So Analysis Can Be Carried Out On Many A Topic & Subject Matter

So analysis can be carried out on may a topic and subject matter and of course a quick look at various Headlines tells us just that.

The problem then as to Navigation is once again then one of INFLUENCE & MOTIVATION or indeed a lack of confidence or trust in what you are thinking and feeling and potentially the actions and so on that you are in alignment with.

Classically for example I like a million and one others may have preached as to the benefit of trusting your gut instincts and intuition, though all I have achieved in seeking to separate out ideas as to Head versus Heart issues is this one of knowing WHICH FUNDAMENTAL or FOUNDATIONAL route and path is most appropriate in any given hour, minute, second or indeed day, week, month, year.

Clearly we can excuse ourselves in being somewhat wishy washy or indeed we can be intransigent in saying I am a right winger and will only adhere to the doctrines of the right wing or indeed state I am a left winger and only adhere to the doctrines of the left wing.

Clearly then it might be considered that the ambidextrous among us (people who can comfortably use both left and right body parts for activities) may well have an advantage.

I typically of course, grew up seemingly naturally left footed when it came to sports such-as Football, though still within writing type activities opted for the right hand.

I am also well versed in typing and can comfortably use both hands, and have in fact on various occasions, where difficulty has occurred with one body side, utilised or sort to train myself to utilise the opposite body side.

Sounds strange though in fact, unless you try and practice such things, you perhaps will never know that you may be far more capable than you think.  I think people in differing sports realms have demonstrated this whereby they will occasionally practice (for example) with the racket in the opposite hand at tennis, and I know that at work for example I can use the pressurized water pistol or gun with both hands comfortably.

Some might of course suggest that practicing ambidexterity is a DISTRACTION, though I actually think give the way in which body halves generally MIRROR SIDES that attention to bringing up or improving on assumed or presumed weaknesses within your capability can pay DIVIDENDS.

We hear talk within Golf (for example) as to players after suffering injury having to ADJUST SWING or STROKE or carry out any other number of CORRECTIVE PRATICE to enable them to further career.

We also see the same within SINGING, where some folks who have learned to sing in one particular fashion and style for years and years, suddenly require removal of growths within the throat or indeed simply be able to translate from occasional one of shows, to regular daily and weekly performance.

Many a star has tried many a remedy, though it has actually been demonstrated over and again that you can rob Peter to pay Paul without some likely side-effect issue occurring.

Yes, I a few years ago suggested or recommended some Learn to sing products, and within music you can find various styles or TECHNIQUES have been crafted and developed that can help prolong a successful singing career and so on.  So many on these shows such-as X Factor (for example) typically carry out daily practice and routines to enable a strengthening of vocal chords and indeed be appropriately attuned or extending your RANGE.

Not sure why I drift into music, though did of course having followed Adele note that she has a new video and song out and so on out, not to be confused with that bloke who played Glastonbury a year or two back famed for a single of similar name.

Perhaps having demonstrated that all decision making processes are in fact the same as gambling decision making processes we can of course move along to either seeking to push back the boundaries of what we believe possible or indeed move on to some other interest.

Has my success or otherwise within one market sector International Football (for example) been adversely affected by following courses that suggest attuning to Local and therefore British or English alignments.

Strange though true that really does have to be considered by myself as a possibility.

The problem for myself is of course deciding what to do next, seek to continue to work in the short terms and work through the rough patch, return to a pre-existing strategy that I know works, or indeed look to some far longer life strategy of developing or creating something a little far more encompassing and long lasting and so on.

I know and have had people demonstrate to myself that short term day-to-day gambling strategies, when it comes to sports really can work well.  I will think about tomorrows matches tomorrow and deal with what is in front of myself NOW and so on.

So anyway another RUGBY DAY today and whilst previously I genuinely considered the Rugby quite straight forward, even that has become a MAJOR HEADACHE.


Well any long term readers will know that early on I suggested New Zealand versus Ireland although that fixture or MATCH IDEA has clearly failed to materialise, and indeed it could well be that the POINTERS such as seeing colour green high-lighted could have been for the SPRINGBOKS who have also had that colour within strips and so on over the years although they are usually seen in yellow and green (I think).

So where once New Zealand confidence was fully established and indeed has been WITNESSED even in RECENT DAYS, at present I think that we could be seeing a SPRINGBOKS versus AUSTRALIA final.

Yes I know peoples can say do not cry for me Argentina though we in Britain of a certain generation do of course have long running FEUD with ARGENTINA over the FALKLANDS.

That once again causes us BIAS issues.

As someone who is known to have studied computing and so on, it could be suggested that the SOUNDS and PRONUNCIATIONS of FALKLANDS is again an interesting DIVERSION.

Much like a sorting Communications Algorythm (This is speculation), though if we are doing a World within and a World without inside/outside type studies, then it could be that JUNCTION kind of point.

So yes, we hear of Special Forces that led a Prison Break and of course Australia once known as a Prison Island.  Likewise the NATION DIVIDED by apartheid and segregation and famed PRISONER MANDELA has also been in the news this week, with rioting students and so on.

So whilst I am sure New Zealand and indeed Argentina may have ongoing History’s and international Newsworthy ness, I have not CONSCIOUSLY SEEN articles within my scanning for AH-HA’s.

So I am now untrusting of RUGBY where one I would have simply plummeted for New Zealand.

Football wise, well I have noted that the Premier Fixtures have been almost split in half this weekend, another Super Sunday or some such perhaps and whilst I could potentially try to list them all, going with the moment to moment option and choice of daily short termism, I will stick to what is on the calendar for TODAY, and consider tomorrow tomorrow.

That also has the additional benefit of POTENTIALLY being able to WITNESS the FEEDBACK and RETURN information for multiple realm events and perhaps seeing a GREATER BLEND of information’s and so on.

So I will scan the Premier fixtures and suggest the following (PLEASE NOTE, AS CAN BE SEEN WITHIN THE BLOG THIS WEEK, I HAVE MASSIVELY DEVIATED FROM ACCURACY). So anyone who uses what I write as guidance, has to perhaps first come up with some choices and options from within their own life and realm, and then potentially see how close or otherwise we are on such things.

The Football

Aston Villa Draw

Crystal Palace Win

Norwich Win

Watford Win

Chelsea Win

Arsenal Win

As always, if you have strong indicators for just one match, you could be better to plunge for that than spreading broad and wide over many and going completely of the beaten track or KNOWN COURSE etc.

We also of course seeing the Amercan Grand Prix and that is apparently under DOUBT due to heavy RAIN in TEXAS (I used to love Texan bars as a kid)  Can I turn attention to F1, well sadly I do think in WITNESSING terms I have seen many clues within my writings over the years, though typically that is why I write and write upon any old junk and then look for CLUES within a FOCUSSED REALM, however that is not the same as being COMPLETELY DEDICATED to a GIVEN REALM and so on.

In Formula One, I would probably not look outside of the top 6 within the Rankings, I think that (for example), the issue is often one of MANUFACTURERS PSYCHOLOGY over DRIVER PSYCHOLOGY and the given WEIGHTING given to such matters.

Ferrari for example recently LISTED 9 or 10 % of its shares on an AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGE and will want to ensure that they have a GOOD RESULT.

Likewise we can of course suggest that LEWIS HAMILTON shares a similar surname, name route with a famed STAR WARS ACTOR, Hamill, I mention that to show just how many pitfalls and traps as to games of black and white and diversions and confusions and conflicts can arise.

I spoke on this issue of MASKS and this morning also found myself thinking about FREDDY MERCURY and QUEEN “ONE VISION”.  Mercury of course shares a root with MERCEDES.

Something my friends apparently all drive, whilst I am stuck in the HOTEL CALIFORNIA.

So yes the SEASON OF MASKS is perhaps upon us and I also noted Germaigne Greer (famed feminist fascist) being somewhat dismissive of Transgender people.  I personally Disagree of course, in the sense of thinking that all heterophobics could in this day and age have compulsory part swaps and so on, women that want to be blokes can give parts to blokes that want to be women and vice versa. Keep it simply stupid.

What else well having said that I did think I saw Tom Jones (singer) not schooldays high lighted also for commenting on those communities, though clearly most of us are more interested in not getting sucked into other peoples STUFF, beyond perhaps suggesting that far more important things are going on for most of us lower down societal pecking orders.


Anyway quite a few other sports and activities and so on are also going on and I think I am right in suggesting that a trailer for todays Dr Who,

Had the Story Teller resuscitated Viking Girl being seen as some sort of DICK TURPIN MASK WEARING “STAND & DELIVER” Highway Man or indeed HIGHWAY LADY, no not Adam Ant (you had to say it didn’t you). Is it ALL HALLOWS EVE YET, when the witches crawl out of the woodwork and we all have to know be ready for SELFIE ZONE obsessives.

Good Luck TTFN

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


Yes the sad truth is that clues within my own writing and work often point to a TRUTH that I failed to give in some PREDICTION, so PSYCHOLOGICAL NON_CONSCIOUS materials do seem to be well worthy of GREATER ATTENTION.

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