Box Office Bomb Or Bullshit Statistics?

So time and again throughout each and every generation of film makers and creators and indeed star attraction big name actors and actresses, we hear of a Box Office FAILURE.

Strange though true of course, one does have to wonder how such things are calculated.  I have a tendency to think that something is regarded as a flop in financial terms or audience terms, though still typically exists.

So a film with X stated huge budget and big name cast fails to reclaim the manufacturing OUTLAY or INVESTMENT at the Box Office, and we have such things drummed into us over and again.

However further research often find that all those involved within the production were paid and have already moved on to the next film or 2 within their career.  Historically at least, many an ALLEGED FLOP actually went on to do rather well in Video rental and DVD sales and so on, often recouping monies BEYOND the limited short term range of BOX OFFICE AUDIENCE, especially when you take into consideration MERCHANDISING as well.

We also of course can suggest that a certain amount of influence and manipulation goes on as to the CAUSE/EFFECT side of things. Star’s personal lives and sometimes historically CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS.

So big name within some alternate realm such-as a sport or wrestling or TV has a bit part within some movie that does quite well and then is signed up on some 5 Movie Deal to work within some particular PRODUCTION COMPANY projects.  Clearly the life cycle INVOLVED within being part of some MOVIE REALM STABLE be it Disney or Fox or whomsoever is likely to be several years and the ripple effect of any one given PRODUCT or PROJECT is likely to continue before it is too late, so do you want an EARLY BOMB or FLOP or a LATE BOMB or FLOP within your career change etc.

We also see such events within the Music Industry where for example, on both Pop Idol and American Idol a few years ago and indeed more recently on X Factor, we have seen Audience disagree with Industry Expertise such as that proffered by Simon Cowell. Very often the industry knows via history what it can and cannot build peoples careers around.

Adele of course has been in the news this week with her regular sane life continuing with the occasional album release every few years.  What is interesting (from my point of view) is that she much like others before her or at the same time such-as Leona Lewis, attended the so-called British FAME Academy or Music industry college.

They perhaps due to limited places can like all other institutions only offer a limited number of spaces, so the entry requirements and competition and indeed being around like minded peoples and persons perhaps ups the ANTE as to performance and so on.

Is this important?  Well time and again much like that great footballing kid in school who we all thought would play for a big club and disappeared into obscurity, the insatiable attention and all-round amount of attention given or demanded by audience can destroy people.

Leona Lewis (for example), everyone KNEW after hearing her sing that here is a woman with a great or FANTASTIC VOICE, though ask for any other warts and all attributes and values that you and I may or may not relate to, and you begin to find yourself quickly descending into mental realms of BOREDOM and oh, almost like there is nothing else there that register CHARACTER or PERSONALITY and so on.  I am sure that others can demonstrate that I am incorrect, though I thought whilst she would probably win (purely on voice alone) that a FICKLE audience would not be HOOKED by that one quality and so on.

This of course the problem with REALMS and indeed AUDIENCE, we in the lower classes who are typically also the LARGEST AUDIENCE GROUPS, perhaps want those warts and all appeals, operated upon in some all-inclusive catchment of LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR.

Of course some folks also KNOW that someone such-as Leona could have entered a typically middle to middle-upper class career in West End Theatre and even possibly travel the World in major productions without necessarily being broadly known across all audience demographics.

So whilst POP STAR appeal can seem like the be all and end all to us as youngsters, given the way in which the insatiable media builds up and knocks down Celebrities in general, the idea of working within some NICHE sector or behind the scenes and still being successful and potentially with less stresses and strains must have an appeal all of its own.

We can in fact find many a Celebrity who had Theatre fame and then some TV fame and returned to Theatre and remained within national consciousness to varying degrees.  so many of these individuals opt for the finger in every pie choices or try a little bit of that as a taster option.

Clearly success does not have to be limited to one given realm, though likewise if the pressure or associated nonsense that comes with some realms puts you off or you feel you have not had sensible lead time or warning then you also have the right of course to carry out an about turn and go with a different direction and strategy.

Anyway the headline is one we see time and again, and when we look at typical lists for example, it almost seems strange to us as viewers that the creators and participants could not have forecast that this is what was about to occur.

Hind sight of course an easy bailout choice and option, though in fact, some famous Box Office flops were genuinely good films, whilst others perhaps akin to seeing a massive cloud in the clear blue sky preceded with an aeroplane with engines on fire coming toward yourself and wondering why no one else can see the  visual effect or TRAGEDY that is about to happen or occur or UNFOLD.

Yes this David is in need of DESCRIPTIVE TUTELAGE believe it or not.  Strange though true even when writing these blog articles, you come to see where you are weak or strong and of course some say just practice until you get better, though that then leads to realisations of VOCABULARY, and how broad or indeed limited such things can become after a few years, fed on a constant diet or “one liners” and punch lined headline snippets and so on.

Yes I opened up an article regarding some new release that is being heralded a flop in terms of investment versus initial returns, in fact we can see that some films take very differing TRAJECTORIES and the same has occurred within the MUSIC industry on occasion.

Think of those albums that sit mid table and then an appearance or performance causes people to think AH-Ha and rush out and buy, boosting sales and chart position that in turn causes other to check such things out, SNOBBERY ASIDE you really do get people who will only ever PURCHASE according to CHART POSITIONS and so on, top 5 only or top 10 only according to this MEDIA OUTLET or BROADCASTER.

Easy to CRITICISE such individuals, though they themselves may lead exceptionally busy lives and simply opt for WHATS HOT WHATS NOT, options and choices, or indeed REALISE that such tactics are in fact akin to that 80 20 RATIO spoken of from various TEACHERS and MASTERS.

Whereby working with FOCUS on the 20% can actually significantly boost your performance, because typically in an over saturated insatiable media driven World, utilising ways and means to cull and cut and reduce options, becomes an OPTIMISATION strategy for remaining at some level of EQUILIBRIUM (yes I know that such things can be ALTERED via raising THRESHOLD), though many of us lived perfectly happy non-conscious lives prior to taking up some of these courses, where we are simply being told “I know something you don’t know” much like some childhood game of I’ll tell you this secret in return for that secret of yours.

NOW RED MEAT is in the NEWS as newly designated CARCINOGEN via World Health Organisation (WHO) mandate and is potentially also cancer creating, though many of course especially within particular sporting realms have often opted for a reduction in red meat intake and so on anyway because many meats can stay within your body and gut way beyond being healthy, hence perhaps the popularity of various body FLUSHING strategies over the years.

Elsewhere we are seeing the League Cup today and as to feedback and return and percentages, these ones I have not really paid attention to so will check them out now.  I can of course go with the favourites strategy, a premier team (after all) is there often through better facilities and better performance and all the rest of those things.

Whilst everyone loves ideas of UNDERDOG Rocky Balboa getting a Title Shot and taking the opportunity with both hands, much like Eminem rapped in his 8 Mile Biography, the percentage reality is actually not all that favourable in choices.  So yes an upset can occur in 1 game of 2 leg competitive fixtures (for example) though the superior team usually rectifies or takes a REMATCH more seriously 2nd time around.  Clearly then a knockout blow is preferable for those who do not want to miss the opportunity to make headlines and a name for themselves.

Football League Cup

Day 1





Day 2


Man City

Aston Villa

Man Utd

Yes, just realised that I did perhaps mention this competition previously, Carlisle famously held Liverpool to a draw, though the previous round showed all major teams progressing with impressive INTENTION reflected within their score lines.

Yes many other sports such as GOLF and TENNIS are continuing as I type and of course even if I have not spoken in DIRECT TERMS, if your own favoured SPORT is currently taking place, why not seek to UTILISE IN-DIRECT pointers and clues and so on, not necessarily from just myself but the greater World at large and indeed those who are perhaps more ADVANCED with such things, without being hampered or distracted by other events and goings on, as I have been known to have been on some occasions.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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