Oh That Sector

So continuing with the idea of Prediction versus Actual, and seeking to reacquaint with the idea of NOW rather than yesterday and tomorrow can in some instances of course bring you face to face with all sorts of internal debates and dilemmas and so on.

I have for example spoken of how clues over several days can be relevant within your monitoring and likewise as many people know, you can listen to some course such-as the Ultimate You course starting tomorrow www.UltimateYouMindfest.com , and even if you have purchased the course or further advanced with meditation, you may well discover or have realisations and ah-ha’s that you may of not previously noticed.

Those kinds of realisation’s can of course lead you potentially into fearful and negative and paranoid states, though I personally tend to think that the positive coin side is coming to realisation’s that just about everyone is running programs of one description or another and that you can work through your own inner demons and mental walls and blockages, that can often arise at any time within your life, and reacquaint yourself with some of the more subtle cross-hemispheric communications that may be happening within your body/mind and so on.

So yesterday following on from the appalling prediction results of the last week, it may well be suggested that I had said NEW ZEALAND in the RUBGY, though was now overly panicking or flapping and seemingly geared toward switching to South Africa, even though had I taken out a bet some time back on New Zealand, it would still be running or open.

So long term (I was perhaps correct) whilst short term INFORMATION caused a major decision DOUBT. We also at this point within the United Kingdom have the Clocks being put back an Hour, for daylight saving time and so on. Unsure who calculates most appropriate days for this to occur, or why it is always on a Saturday Night for example, though I could POINT to that as EXCUSE and all the rest of those things, though reality is THAT IS NONSENSE, and such thoughts are better of being let go, okay I say nonsense in the sense that AGAIN living and working and so on in Britain, I will be well adjusted to this twice yearly adjustment to clock times having occurred.

So today Rugby and Argentina really Have defeated many pundits in managing to get this far within the tournament, however the opponents are or can say they are now well aware of Argentina’s success just as many of us awoke to news of the Falkland Invasion and asking WHERE? Eva Peron will not save them against the might of the Australians, though when we look to the Football realms no one does

BAD LOSING & indeed CHEATING like South Americans, so it will surely be entertaining, irrespective of the result and interesting to see if they follow similar behaviour patterns of those Soccer greats over the years. The Austrailan’s or Cell Block H’ers as some may call them have a lot to answer for in what they have inflicted upon the rest of the World, Neighbours, Home & Away to name a couple from my youth. In fact it could well be suggested that in terms of TRADITIONAL VALUES and so on, that Australia is akin to the South Africa of old in how they treat FOREIGNERS and anyone who thinks these Southern Hemispheric Competitions are not work watching and having an opinion upon should think again.

So who then? David does not know or care though would likely stick to Australia as a TRADITIONAL KNOWN QUANTITY against the wailing diego’s.

Football, What David said and what happened

Aston Villa Draw and Swansea Won, so David gets 0

Crystal Palace Win and Leicester Won, so David gets 0

Norwich Win and West Brom Won, So David Gets 0

Watford Win and Watford Win, So David gets 1, HURRAH

Chelsea Win and Westham Won, so David gets 0

Arsenal Win and Arsenal Won, so David gets a 2nd

So clear evidence and proof of what I suggested previously that I have a pretty bad Premiership record anyway, although having said that much like within the European and International’s I always generally expected to find myself getting at least 50% or in other words just about everything has gone due south, not to be confused with Beautiful South.

So as I witnessed those games, I can see that I once again got 2 out of 6 or what might be reduced to 1/3rd

So when I compare with what went previously we can see that I was in a 2/3rd zone and have now SWITCHED seemingly into a 1/3rd zone and the questions are then perhaps those journalistic Who, What, Where, When, Why and indeed How can I IDENTIFY the reason, or logic & rational or indeed non-rational or illogical or non-linear cause/effect for this present set of results or outcomes.

I of course use such words as outcome and rainbow and other what is often regarded as la-di-da terminology in a manner and fashion whereby I do not seek to claim OWNERSHIP, that perhaps the difference in EXPLANATION between differing IDENTITIES and so on and indeed ALIGNMENTS.

I can witness a RAINBOW in the SKY, though also know that much like the INFAMOUS pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow, you cannot physically grab any rainbow in the sky and claim ownership, and that is where the ATHEIST MATERIALISTIC “I am a body” only type groups go wildly WRONG, because it then is reduced to all things SEXUALITY ORIENTED etc. Yes Greenpeace I think have a ship named The Rainbow Warrior and they as a group identify or utilise Rainbows as an Emblem much like the Heterophobic groups do, though to have some IDIOTS come along and say you cannot say “I am Happy” or smile at seeing a rainbow in the sky is differing to DAFFY DUCK “its mine, mine all mine”.

So we can mentally understand and SEPARATE differing IDEAS, you can be attuned or even aligned with LIKING seeing rainbows or indeed with a group that uses such things as an EMBLEM, though claiming personal ownership is HOGWASH & BULLSHIT.

Though likewise some GROUPS seemingly do such a good job of CRYING WOLF & CLIAMING OWNERSHIP that the rest of us often adopt “Do not go there” attitudes and approaches to such matters. I would suggest that I am more than happy for you to think you own such things, though much like the life of a Mayfly, most rainbow’s are gone within the blink of an eye.

So will today be any differing? Will I reverse once again into the 2/3rd Zone or continue within the 1/3rd zone of recent week.


David says Newcastle Draw

David says Tottenham Win

David Says Man City Win

David Says Liverpool Win

Those of course interesting, because in following the STATISTIC of recent days I can only expect to get 1 result correct.

The Manchester City versus Manchester United result will also throw up some interesting mental calculations. Does a Man City win mean men can see “IT” or does a Man Utd win mean that men can not only see “IT”, they can work together in a team to perhaps Neutralise presumed, assumed issues with “IT” or indeed does a DRAW mean that is what is going to happen at some time in the future.

Unfortunately the EARLY stages of ENLIGHTENMENT very often still see’s people going to WAR on all and every topic and issue going, and much like a GRENADE or BOMB going off within some environment, few are necessarily aware enough or fast enough or WISE ENOUGH to not get caught up in the Shrapnel.

Formula 1, has of course seen Lewis Hamilton dominate over recent seasons, with Rosberg and Vettel also putting in appearances. Much like earlier generations, it can become somewhat boring apart from when weathering takes things into its own hands.

What does that mean?

Well it typically (from the view of wanting excitement as a viewer) means that all bets are off, when it comes to man seeking to overcome weather conditions, TYRE WARS bralout and change the state of races, and accurate steering ability goes out of the window, with rain and oil patches and so on.

TECHNOLOGY WISE, you do perhaps get to see that however much man wants to harness and control the power of the elements, the elements themselves often have very differing ideas.

So bad weather ruins the race, or gives alternate Manufacturers and drivers an opportunity for the odds to become more even in showing what they can do.

Still Favourites are favourites for a reason within many a sporting realm.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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