So I Awaken and Wonder As To Events That Have Occurred

So I awaken and find myself wondering as to what events may have occurred during the day and KAPOW, some MASKED murderer or vigilante is being highlighted.

I can say the CLOSEST link was within the STAN LEE materials I had a look through recently, in that I of course as a youngster, enjoyed


Or some similarly created programme, unsure as to the names, though before the somewhat strange colour films of Zorro of the last 30 years, that were all somewhat a given taste as to styles and influence, a far older black and white show used to be shown when I was a kid and was GREAT.

Elsewhere we are seeing reports as to SUGAR CONTENT within food and drink and so on.  Interesting of course is that sugar has gradually been ADDED to just about everything over the years.

Alcohols and spirits (for example) were when I was growing up, generally an acquired taste in that some were fine whilst others relied on the addition of a mixer of some description.  Then some briht spark came up with all those ALCOPOPS.  In fact you can wonder as to why once again ALCOHOL was treated differently from CIGARETTES in the sense that the additional of tastes and flavours that might entice CHILDREN are banned within cigarette scenes and scenario’s whilst an entire generation of PARENTS has spent at least some of their life having to explain to the kids why they are not allowed ALCOPOP, pop of course usually a favoured children’s drink, for us riff-raff types.

Elsewhere we are seeing reports that American Special Forces have carried out a Hostage Rescue and they are of course to be congratulated (I personally think) and also of course given the day of TIMING, perhaps a nod to their British Counterparts.  Though am sure that the British and other Special Forces about the globe would very much like to be experiencing some of these actions for themselves.

We do not of course hear about such things, though we do know that CROSS-REALM and EXCHANGE programmes do exist, so am sure that when you hear of some group taking part, you may very well find that embedded troops took part or indeed otherwise.  We did of course have a nonsense hoo-haa over the participation of British Pilots in some of the bombing and air campaigns a year or two back, though I still think the exchange programmes and cross-realm training and so on are all valid and appropriate given our participation in various coalition operations and operating under differing UMBRELLA ORGANISATIONS, such-as NATO and THE UN and COMMONWEALTH and so on.

Now jumping across realms again in what I am speaking upon, the last 24 hours has seen United Kingdom debating as to Policing issues, and whilst some facts and figures were released, I personally though AH-HA (major issue).


Well very much like the Military, we keep seeing TEHCNOLOGIES being said to be the be all and end all when it comes to NUMBERS requirements.

So the Military keeps finding budgeting issues and staffing and personnel numbers expected to be cut and the same is seemingly going on within the Police realm.

I saw a quote saying that Britain population 67,000,000 only employs 126,000 of those people to carry out Policing of the rest of the population.

The other issue was of course the one of stop and search checks whereby, we keep seeing it HIGH LIGHTED that particular communities are experiencing being overly stopped and searched (much like Jay Z and his song “99 PROBLEMS”.).

In fact of course, I spoke yesterday as to meter maids and so on, and this time of year does strangely find people falling into particular patterns of relationship growth and-or shakedowns, my OWN research and so on, suggests that BOTH SEX’S have reason to complain as to the behaviour of members of the other-side (so to speak) though generally of course, we do typically see as we progress with meditation and raising THRESHOLD that few can GENUINELY CLAIM to be SUGAR and SPICE and ALL THINGS NICE.

Indeed of course it is also known that positive attributed men, are rarely demonstrated within the desirable zone, strange though true, when you carry out analysis of those within the CELEBRITY SPHERES for instance, you often find some of the biggest seeming MISMATCHES as to public image.

I actually think that within those realms, many a personality has a public private persona, and of course how much VARIANCE as to what goes on behind closed doors and what is known publicly can always be an area or topic of MAKE OR BREAK.

I was going to list an example or two though most folks are well aware of assorted celebrity couples and do not require myself HIGHLIGHTING them any further.

What else?

Well it appears that either a new James Bond has been released or is indeed being reviewed for a forthcoming release soon.  The brief snippets I have seen are again suggesting positive reviews for The REMODELLED Bond Franchise, though of course in reality, whilst they have in recent years gained good box-office (possible after falling into the doldrums) when you actually look at the facts, you come to see that the SAME CLAIMS are given to the SAME CYCLES within these long running FRANCHISES over and over again. Roger Moore was often said to have ruined the role, though I disagree, in that each EXAMPLE is very often simply an EXAMPLE of thoughts and feelings and attitudes of Society and the creative realms (people who work on such things) and so on.

So yes, you always get the WHO IS LEADING WHO topic and debate, though in reality whilst COMMUNISM and DEMOCRACY are often said to be opposing to each other, I actually think a combination kind of model of those can be successful.

Who remembers Margaret Thatcher’s GENUINE Communist Poll Tax and how it was rejected by the public.  Likewise of course, most realms have command and control structures, though strangely enough I did grown up watching not only prisoner of war films, but regular special force and commando type movies, and they nearly always had some variance of a RIGID command and control, differing characters responsible for the DELEGATED DUTIES that they are carrying out within a given REALM, much like where you have differing departments, and characters within DEPARTMENTS may share TITLE though for differing functions.

So anyway I have hugely DIGRESSED, though my most basic thoughts were actually that I would like to see POLICE force Numbers DOUBLED to at least 250,000 personal.

When these statements are made of course, many will applaud though in political terms, the FINANCE becomes an issue, as does the INFIGHTING of NAYSAYERS within the pre-existing RANKS.

Here you go here is an extra 350 Million for X new officers, oh we don’t require new officers, we need to distribute the monies among the pre-existing forces, etc.

Yes every realm can of course be demonstrated to have some version or variant akin to GEORGE ORWELL’S “Animal Farm”, though clearly many a realm also has peoples such as myself who have been there and done that and bought the T-Shirt and simply have a desire to go to work, do a job and return home and find payment in the bank on a Friday, no nonsense, no politics, or squabbling or vying EGO BOOSTERS that do not show the GREATER TRUTHS OF LIFE.

No matter how old you are, no matter how much you earn, no matter whether you regard yourself as loved or hated, you can all but guarantee some level of suffering and indeed most of us seemingly find ourselves suffering health issues as we grow older, or indeed find that death in and of itself is something to be less fearful of as you get older.

A former colleague used to take the piss out of myself, for the 8 hours sleep, I often quoted myself as requiring, he very differing in having a Margaret Thatcher approach of a few short hours and always telling himself and anyone who would listen “I’ll get plenty of sleep when I am dead”.

Of course I can say that he had in fact had a Heart Attack a year or two previous to myself joining the work environment, and like many a younger guy who has HEALTH SCARES and so on, I do genuinely think that such things can change your mind and attitude on not only how seriously we take ourselves, but just how seriously everyone else takes themselves.  I think overall having BALANCE and GIVING PERSPECTIVE, wwe can all come to see why some folks are prone to what appears EXTREME, in the sense that GETTING THROUGH to people can really troubling unless you have some shared experience and so on.

I of course have spoken on injury at 17 changing my own mind and thoughts and feelings on many a topic and issue, though likewise was still mostly seemingly unable to control externals.  Hence my PROMOTION PERHAPS of maintaining some DEGREE of FREEDOM in what you can control, and that is what is within your own mind and heart and soul and Body.

Many a Bible kind of quote often speaks on the Body in metaphorical terms as being the people who follow you and listen and learn from you and so on, though likewise of course, gaining an understanding as to useful DIRECTION versus Otherwise is interesting.

Another book I have heard spoken on several times is “Mans search for meaning” and although I have not read that work, I can see many a reason for simply wanting to CHANNEL thoughts and feelings and ENERGIES into activities and lifestyle choices and options and so on, that you feel you can like, love, live and laugh about etc.

Yes, I strangely do in the approach to Christmas find myself thinking about past years and those who are know longer with us, and the contribution and fun that was sometimes had, at this time of year.

Anyway without further ado, I have written and written and have decided that whether the list published this morning is right or wrong, I will simply leave it.

Yes far too easy to make such things IMPORTANT within our mind set, though likewise I do think, such activities (whilst possibly fun) can act as SMOKESREENS & MIRRORS & DISTRACTIONS to underlying truths and so on that gradually creep up upon us all.

And yes I would actually create a whole new force, of some description, rather than throw money to groupings and organisations that have failed the population of our green and pleasant land. That of course can be suggested for many pre-existing realms, though another truth is that in RECRUITMENT TERMS, you have to work with what is in front of you.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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