The Meter Maids Guide To A Fallacy

So first of an up and coming Ultimate You Mindfest (including some free listening sessions on the psychology and reasoning behind these Hybrid Highlighter Fests and indeed the greater Learnings Strategies Catalogue).

So there I was popping to the shop and suddenly found myself passing a meter maid, and of course we once had John Lennon writing about a meter maid letting him of a parking ticket.

I then of course thought well, cars and so on have of course long been declared and linked in with phallic type symbols, so put the two together and if I ever meet a meter maid who wants to write a book, am ready and willing to proffer a title.  The downside of course that as a bloke I am the one who is supposed to go rushing around wanting a supercar and so on.

Another topic I rarely speak on is of course the number of times I poured good money after bad being selected to fail driving tests.  I say being selected of course, because I personally felt that whilst a couple of early occasions may have had appropriate decisions, another couple of occasions were (in my opinion) completely debatable and wrong.

As we grow older of course we often find more and more demands on our finances, and clearly as a single bloke without alternate income streams, not entitled to benefits or assistance from Governmental Bodies, it is exceptionally easy to find yourself in a negative equity like scene and scenario whereby those on benefits and getting assistance or indeed in couples and relationships are usually far better off than those seemingly, suffering from Societies demands and herd like patterning’s and behaviours that do not fit the reality or mental map that you are operating from.

So I think I will throw in some Champion’s league guesses later, though for now will write on a couple of issues that I found myself thinking and debating about during the night.

Specifically perhaps this region or zone that I find myself in where the percentage like results that I seem to find myself following are typically at some ¾ point or angle.

Much like getting 8 out of 10 in a test where you want 10 out of 10.

Clearly all sorts of REASONS, EXCUSES can come to mind as to Distractions and cause/effect and ideas as to lack of accuracy, though it could actually potentially be flipped in the sense of being in alignment with how reality really is.

Clearly each and every day really is a new day and likewise we can typically think and link and sync calendar numbers throughout each and every of the months throughout the year.  Likewise we an wonder as to why we do not have a 13 th month and simple 4 week months,

When you think about it, it could be suggested that the CALENDAR is actually mathematically designed with spiral dynamics in mind, this is speculation, because I have not really consciously considered it, though my mathematics knowledge does give leverage toward the IDEA that in order to break a solid CIRCLE IDEA and go with a SPIRAL DYNAMIC you would typically have to have an incremental number within your ALGORYTHM, so each time you walk around the lamppost you take an extra step away, I did a few years ago purchase one of those tennis like games with a ball on a string that went around a spring, and the same kind of actioned physics can be seen as the ball is hit backwards and forwards around the post.

What else, well not long after leaving the shop I noted some folks with a wheel barrow and wondered as to whether anyone has a story as to a wheelbarrow getting a parking ticket, we do of course hear the odd story as to differing tools and implements such-as SKIPS being left out on the street and you can often find or hear stories as to such things somehow being claimed to be different from what is accepted within a parking zone.  Much like people without disability parking in those spots within Supermarket car parks and so on.  I thought the sign did not apply to my motorbike and so on.

Let us now turn to the news and why?  Well believe it or not I really did consider there to be a link between President XI or China’s visit to London and the Cylon’s.  Clearly that was just myself playing with language signs and symbols though the difference in sound or emphasis that you may come up with are typically wuite small perhaps.  Yes I mentioned The A-Team a day or 2 ago and of course the guy that played Face (original series) was also STARBUCK (not the coffee shop) within the original Battlestar Galactica series.  When we follow some of those INFLUENCES of a generation kind of patterns.

Cleary the latest Star Wars is also interesting in that early viewing of trailers and so on seemingly has greater appeal simply through the linkage to original cast, whereby the time of the 2nd trilogy, the market place and SATURATION for science fiction and so on was so great, that the FRANCHISE perhaps failed to get as great a response from audiences, although as a former computer/console games player and so on, I know that despite not liking that trilogy particularly that the franchise still has appeal in other areas, such as those interactive participation games.

So we could of course in thinking as to developments come to make simple evaluation as to the usage and benefit of differing symbols for sounds, I know as someone who did courses in such matters that mathematics and computing generated graphics often teach in terms of X and Y and Z coordinates.

We also of course have X as a link for what many a person perhaps brings their children up as taboo subject sex.  And we also of course have early childhood type plonking instruments such-as Xylophones.  So President Xi of course is not pronounced SIGH or indeed a shortened form of ZI perhaps a short versioning of ZION.

Yes lots of directions and links that can take you all over the shop and whilst many want to cut copy paste and edit, as you raise threshold and release issue upon issue and LEARNED BIAS after LEARNED BIAS or indeed BELIEF SYSTEM or STRUCTURE, you really can come to be far more even and balanced as to many a topic and subject matter.

The way in which we are triggered or indeed thing about and communicate about differing subject matters and indeed BEHAVE around particular subjects can of course cause a chain of TRIGGERS within any given realm or group and indeed differing peoples, unfortunately many a one-upmanship often leads to exceptionally highly unhelpful INTRANSIGENCE’S.

So what else, well I see reports of a crashed fighter jet in the United Kingdom and reports that Assad has visited Russia and Canada has a new Liberal government (that is withdrawing from the AIR coalition against ISIS). Xi continues with his United Kingdom Business Dealings, these sort of STATE VISITS are often more about rubber stamping, negotiations and behind the scenes dealings that have often been in hand behind closed doors for a very long time.  That again perhaps that topic or area that many a Corridors of Power stalwart MANDARINS have to either confirm of deny in appropriate fashion.

So no matter whether you turn attention to ENTERTAINMENT REALMS or BUSINESS REALMS or SPORTING REALMS, the further you progress the more you seemingly come to see and indeed LEARN or relearn how to SEE all the very many dynamic links and interactions and OPPORTUNITES for CROSS-REALM-INTERPRETATIONS.

Clearly we can say well this is just in so and so’s head, though in reality if you utilise a CONCEPTUAL IDEA such-as “THE FORCE” as some people do in explaining metaphorical explanations you come to see how you can work through the fact that ALL LABELS ARE CREATED, and indeed you can tune towards greater SPIRITUALITY without immediately rushing to LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR meanings and attitudes thoughts and feelings and actions.

Yes lowest common denominator is good in many ways, though often over emphasis’ one size fits all attitudes without necessarily given stepping stones from chunking up and chunking down as to generic catchments can lead to conflict and confusion.

Today is also apparently being called “BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY” the day that the Delorean was set to visit within that 1980’s film series.  Typically we are seeing HITS and MISSES as to Future Prediction that the authors got right and wrong.

Clearly you can turn to current science writing and agree or disagree with what is being suggested, or likewise come up with something completely differing that has not even entered into any given writers mindset at the present time.  Yes the cast your net wide enough and you will get some things right and some things wrong TACTIC, though it does I think become interesting as to acquiring a LEVEL OF CONSISTENCY.

I saw a report on sportsmen being plugged into some computer analysis equipment and what was interesting was that you might get one person with a highest one of score mark, whilst those who were considered more consistent may have been lower than the one of, though were regularly achieving the mark that set them apart within their particular realm.

I recall when younger playing the occasional game obsessively hoping to get a high score and initials on an arcade machine when the fair came to town and likewise that does not necessarily mean I would have a good consistency because, it was a brief “something I turned my attention too” rather than some overall branch or field of endeavour.

This of course the age old debate as to how schooling and homework and so on is possibly organised.  I complained about GCSE’S because I had succeeded in high level of night before revision, where as the claim was that Universities and higher education wants people consistant throughout a given measured time period or year perhaps, because that is what EMPLOYERS want allegedly.

Yes the debate can of course be had across multiple realms, though some things are better to be let go of in favour of what you may genuinely be good and successful at.  If you are genuinely talented or have a passion for some off-beat subject or topic, that should be encourage just as much as the more regular subjects.

Most IDEAS as to likes and dislikes and loves and hates can be re-examined and approached with differing perspectives and points of view.  That help and increase your confidence and self believe irrespective of short term benefits or discrepancies and so on.

So to the Champions League once again and today a colleague suggested he thought lots of draw within his mindset and view.  I will still CHOOSE OUTRIGHT choices first because that is seemingly where I have overcome or reviewed changed FILTER SYSTEMS etc.

We of course, especially early on with these technologies find or feel that the RUG is being pulled from beneath our feet to a certain extent, though again even that point of view can be let go and we can realign with improved thoughts and feelings and so on.  Several examples have been given of such scenes within multiple courses.

Clearly being overwhelmed or established enough to be able to BOUNCE BACK is an interesting Dynamic to take into consideration.  I have of course historically spoken on seemingly being under massive weight of mud being slung, often accompanied by “no smoke without fire” type quotations, even though very often those coming out with such NONSENSE were the ones creating both fire and smoke with zero help or assistance from myself.

That perhaps an issue of where our attention is at, much like myself thinking I can comment on some Lord Sugar Tweet on twitter and get a response, when the simple fact is, he has 4 million plus followers and his attention is more likely on his present day holiday and continued business promotion materials etc.

So we really are better of understanding that we can have and raise confidence in our own writings and tweets and so on, without having to attack or comment or feel left out or excluded when we go unnoticed by some peoples or persons within our day-to-day lives.

We all have our own various life’s to continue with and the great symmetry and attuning and CHOICES and OPTIONS do not detract from that.  Yes I tend to preach MODERATION rather than EXTREMISM, though clearly some occasions require an equal counter-measured response or indeed rethinking in terms of interest or feedback and return systems.

My right knee cap is presently informing myself of something though unsure whether simple pain or a muscle memory response of some injury past.

So Champions League

Real Madrid

Man Utd

Man City

Malmo FF


ATL Madrid



Those are all again whom I would choose as outrights.

8 Fixtures and of course one might estimate a couple of wrong choices or draws, though the more you question yourself, very often the more doubt and negative thoughts and feelings may come apparent.

Yes I can probably pick a couple of fixtures that have multiple clues and be confident, or indeed choose otherwise, though EXPERIMENTATION is a good quality to have in the kitchen and surely any given RECIPE or dynamic for any realm can throw up a good taste or indeed a more practice required and so on.

We are often said to be our own worst critics and of course having removed multiple blindfolds, it can be wise or preferable to increase our self-trust and INTUITIONS etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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