days such as bank holidays and Easters and St Days and likewise of course, the World does not stop spinning whilst a particular nation is going about there LOCALISED DISTRACTIONS or EVENTS.

I say Localised of course, though you can actually go to some very large Regions and find multiple Countries all sharing important dates just as many Western Countries do.

Another Word that has RAISED itself into my conscious WINDOW over the last day or two is CATHARTIC and I had not intended to look it up though found myself first reading some article related to a question asked of J K Rowling, that she responded to, Favourite Harry Potter chapter from all the books was apparently in Deathly Hallows, when Harry returned to the Forbidden Forest?  Something like that, unsure because that wording just popped into my Head and in fact appears in more than one Fantasy Realm fiction, though I think FOREST was definitely involved in the Chapter title.

I was then later reading one of those Stan Lee “How To” books as to comic art and writing and so on, and he mentioned Cathartic.

So of course we can all look the word up, though it kind of fits some of the ideas perhaps as to Holosync and clearing out mental flotsam and Jetsam and KNOWING most assuredly that you are not MAD.

Yes one chap on the write well course page had suggested that his Daemon “Told him to do it” as to the genre of writing that he had chosen for himself.

I generally think such things are HARMLESS, though typically come with proviso’s.  I liked the IDEA of Daemon’s as presented I think within the Phillip Pullman “His Dark Materials” Trilogy.  Though likewise demons are of course presented throughout history in very differing lights, as to INTERPRETATION, likewise the idea is also utilised within the realm of computers and again you can do your own research, though finding BALANCE as to coin sides and games of black and white is of course often down to experiential judgment, an incorrect judgment on one occasion, may well be deemed the most appropriate on another occasion, apart from some topics and debates that are perhaps outside of the normal spectrum of discussion or however.  Yes some things are realm dependent as you can quickly fall into battles and arguments as to CAUSE/EFFECT.

I would suggest that those within writing and creative realms want to be able to speculate and be free thinkers and so on within there ARTS, though unfortunately time and again, some freedom ideas go against the grain of what is acceptable to society and indeed are potentially pointed at as the SOURCE influence for wrong doing etc.

I digressed though returning to the Daemon issue, I once knew a female family friend who was stalked by a man whose “little finger” told him that she was “The One” that he was going to marry etc. etc.  Yes, she took out restraining type orders (I think) and he had a history of alleged “MENTAL ILLNESS” psychotic drugs and in and out of local mental health institutions (if I recall the story correctly, it was relayed to myself via other family members).

Yes, so MENTAL HEALTH issues perhaps come to the fore at this time of year, we also of course have Halloween coming up and dark nights and some suggest that FEAR induced via film and so on is CATHARTIC in the release of tension and so on, unfortunately, as we all know, far too often, some individuals are actually seemingly INSPIRED to carry out COPYCAT like activities of FICTIONAL REALM characters.

So such activities can be done in a rewarding and uplifting inspiring fashion or likewise descend into the very thing that causes the FEAR in the first place.

What else?

Well I again found myself thinking about architecture and indeed a walk by the CATHEDRAL reminded myself to have another look at one particular course, DIAMOND DOWSING (I think).  I I mentioned fathers song “Dog’s of War” from the 1970’s (I think) and the INITIALS made myself think ah-ha Diamond DOWSING.

Likewise, at multiple points during my life I seem to recall various people having owned SEWING MACHINES and strangely you do not see them so much anymore though I think I am write in the BRAND being called SINGER.


Well classical churches such-as St Peter’s mentioned yesterday and indeed The Hereford Cathedral (complete with chain Library), were historically often build facing particular directions and along lay lines and designated sacred and holy points, unsure as to all the ins and outs of the science of the distances and angles and other considerations and so on, though I do often think that some points ACT AS AMPLIFIERS of the accumulated energies and so on.

So in a way, it could be suggested (I having the name PERKINS which is said to have ORIGINATED from St Peter) could well have been magnetically or electrically boosted via simply being and living in that locale and so on.

Yes some things are somewhat difficult to SPECULATE upon as to cause/effect before/after though given what I know now about some of these older buildings, they perhaps also create RESONANCE and vibrations and so on.

Yes today I found myself viewing CATHEDRAL GARGOYLES of all things.

We do as we go about our daily life of course become so ACCLIMATISED to various realms and environments that we FAIL to consciously note many a thing that could be acting as a trigger or indeed distraction and focus point and so on. (Interpretation of course within mind/body/spirit of holder etc.)

So yes older buildings such as the Roman influence on the Shire Hall and can you tell from what era differing styles of Gothic Originated.

Yes another Stan Lee coincidence with Sam Horn was in fact his usage of Who, what, where, when, why and HOW.

He referenced that in terms of ORIGIN STORIES for his characters, again building them up with various attributes and values, much like you can do within a DATABASE or SPREAD SHEET.  I mention that because a favourite word he used, and I only knew from the Star Trek World was EXCELSIOR.

I do of course know of a Christmas Carol or Song that uses Hosanna in Excelsis entitled DING DONG MERRILY ON HIGH.

Though strangely a quick lookup brought up some metal group entitled SABBAT who seemingly favour the negative side of the coin in terms of saints and sinners.

Another word for Sword mentioned a couple of days ago is in fact SABRE or SABER is it not, unsure as to which is which though probably both write, given how English has broadened to encompass not only the United Kingdom and Australia and other commonwealth Countries but North America and one or two other places about the globe.

Interesting in the news is the State Visit of the CHINESE PREMIER or PRESIDENT? XI

He is staying at the Palace and the Mall has been decorated with the Red Flag of Communist China, whilst the incumbent Tories are clapping hands in joy at the opportunity to do business, the local REDS ARE SEEMINGLY HIDING UNDER THE BEDS.  Maybe the yellow peril was not what the WHITE SOCIALISTS of Britain want as allies, all hail Citizen Smith or any myth for that matter.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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