I Wonder What They Will Look Like Now

So first of I can of course quickly run through the direct predictions for yesterday’s League Cup Fixtures, and it does appear that this David is well of track and may be better of turning DIRECT ATTENTION elsewhere.  Although once again can DEMONSTRATE INDIRECT ATTENTION clues and so on were present within his writings.

League Cup

Everton were chosen and Everton progressed via a drawn fixture and penalty shootout.

Hull were chosen and and Hull progressed via a drawn fixture and penalty shootout.

Arsenal were chosen and Sheffield Wednesday won the fixture in normal playing time.

Chelsea were chosen and Stoke progressed via a drawn fixture and penalty shootout.

So some can of course say that we are playing with semantics when we suggest that a team did not actually LOSE a fixture, though clearly most fans want the NEWS that it is their own designated team that has PROGRESSED in a given Cup competition.

In betting terms you could of course bet on just about anything including a draw and extra time and penalties, though history books, and people reading such things will simply presume/assume a given team LOST a fixture, even though the DETAIL says otherwise.  Penalties seem to be more about ending an ENTRENCHED STALEMATE in the name of progress, than necessarily deciding who is the better side and so on.

Yesterday in advance of today’s fixtures I listed the following selections.


Man City

Aston Villa

Man Utd

It would of course be easy to suggest that today will be similar to yesterday, though I think not.  Today’s team’s will potentially have heard news of some major scalps having been taken and will not want to be among them.  It could in fact act as a strong REVERSE psychology, in the sense that all players within all of today’s fixtures could well lose focus on their own game and team and so on.  From a psychological point of view, “other people’s stuff” is just that, though likewise underdogs can presume to adopt an ALL IN approach toward Cup success, that may be missing from higher ranking clubs where the battling on multiple fronts & competitions can potentially DISINCENTISE players who MENTALLY at least have accumulated FALL-BACK POSITIONS. (IE we are still in this other competition and this other competition and so on.).  when you FOLLOW that (quite common amongst fans) mental self-talk you can see that you may well be talking yourself out of working hard for anything at all, though clearly COMPARTMENTALISING occurs, the underlying truth is that such attempts at SEPARATING ROLES

Today I am a footballer in the League

Today I am a footballer in the FA Cup

Today I am a footballer in the …

Is not a wise decision quite simply because the KEYWORDS or threads that run through as the framework or mental glue are the same.

So psychologically you can see that some of these SHORT QUOTES and mantras that people adopt for themselves, can actually lead to success and indeed congruence, when you realise that any SEPARATION is an ABITRARY “STATE OF MIND” that does not genuinely fit circumstances. (Much like saying “the map is not the territory”) BORDERS appear on maps, though rarely do you necessarily see them in terms of great long walls and no-man’s lands and so on.

Historically in fact many a DESIGNATED DEMARCATION of boundaries (think line in the sand), has been carried out along the lines of GEOGRAPHIC FEATURES such-as Hills and rivers and so on, it is only those who get into the mind set to fight and squabble for every INCH of ground or space, that seemingly upset all the applecart’s, time and time again.

We typically see such things within NEIGHBOUR disputes, whereby you may buy a property with designated ON PAPER boundaries, and then find that the non-paper 10 FT FENCE of your neighbour, blocks your sunlight or the trees and bushes used as a boundary infringe heavily into your TERRITORY and so on.  Many Boundary disputes are often NEGLECTED and go unspoken of for years until some great EXPLOSION occurs, on one side, whereby some individual or family has taken the piss for many years and some non-conscious line that has been drawn is stepped over etc.

In News Media terms you often WITNESS this in terms of some HEADLINE as to some mild mannered, of good character and references individual suddenly taking a major digression into LOONY TOON land EXTREMISM.

Anyway moving on, the title of this piece or article is in fact (for myself) a reference to a news article or 2 relating to MILITARY PURCHASES and expenditure, not only in the famed GENERIC GENERALISATION but in specifics as though who continue to read will see.

So I note that Military Expenditure is being guaranteed via a 2% National GDP system, and commentators are complaining that this is too late, because of all the cuts of recent years from some review that occurred.  Complaints especially are seemingly targeting those who are opting to plough money toward so-called Ferrari Systems, when BMW systems can function and fulfil requirements just as well.

My own view is a slight VARIANT on this topic in the sense, that some financial involvement with some Countries and Companies invariably means an almost automated extension of WAITING FOR PRODUCT and expenses massively going over budget.

Sadly, the United Kingdom, does seem to get taken to the cleaners when we look at cross realm projects such-as the Euro fighter and so on.

Whilst we have had British Aerospace historically being a leading company in terms of what is achievable, we also can demonstrate that FAILURE (much like within the Historical British Automotive Industry) seemingly goes hand-in-hand with British Military & Defence Spending.

The sad truth is often one of PROJECTS not being developed and well thought through enough, and indeed SPENDING OTHER PEOPLES MONEY, without any Genuinely VIABLE product at the end of these projects.

For every successful or VIABLE British Motor Story (think Mini & Land Rover & Jaguar) there are a dozen that went by the wayside via having to please to many  INTERNALISED VESTED INTERESTS (peoples and factions often already with fingers in pies and feedback of the government drip feed etc) and taking the eye of the ball of what the real CONSUMER & AUDIENCE says it wants and needs etc.

Yes interesting of course, is that independent committees who carry out REVIEWS are sadly themselves often misguided or misled into taking the eye of the ball as to FUNCTION and PURPOSE and so on.

Does Britain want and need and require efficiently equipped Armed Service Personnel and the Tools that go hand in hand with such things, a Naval Fleet, An Air fleet, tanks and other tools of the trade.

YES, expense budgets whenever we are talking about boats, ships, cars, tanks, guns, clothes, are all TOOLS, and if you think of such things in terms of TOOLS and the function of a tool you cannot go far wrong, though clearly many do.

Yes so much EMPHASIS can be placed upon BELLS & WHISTLE Appeals that you lose sight of the CRITERIA and DECISION MAKING or TREE PROCESS, when it comes to various weights and measures of suitability & fitness for purpose.

Yes, you want people to come to you and say we have this new Tractor Beam (such-as demonstrated within UK Universities) or indeed that Hover bike I published at some point last year, though BLINKERED reality often means that people do not necessarily see the POTENTIAL for what they have created beyond hobby markets or indeed FUN RESEARCH, and likewise the STEP from RESEARCH FEASIBLITY to PRODUCT is one of a no-man’s land mountain of FAILED WHAT-IF’S.

 So the DILEMMA then as to PREDICTING what a FUTURE CORE TOOL REQUIREMENT actually is, when in fact in machines of war the same features and functions have existed all along.

Tools that carry people from A to B Horses, Boats, Cars

So reality then is often that we want the same, though faster and stronger and more manoeuvrable and higher powered weapons and stealth features etc.

Anyway the United Kingdom in recent years massively cut DIRECT budgets or framed them in terms of expenditure on INDIRECT activities for the BIGGER TOOLS (ships, airplanes etc), at the expense of a bog standard trained man and-or woman to physically operate and use the tools.

CRONISM has historically always lead to inefficient systems of Governance and Procurement, and despite the present forces having been seen to do a good job in recent years around the globe, I really do think it appropriate that we see those who are at HIGHER LEVELS coming into greater ALIGNMENT with those at the sharp end and on the ground.

So the title was a reference to America’s B-2 replacement, yes those super bombers that few others have come close to developing are 20 years old and out-of-date and America is now going of to create a NEXT GENERATION of super military craft, even though it’s now aged and ancient 20 year old fleet, would make it into service in just about every other developed and indeed non developed nation on the planet.

Timing wise of course I noted NSA (National security agency) reports appearing around the same time as these next generation stories came out so, its perhaps all gone hush hush James Bond an what will Q branch come up with next.

So anyway believe it or not returning to classical “FLYING SAUCER” theory and leaving out the Alien’s part of the stories, I do actually believe it now possible that a number of technologies already exist that can be brought together to create FLYING SAUCERS.

Yes Military DELTA WING aircraft have been demonstrated to work and when you think about it, if you positioned 4 back to back around a centerpointe you would have the outline of your average flying saucer vehicle, though clearly we generally THINK or BELIEVE the physics is WRONG, or they would at present of course burn each other to death (due to engine positions), though electromagnetics theory and indeed some of these laboratory TRACTOR BEAM implementations and indeed WIND TUNNELS (utilised within motor vehicle manufacture) as well as that chap with the hoverbike perhaps demonstrate that seemingly impossible physics (much like the vertical take off of Harrier Jets) really is coming into its own at present.

So many tech’s exist that can be brought together, and likewise building materials that come with associated budgets, though interestingly Corporation after Corporation has demonstrated that ownership throughout an entire production chain, means that you have control of the complete end-to-end model rather than being held to ransom by some grouping outside of your bubbled World of Existence.

Yes so to CLARIFY,

 no I do not think a Military would genuinely consider building a fleet of flying saucer like vehicles (beyond perhaps super drones etc.), even though technology exists.  The quest then perhaps one of multipurpose vehicles and tools and utensils with all round capabilities, and then of course deciding via a TRADE-OFF as to what capabilities are most important to any designated realm, LAND,SEA and AIR, SPACE.

Yes strange though true of course, space has always been treated via NASA like entities etc. as being separate from classical LAND SEA AIR quotes, though I think it perhaps time, in these days of satellites and explorations to include SPACE.  LAND SEA AIR SPACE, though again you perhaps find fingers in tills merchants at each and every level of Society and vested interest and if not fingers then SNOUTS.

So life continues and whilst we all may consider ourselves as separate and part of this realm and not that other, in fact most of us accumulate a quite varied set of interests as we grown and the TRICK is perhaps to look into the SIMILARITIES rather than constantly focus on DIFFERENCES. Or at least seek to ask those questions as to lessons and learnings taken from a given set of circumstance.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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