The Dogs Of War

So I recently spoke on an old 1970’s folk song recorded by a Group that my father was in, entitled Dawnwind.  Apparently the track has also been re-recorded in 2003.  On each occasion the song was generally geared as a protest song, though I as a youngster in the 1970’s had little idea as to politics and all the rest and simply liked the song.

So that is perhaps a disclaimer in the sense that even listening to the materials now, I still think that a certain amount of AMBIGUITY exists as to interpretation, were I to sample and edit and take out some snippet.

So yes whilst I liked the song simply to listen too, others of course seek to engage in political movements and all the rest of those things, that I regard as superfluous to my simply liking the song, and possibly the TRIGGERS that it provides myself with in re-interpreting my childhood and so on.

At the end of the day, we were still friends with military families and schooled and used the same societal facilities and all the rest of those things.

The link, the link, two versions provided both old and new and I have not listened to the newer version though believe it to have been recorded by some other well known local singers Father and son, Ron and Bo Walton, both long time members of local music groups and so on over the years.

John shared some files with you on Dropbox

DogsOfWar View files

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