Now Continuing In The feedback Vein

I can of course see how close yesterday morning’s thoughts on the game’s were in COMPARISON with the actual results.

So the teams selections looked much like this:-

Molde Win and what happened was Molde Won = David gets off the mark 1

Tottenham Draw and what happened was Anderlecht Won = David gets 0

Liverpool Win and what happened was Rubin Kazan Drew = David gets 0

Fenerbache Win and what happened was Fenerbache Won = David gets a 2nd

Monaco Win and what happened was Monaco Won = David gets a 3rd

Asteras Tripolis Win and what happened was Apoel Nic Won = David gets 0

Schalke Win and what happened was Sparta Prague Drew = David gets 0

AZ Alkmaar Win and what happened was FC Augsburg Won = David gets 0

Partizan Belgrade Win and what happened was Ath Bilboa Won = David gets 0

Bordeaux Win and what happened was FC Sion Won = David gets 0

Borussia Dortmund Win and what happened was Bor Dortmd Won = David gets a 4th

FK Krasnodar Win and what happened was PAOK Salonika Drew = David gets a 0

And clearly we can see from that, that not only have the patterns & cycles changed significantly in how I am attuned and utilising some of these feedback and return systems and ideas, but also my luck has taken a massive downturn in seemingly ability to be attuned to them and so on.  4 out of 12 games is truly worrying from my own point of view.

As much as I would like to say the explanation is easy, I cannot genuinely find one that resonates or rings true, in any way shape or form, at least consciously, though I can of course suggest that such occurrences have happened previously with swapping and change courses and teachers and indeed stepping up through differing levels of Holosync.

My own previous opinion, from what I had experienced was that whilst my Premiership record was pretty appalling over both the long and short term, I was pretty good with European and Internationals.

So this week the only part that I was feeling that I was getting any success in (European and International Matches) has gone to pieces.

What is interesting as to the dynamics is of course that other things are becoming perhaps more apparent.

I spoke on that Mask of Zorro (for example) and of course we also saw the Mask of Vader (within the new Star Wars trailer).

I also thought after the Dad’s Army Clip, that Catherine Zeta Jones was, I think, in one of those Zorro Movies and likewise of course Mexico as well as featuring in Zorro stories was part of various COWBOY wild west stories also, I think Bonanza or The High Chaparral was based somewhere around that border country and we do of course often see Mexico related reports with modern day drugs issues, where once it was villian’s fleeing over the border etc.

We also inadvertently of course also have “The Mask” (Jim Cary) itself a character based around those old Viking Gods such-as Odin (I think).

So many differing links and pointers and so on to take notice upon.

I clearly have some self-inquiry to do, as to whether to hold fort or seek to get back to some place of recognisable landscape and so on as to what I am thinking and feeling and so on also.

Another topic that I was not going to mention though think it possibly relevant is one of Painting and Decorating and indeed the smell of paint stripper or some such chemical, I noted some painting had been carried out at the place of work, and I also think one or two other non-conscious pointers have been vying for attention relating to those kinds of topics.  I did think when outside of work, maybe Bulmer’s are pressing/crushing apples or something, though unsure as to the appropriate seasons and no one else claimed to notice.  Possibly some long lost sensory issues with smell and maybe that is part of that unconscious/conscious windows of information and data etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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