Wow Tuesday Already Huh

Yes, so strange though true, I have of course worked during United Kingdom Night or Sleeping Hours for a Dozen years and having what might be regarded as an irregular or nocturnal body clock again, can take time to adjust to.  I actually agree with some masters and teachers in this regard as to such things often being about belief, as to how well you physically and mentally adjust to what may have previously not been the norm within your World and outlook.

So I recently mentioned Constellations and indeed a day or two later found myself looking upwards towards the Heavens and one of the most perfect Night Sky views that you can get.

Now I do not talk on this in terms of prediction, any more than anyone else does, because we can ALL UNDERSTAND that the seasons are well known and monitored as to various measurements and scales and indeed Things that we can expect to WITNESS at particular times.

Interestingly of course, many of us are told to Watch or look out for some Day or Night Sky events that are being monitored, whether eclipses or the moon appearing blue or red or at a closest point or furthest point and indeed Meteor Showers.

This Morning I was sat on a doorstep looking at the exceptional Night Skyline and KERCHING “A SHOOTING STAR”. Somewhere to my South, south east. 4 O’clock on a timepiece (assuming 12 or 0 as Being North pointing). Yes that is where a confusion can happen, I not being overly familiar with multiple realms means of TRANSLATION.  So the actual time was between 06:30 hours and 07:30 and I say 4 O’clock to suggest a DIRECTION though that is perhaps better given in DEGREE’S that are perhaps 120 Degree’s.

Yes, we are often told that not only do meteorites and so on burn up in the atmosphere, but space debris such-as old satellites and given our distance from here to there, most of the things Burning Up in the atmosphere often appear just as a brief FIREWORK type image.

So there I was looking up at an already seemingly PERFECT NIGHT SKY not a cloud in site and all the STARS seemingly readable in terms of their own ILLUMINATION and COLOUR and for an exceptionally brief few seconds a seemingly bright Orange like streak appeared and was gone again whizzing along in the fashion and manner expected of such things.

We have of course heard lots as to planes and emissions and so on and other sky vehicles such-as helicopters, though I know that what I saw were it not a shooting star or burning up meteorite was not following a given flight path or trajectory, it literally looked as shooting stars are demonstrated or shown within film and media and so on.

So 500 Hundred or so words going on about shooting stars.

Yes a great deal is being made now about the visit of Chinese President XI and of course all the usual Suspects crawl out of the Woodwork wanting to change International Policy and Relations and all the rest.

We do have to remind ourselves that people who attain a level such-as President of a Billion People population, are not personally responsible for each and every event that occurs or happens “on their watch” or shift.

That is perhaps WHY delegation happens and differing realm structures are created to enable greater individual focus within differing life realm sectors and so on.  The same can of course be suggested to operate around our Royal Family Model.

So whilst a great deal is made within the media as to Prince Charles not gift swapping with the rest of tha family “because of friendship with Delai Lama” we then see pictures of him with President XI at some hotel meeting, in other words HE DID MEET HIM and you are reporting evidence within the SAME ARTICLE that demonstrates OPPOSITION to what you are stating elsewhere.

Yes we can wonder as to the IMPORTANCE being given to such matters, though I really do think that is where some attention to detail in order to no longer get sucked in by each and every quarters POLITICS can help a great deal.

Yes we are also seeing mention of China and of course in tradition many a family had a “posh china” set that was brought out for special occasions, although again manufacturing methods and so on, have made basic eating utensils so inexpensive that such things get glossed over.

We also seeing that China is being BLAMED for the failure of the British Steel Company, although this again demonstrates SCALES and MEASURES and access to RESOURCES and so on.  A Country the size of China could pull out of all World Markets (much like the Eurosceptics want Britain to do) and go it alone.

In fact, you might say that the IRON CURTAIN whilst referring to the Soviet Eastern European Block could also have included China in the sense, that those Countries DID and HAVE DEMONSTRATED that they do not necessarily require TRADING outside of their blocks.

So playing the blame game, is not truly an appropriate TACTIC and in fact NEITHER is the tactic of many a caring understanding POLITICIAN who is generally always in some fashion or form simply shown or demonstrated to be FEATHERING THERE OWN NEST in some way, shape or form.

So I have I think been criticised, because some of the technologies I recommend come with a  PRICE TAG and of course, many come to discover that the decision as to VALUE and WORTH has to be made, likewise I have sort to establish that folks can quite quickly come to a level of awareness of their own, and indeed operate or align with ,already practiced and existing groups, who can give quality pointers and direction in terms of feedback and return systems.

The downside perhaps being this one of THRESHOLD and indeed understanding INFLUENCE and MANIPULATION.

I like many people have done things such as Management courses and indeed worked in working life realms that required “Dealing with People” and there is always a “What the Manual Says” versus “What Experience Says”.

The same can of course be said about PEOPLE and INDIVIDUALS that you encounter and meet and so on.

A typical example I spoke on previously was that as a young child playing football in my aunt MONA’S back garden, I BROKE HER GRAVE HEADSTONE, that she had purchased for herself in expectance of her getting ever closer to a meeting with her maker.

That was perhaps when she was in her 60’s and I think my Uncle had died a year or two previously, I cannot remember him all that well, though he drove an older beetle styled car (although it was not a beetle) it was of that ERA (40’s, 50’s) where all cars had that kind of sloping roof and circular stylings, I mention this because I have seen something similar around the corner from where I live, along Green street and kind of have an “I wonder” moment, as to whether it was that or something similar.

So digression, though Aunt Mona lived possibly a further 20 years dying around aged 88 (if memory serves) she was in hospital for several months prior to eventually dying and during those intervening years, all this David ever got was highly negative treatment, whilst elder brother was The Golden child.

Our respective MEMORIES (his and mine, and possibly hers) DEMONSTRATE the difference in EXPERIENCE we each had within that given RELATIONSHIP MATRIX.

So we can all of course go into a working life realm or any kind of realm and HEAR or BE TOLD this that and the other, about various peoples and persons, though generally we can all of us RESERVE the RIGHT to come to our own CONCLUSIONS above and beyond that of


I have generally found this to be true regarding many a person, especially when it comes to breaking down old patterns and cycles, beliefs and behaviours, and indeed changing the sequence of the LABELS and CATEGORISATIONS that we have about ourselves and others within the World.

We all of us can develop and do develop the mental tools and strategies and so on to be successful in our life navigations and indeed, we when raising THRESHOLD (for example) can move from less PREJUDICIAL POSITIONS to more aspiration positions, not only for ourselves in terms of going from an immature ego to a mature ego, but also in not being overly concerned with the ways and means  (tactics and strategies) that some folks have adopted as their own way of EXPRESSING THEMSELVES or dissipating stresses and strains and thoughts and feelings into the realms and environments that they find themselves existing within.

 Anyway I can of course list a who does David think will win in the Champions League List of Fixtures, though this does come with a WARNING, because despite appearing successful in CHOICES LAST WEEK, the ground has once again shifted, and I am unsure as to how far from the KNOWN patterns and cycles I am.  (I know this because my unpublished choices for the Premier League on the weekend would have seen myself beaten to a pulp by any followers, I again perhaps can admit that out of 10 games played I correctly chose 7 results (in win/lose draw/terms) , and whilst that might sound great, I have like most people been seeking to BRIDGE that FURTHER gap of correct SCORELINES, and that is a potentially a far bigger CHALLENGE as you progress (I think)).

So I think that in focussing on Scoreline’s it can adversely affect selection of win/lose/draw, in that the percentages go somewhat wildly wrong, within that area of my choices.

Okay here goes, and my advice really is for people to do similar action for themselves, as many seemingly are far more successful when they carry out activities for themselves than relying on EXTERNALS.  Many a TEACHER MASTER RELATIONSHIP or FEEDBACK & RETURN SYSTEM perhaps comes to understand that each and every person can only walk in the footsteps and so on, of others for so long prior to a perhaps wanting to take or carry out an overtaking manoeuvre of their own).  Likewise, you may wait too long to carry out such thoughts and feelings, and become rigid and unable to move from some command & control RECIPE, or indeed you may go flailing wildly about, experiencing many FAILURES prior to finding your feet and Graduating from the University of Life and so on.

Football Then

Bayern Munich



Bayer Levkn




Zenit St Petersburg

So those are my outright choices from initial scan of the list.

A 2nd round scan and looking for alternates, I might think that


Dinamo Zagreb


Have differing IDEAS as to what David says and thinks, so I would likely opt for potential draws or indeed wins.

Of course the same can be said for all teams, though you only develop CONFIDENCE or lack thereof through practicing some internal questioning system, or indeed following someone already experienced with such matters.

The DIVERGENCE or VARIANCE from expectation is of course said to be that dynamic steering zone where people get the odd adrenaline rush and experience the most highs and lows and so on.

I also of course can state that I really would tell folks to make their own selections, when it comes to your own MONEY, because it really is far too easy to SPEND other people’s money, and then wonder as to why they are angry or hostile or frustrated with your input and so on.

If you have not seen the new Star Wars Trailer yet, it is worth a viewing, my thoughts changed from 1st time viewing to second time viewing (with a long sleep inbetween), so that demonstrates perhaps how simple TIREDNESS or being under the weather of other pressures and-or distractions really can cause huge variance from what for many people are NORMAL day-to-day patterns and cycles and so on.

Thank you for reading, God bless and Be Well 😉

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