Some Feedback Analysis Or Reminders Then

In the Football, How close was David to results in terms of Win/lose Draw

Yesterdays Predictions

Bayern Munich



Bayer Levkn




Zenit St Petersburg


Bayern Munich lost to Arsenal so in STRICT TERMS of first initial scan David gets a 0

Chelsea drew with Dynamo Kiev so in STRICT TERMS of first initial scan David gets a 0

Barcelona Won so I can claim 1 correct result

Bayer Levkn drew with Roma so in STRICT TERMS of first initial scan David gets a 0

Olympiakos Won so I can claim a 2nd correct result

Porto Won so I can claim a 3rd correct result

Valencia Won so I can claim a 4th correct result

Zenit St Petersburg Won so I can claim a 5th correct result.

So that is 5 from 8 going with first thoughts and initial intuition, although a look at the week’s text and alternate clues within my own writing’s may have steered myself to improved quality analysis and results.

Now in the 2nd Scan I only proffered 3 teams that I thought may have differing result from 1st scan and only 1 of those teams, Arsenal defeated my 1st initial scan predictions.

Although we can say that I failed to identify Chelsea draw and Roma draw.

Now of course this is seeking to cover the whole field, though a regular better who pulls his slips out whist watching results at work suggested that what I really require doing is culling my selections.

I kind of agree, in the sense that if you are getting STRONG INDICATORS & INTUITIONS for two or three teams out of all the selections, you are potentially better off placing money and winning smaller amounts, on a couple of teams than having a broad spread and losing on those that you fail to CULL.

Having said that he said he does 6 regular bets (as his daily ritual) and indeed he was unhappy with his selections & results (yesterday a large number of fixtures in multiple divisions), although he did have a large win (for a small outlay) a week or two back.

So many regular gamblers find a ritual or routine that they find works for them and I have typically explored multiple, and tried to explain some of them.

What else, well I did intend to have some sleep prior to writing, though one or two subjects have played on my mind through the night and indeed come to my awareness this morning.

So I was wondering after recalling my predictions and seeing the results on-screen at work, why I strangely always find myself around a 3 quarters mark or five eights , yes I have demonstrated greater accuracy though generally as an overall arching average, that zone is almost like a straight jacket, when I do these full list like exercises.

I did give it some internal thought (for example) in the sense that I seemingly have a bias against the British teams, and then thought maybe that is the OVERCOMPENSATING for presumed or assumed bias, where you turn a wheel and nothing happens and then turn it a little further and then find yourself having over steered as the system catches up with yourself and so on.

Small adjustments in course via smaller stepping stone fashion potentially better then, than wild swingometer like extremist actions.

Of course as I have progressed further into the Holosync Solution and gone through deeper levels, I have often come to realise various factors and parameters, that may have been non-consciously affecting myself that are now within the so-called enlarged or more dynamic conscious window.  (more dynamic in the sense of being able to quickly switch or run through multiple trains of thought at the same time).

Anyway as can be seen in the event that I had taken the 2nd scan into consideration whilst I may have won the Arsenal result, the other 2 results would have REDUCED my overall wins (had I changed the selections).

So fine tuning and getting into the zone is not necessarily as easy as any of us might hope for.

I was going to write on another couple of subject matter such as BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and Cylon’s or XiLons as they may become known (hmmn), though feel that I am better to sleep on it, and hopefully get up in time to write something prior to today’s kick-offs.  The Champion’s League (CL) games are all late evening, so I believe I can be up in time, though do occasionally awaken quite late.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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