Does The Holistic Solution & Whole Brain Thinking Work

This is one of those questions we any of us can ponder upon as we view and make links as to events that are occurring within the local vicinity and indeed our translation or scaling and measuring of data, reports and information to the broader and deeper realm of informatics in general.

So a lot of hoo-Haa and headlines are being given NATIONALY to this issue of RED MEAT, and that for many of us who have followed some of these learnings and teachings and lifelong learning remedies can TRIGGER ideas as to the GAME

6 Degree’s of Kevin Bacon

The basic idea being that starting with Kevin Bacon you can make some linear or indeed non-linear mental pathway connecting him with any other actor or actress in Hollywood.

Yes it is quite simply 6 degrees of separation going on, though clearly I think the name BACON lends itself to those MEAT STORY’S.

I can also mention that Sam Horn within her Write Well course suggested a change to the IDEA of 5 Degrees of separation and indeed from modern technological point of view, I kind of concur (not conker) and not conquer of course that three words all given to differing interpretative meaning all using very similar sounds and spellings.

Anyway in reality it has been demonstrated that the IDEA of DEGREES of Separation actually works far better within some realms and sectors than others, again depending upon perhaps how well versed and practiced you are, though typically computing experts created an algorithm and TESTED THE HYPOTHESES & demonstrated that in many realms the CLASSICAL assumption or presumed Degree of Variance was actually in some cases less and in some cases GREATER.

Though overall I think the LESS won out.

Elsewhere we are being told or having it reported as to various events taking place, a local headline that unfortunately caught my own eye is that an alleged rape is said to have taken place of a girl of similar age to my own daughter, the fact that the guy involved was reported as only a couple of years differing in age, does not of course make any such incidences of greater or lesser harmful.

Strange though true it is quite surprising how stupid many a person becomes when offering opinions and all the rest on such matters, from women who would not mind if it were Johnny Depp (for example) to no smoke without fire claims from blokes who have had women change mind on them or quite simply

Peoples involved being at cross purposes as to what they are speaking and talking and communicating about.  This perhaps one of those excessively grey areas, where it can often be better to be thankful that you yourself or family and friends were not involved and also let the experts in dealing with such issues and matters, deal with these things.

I mention that of course, because when I look to the notes I wrote of just a day or two ago, I can in HINDSIGHT make some mental CROSS-REALM-INTERPRETATIONS and indeed decide that my own attention and focus is better placed on more rewarding thoughts and activities and so on.

However, few of us can claim to have necessarily carried out LETTING GO and RELEASING type strategies on some of those subject areas and topics, so when such things do come to your awareness or attention and IF and ONLY IF you feel triggered in some fashion, it may well be worth while, exploring where such things ORIGINATED within your own PSYCH and the accumulated LIFE STORIES and things you tell yourself and so on.

That perhaps related to the idea that very few genuine stories or indeed building blocks exist, and for each and every one of those inputs and outputs of VARIATIONS & THEMES we can usually find an opportunity to clear mental flotsam and detritus and indeed, as said above, move past some topics and subjects that are potentially acting as blocks to seeing the bigger picture or indeed fearful of zooming into the DETAIL of a given picture, scene or scenario.

Elsewhere, we have also of course been seeing a continuing court case, as to a murder that has taken place, and again it can be interesting in exploring CYCLES and PATTERNS of differing regions and Societal sectors.

I was thinking of course in terms of how I could DESCRIBE such things, and one option is to imagine that the game of monopoly is being played on a map of the UK and some regions have high soaring tower blocks, whilst others are extremely close to the raw surface ground (so to speak).  Clearly it may be that, those tower blocked built up regions and areas are some of the accumulated stories, and traumas that are potentially preventing you from getting closer to the raw surface DATA and so on.

It has of course also been demonstrated that much within those TOWER BLOCK accumulated knowledge and learnings may well be useful to you hence they being so high in the first place.  Though clearly that perhaps related to IDEAS as to BALANCE or IMBALANCE.

Do I want a broad and wide knowledge or can I simply continue in the vain of this TOWERED METHODOLOGY and what are the questions I can be asking as to positive and negative coin sides on such matters.

We all perhaps have heard of the COLLAPSE of the TWIN TOWERS, and likewise waited for the FAMED LEANING TOWER OF PISA to fall over, and we have all perhaps stacked blocks prior to seeing them tumble like a pile of Jenga Bricks with appropriate external stimulus that we failed to note or did not predict as a POTENTIALITY.

Yes metaphorical and allegorical and so on can do your head in, though meditating clearly helps with re-evaluating understanding of cycles and patterns and behaviours and MOTIVATION, INCENTIVE and INTENTION and whether some action is CONSCIOUSLY motivated or simply some non-conscious program creeping up to bite you in the PROVERBIAL DERRIERE.

Yes some things really do require greater caution and thought prior to setting the cat amongst the pigeons, and one of the genuinely most useful strategies is to pause and breath and re-evaluate what you personally know from within your own life sphere and influence to what is occurring in external herds behaviours and so on.

Some call such maneovring as dynamic steering, though clearly I would hope positive thoughts and feelings and reward or otherwise for the actioned behaviours you want to be established, are perhaps better than rewarding bad behaviours. Lots of debates to be had, though clearly meditation and lessons and learnings and courses, do not necessarily bring you to a point of PERSONAL WISDOM.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

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