Yes So One Of The Great Confusions

Yes so one of the great confusions that can occur as you progress, is of course thinking that you may or may not have somehow had a hand in this, that or the other event that is occurring.

Unfortunately, whilst a general consensus happens almost quite naturally as to what seem to be the most appropriate alignments, I have personally stated a desire to stay on the appropriate side of law and order and so on.  That does not mean that all who familiarise themselves with such Technologies and so on are going to do likewise.

So I simply write and write and if people find interesting cross realm snippets that fit with their own World research, then all well and good, though clearly I have suggested on multiple occasions that many of the practises I have adopted are utilised within multiple realms, including the Police and Military and other establishment groupings, so an interesting issue is of course that I simply suggest a following and improvement within sports gambling type realms. Take clues from everyday life and write and draw and become more attuned and then hopefully see greater CLARITY as to the averages within sporting fixtures and games.  Clearly many can go outright win, outright loss, though others may have a draw facility or parameter within a league system.

Clearly you could rush out and come out with Hannibal A-TEAM type quotes each and every day “I love it when a plan comes together”.  Though clearly it is surely sensible to let peoples who work in those realms take the credit for their own output and research and learning ability and so on.

It really is easy to become super opinionated and super-egotistical, though we must surely remind ourselves that many of these kinds of abilities are given us through regular day-to-day schooling and so on.

The one debate that seems to appear over and again is this one of FREE WILL versus otherwise.  I think generally we all have choice and of course we can use extra technologies to give ourselves a boost and so on, though really getting into a NOW ZONE and staying within such a window upon the World is not necessarily all it is cracked up to be and likewise, we still have to perhaps follow through with actions for stronger alignment and congruence.

Yes when we are young it seems easy to think yourself fit and believe yourself fit and so on, though likewise going all out into “unhealthy lifestyle” routines and practices, junk food, to much alcohol and so on are going to eventually catch up with you.  Yes you may be happy or not mind such things, though clearly that perhaps dependent upon the course of your life up to this point in time and so on.

What else, well I did write about the 2nd apprentice episode though think I did not publish, though again it was seemingly crafted by the production team and crew toward the outcome of those EVENTS.

So whist filming they may have had a 1000 hours of footage and when it came time to edit, those perhaps most involved within the final part of the show were given a little more on-screen time and so on for the final 1 hour versioning of all the footage.

I again thought the show seemed or appeared fair, apart from 1 or 2 issues that were seemingly going on UNEXPLAINED in the background.  Various rivalries seemingly being noted (example) the girls seemed within both 2 shows to have it in for the Navy Girl Hairdresser.

Likewise I agreed with the Lads, in not being interested in final HAIR FLICK SWISHING scenes and so on, to demonstrate a before/after outcome of using the cactus shampoo, though clearly you probably then fall into debate as to whether you are someone who purchases such things for yourself or indeed rely on a mum or partner or wife and so on.  Clearly whilst you can claim such things as being beneath yourself, I often find it amazing how many blokes even in this day and age have someone else picking up after them, etc.

So what else, well I did during younger years, make a visit to London or 2, staying in the Fulham district on the borderlands with Chelsea, think the name of the street was actually Fulham or Chelsea road or something, the mother of a pub friend lived there and was happy to put visitors up on occasion.  I mention that because I have received a recent reminder, though cannot fathom the cause effect of that, so will perhaps WAIT and see if some other information is forthcoming.

Anyway so yes, interesting as to various headlines on multiple media outlets, though I really do think it better in many ways to simply ignore being dragged into some of the politics of the day.

Prince William’s message to the Chinese on animal poaching was interesting in just how brief it was seemingly edited, the surrounding adverts were seemingly longer.

Moles can identify skin cancer (oh great, here we go again with nonsense) yes I agree that such things can demonstrate a potential for cancer, the reason being that we are all of us full of cells that could in theory with appropriate stimulus become malignant, however such story headlines do seem to myself seemingly play on fears rather than EXPLAIN properly. Perhaps some new Adrian Mole Diary is about to be released, were my own thoughts, if ever a popular reason for Hitleresque book burnings was published, that possibly an example.

Okay so unfair, as I am sure some folks may have taken to DIARY WRITING as a result, though of course, I still think that AWARENESS and ENLIGHTENMENT are not necessarily going to magically appear through writing diaries.

So yes encouragement to CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION is where the greater enlightenment and awareness and possibly empowerment are at (In my opinion).

Yes so enough for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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