So Why The Diversion

Now of course many a person can look at what I wrote yesterday as to prediction’s for the Premiership and BELIEVE that I have deliberately mislead them in some fashion.

In fact it does state underneath the prospect of only 1 of the results or outcomes being correct.

The POINT being that our CONSCIOUS WINDOW upon the World or life the universe and everything is TINY, and the ACCESS to the larger or massive NON-CONSCIOUS data that we all develop and accumulate through our lives is generally only accessed via allowing yourself to get CREATIVE in some fashion or manner.

So I write and write and this information from my collected DATA is kind of like a REPORT and the REPORT is effectively where STATISTICS can lead us astray or indeed be utilised or harnessed in some fashion.

So knowing that I am at present only getting 1 in 3 predictions in the premiership correct, can help others in there own choice and options and indeed writing CAPITALS for example can break up the mental must read line-by-line teachings that we had programmed into us in childhood and school.

The practice of reading up and down and left and right and diagonally and so on, is a useful habit to develop in overcoming some of those getting the PERIPHERAL or SUBTLE non-conscious information into the foreground for the conscious witness to SEE.

Further to that I can say that I decided to watch a couple of films, one was Prometheus and had a robot created by the WAYLAND CORPORATION named DAVID 8 (hmmmn), apparently the creation could perform many activities in far superior fashion than a regular human though much like predecessor droids and robots and so on within FILM & LITERATURE, the debate was somewhat interesting as to whether such CREATIONS HAVE A SOUL.

Of course creative types throughout the ages have often countered these soulless arguments, with the IDEA that anything you create is in effect imbued with your soul.

Again interesting debates to be had, though I thought the film good in its own right, as a variation on the Alien story and indeed IDEAS as to ORIGINS and so on.

I then also watched another film from the same year 2012 entitled LOOPERS, and that was again simple entertainment, though does raise the SPECTRE of time travel and paradox and attempts to change the future in the past and so on.

These things also of interest in the sense of what I spoke upon previously as to an Earth population of 7 Billion people, how can anyone among us know with any guarantee or certainty as to what any of those other peoples and persons are going to actually DO in terms of prediction and behaviour and actions and so on.

We can speculate as to someone taking the high road or indeed the low road, or indeed following some lifestyle choice or alternate lifestyle choice, though typically it could well be suggested that a million and one events such-as those butterfly flapping there wings here causing a storm over there, can occur and happen, without absolutely anyone within the larger POPULATION ever having heard or read or having knowledge of such things.

We all of course perhaps in Western Cultures and European educations have little in the way of diversion from established Schooling and predictable HERD like behaviours and patterns, though such things cannot necessarily be established for unknown tribes and peoples and persons who have not gone through such lessons and learnings and so on.

I think in fact, that in some ways multiple Science Fiction writers have sort to try to relay this kind of information within their works, think of Mowgli in the Jungle Book in comparison to real life children that have been found to have lived like animals and so on.

We also of course can demonstrate as differing cultures have been encountered and documented, that environmental factors really can and do play a part in the lifestyle choices of such peoples, in the sense of not creating and crafting timetables beyond monitoring of local seasons and variations of territorial grounds.

I listened to a TED talk where an international writer regarded herself as “multi-local”, suggesting that whilst she has a British passport and is of Ghana heritage and having lived life travelling the globe, she takes or carries he mental attitude of being local with her where ever she happens to find herself and I actually concur with much of those thoughts because it really is or does often seem that STRONG ALIGNMENT to any one given nation or country or local populace can be more detrimental than accepting and aligning in good grace with “where am I now”. She also did not disparage having Sovereign states and nationalities, as some might presume from such thinking and strategies.

So getting the non-conscious information into the foreground of a conscious state is doable and likewise not buying into INTRANSIGENT FRUSTRATIONS and so on at early mistakes and misunderstandings can also be a wise choice.

Today I see some headline referring to Belgium and in all honesty I did visit Belgium during youth many years ago and typically found the Chocolate and Knitted Jumpers stereotypes to perhaps fit the region or area that I visited, although the report was with regard to an Military base installation, we all typically are TRIGGERED into differing thoughts and feelings as to what we ourselves focus and concentrate upon.

Elsewhere continues Tax credit debates and another large Earth Quake in the Afghanistan region, as well as some Canadian Pacific Boat sinking, unsure as to why some of these reports are regarded as newsworthy whilst others are not.

Yes, in truth of course, someone somewhere or indeed some computer algorithm is working out what you may or may not want to know within your newsfeed and so on.  So given such snippets of data, we then have to perhaps constantly ask those questions as to how is this information of importance to myself and so on.

Clearly it can perhaps be demonstrated that those with Large Global Empires such-as Rupert Murdoch perhaps have more time available to have learnt knowing what people want and how to deliver such things to them, so we can of course with Corporate Bodies decide to utilise such groups as ROLE MODELS to identify lessons and learnings from or indeed go all out into some DUAL state of being the opposition to such entities.  Another reality perhaps that whilst they may have thousands of employees about the Globe, you can probably find that most interpretations of corporate policy (for example) not only deviate from continent to continent through laws and so on that have to be abided by, but from employee to employee also, and that is a very IMPORTANT DISCTINCTION in many ways.

I can of course suggest that wanting to be success in speaking directly on a given topic,(such-as Football) would be preferable though clearly can suggest that it has been demonstrated this week in particular that you can with prolonged and continued practice, come to at least see things from an INDIRECT fashion and manner, when someone takes the time to teach or demonstrate such things.

So I perhaps will now go and do some drawing instead as all this writing and writing seemingly only takes you so far.

I am reminded of a quote from Sam Horn as to not being commensurate with Shakespeare though can at least be commensurate with myself.

Yes I watched the Dr Who episode on the weekend and in some ways it reminded myself of that Madam Pompador episode as to her quotes of taking the long route through time, though of course we also had a reference to that episode of the hospital where the cat nuns were curing the rich and wealthy and so on.

Yes the idea that someone has to die in order to open a rift in time and space was not all that dissimilar from classical tales of tribes offering gifts to the Volcano and so on. And of course Society when polls are carried out, often keen to reintroduce death penalties etc.  Though the theme or arc of the series does seem at present to be strangely missing, unsure where storylines are headed, though maybe that in and of itself is the theme of the great unknown or undiscovered country and the final frontier and so on.

Expansive thoughts and feelings and options versus otherwise.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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