Oh Lordy What Happened

So I have now taken into consideration the various new sources and materials that I have exposed myself to on Twitter and indeed been following a couple of TV shows, such as The Apprentice. (Having not been a regular TV viewer as such for several years).

So without further ado

Real Madrid were DRAWN, so David gets 0

Man Utd were DRAWN, so David gets 0

Man City WON, so David gets 1

Malmo FF WON, so David can add a 2nd

PSV LOST, do David gets 0

ATL Madrid WON, so David can add a 3rd

Galatasaray WON, so David can add a 4th

Juventus were DRAWN, so David gets 0

So down to 4 out of 8 games, and that of course on the face of it is terrible, the only game that I thought might draw was in fact the Man Utd game, though again 1 change of 1st opinion and you usually question all your other choices and indeed faculties. The problem then as to KNOWING where you have diverged from the beaten path.

So I can say I stuck to my guns and whilst clearly wrong, can now take what actually happened as an opportunity to take the lesson or learning from the given actual result data.

I did over the last day or 2 suggest that I have seemingly noted a change in patterns and cycles and the possibility of UNKNOWN TERRITORY (so to speak) that perhaps potentially related to the Autumn/Winter Months and of course multiple possible cause/effect issues that I can think upon.

I can also state that having watched the 3rd Apprentice Episode I also diverged from Lord Sugar’s chosen sacking choice at this point. He chose to fire a woman named Jenny, though I thought the team leader Vana would have been my own choice as the one for the chop. I also thought that none of those within the Candidate side of the board room were likely to be there at the end or final days of the show, so that may well have been part of the CRITERIA that the Business Peoples were taking into consideration as to continued entertainment, whose presence will continue to stimulate and entertain and so on.

Another aspect that I may SUGGEST for the future is that whilst the designated teams TRADITIONALLY operate on a winner’s team, losers team, I would on at LEAST 1 occasion like to see 4 return to the boardroom for sacking discussion, both leaders and 1 other, just to see who is really operating present and now on the current TASK and who is dragging up previous week’s issues and so on.

It is quite clear that each and every week, whilst you may have a winners and losers team, that each team has non contributers or big heads and idiots. Surely better to have a SECRET BALLOT from each group as to who in candidate’s opinion could return to the boardroom.

So yes clearly a FORK in the road point or simply a temporary distraction, the option now to think upon is to remain the same in tactic and strategy or seek to return to a prior strategy if I can IDENTIFY what the variance’s actually are.

Will sleep on it and perhaps list some games for the Europa League later.

At present moment they would be

Molde Win

Tottenham Draw

Liverpool Win

Fenerbache Win

Monaco Win

Asteras Tripolis Win

Schalke Win

AZ Alkmaar Win

Partizan Belgrade Win

Bordeaux Win

Borussia Dortmund Win

FK Krasnodar Win

Yes I will sleep on it, though noted at least 1 has a kick-off that might beat myself to writing ideas opinions later prior to kick-offs.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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