Lemony Snickett’s Truth & Lies

Okay so I have just watched the latest in the present serialization of “The Apprentice” and enjoyed the show very much, and then found myself thinking about  children’s film starring Jim Cary Lemony Snickett A Series of Unfortunate Events.

So first off and carrying in the tradition of write and witness feedback I can of course return to the football.

What David said and what actually happened.

League Cup

Liverpool were my choice and Liverpool Won the fixture, David = 1

Man City were my choice and Man City Won the fixture, David = 2

Aston Villa were my choice and Southampton defeated them, David remains = on 2

Man Utd were my choice and the game ended a Draw and Middlesbrough progressed on penalties.

So once again perhaps demonstrating being within some 50/50 zone or mid-point within the selections and options. 2 correct and 2 wrong uns.

Returning to the apprentice episode it was interesting that the teams candidates were mixed up once again, and indeed the task involved pet show product sales.

What was witnessed and what actually occurred

So what we saw were that both groups wanted an easy sell, draw them in low end loss leader type product and opted for balloons, though only one group could have them.  Likewise, it was suggested that for every 1 HIGH END product sold at say £1000 you required selling 200 LOW END products at £5 for an equality of income.

Some products are suggested to sell themselves, though it can of course suck you into differing PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES, in the sense that it is easy to remain HAPPY and UPBEAT and MOTIVATED with products that can sell themselves at low cost, than to maintain similar THOUGHTS and FEELINGS with HIGH VALUE high return products, that POTENTIALLY require some particular AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC.

We have heard for years and years how differing classes or groupings of moneyed people are classed in variations as to A, B, C , and associated buying habits of the respective PROFILES.

So it can of course be suggested that PRODUCT CHOICE & SELECTION was a BIG TOPIC, in the sense that I thought both teams had performed a certain level of mismatching in choices. Neither team had some SURE THING at all levels of the challenge.

So anyway all the way through it was mostly given to seeing with the High Premium stuff that CAT MAN & The Gang  were happy and rewarded selling CAT Tower things, whilst the Dogs Dinner Gang appeared to be struggling or less busy with the personalised Luxury Dog Sofa’s.  On the pile it high front of low end products, The Dog’s dinner gang had the balloons and t-shirts and appeared to be exceptionally busy with children queues buying balloons, whilst the low end cat gang went out and about seeking to stimulate some trade for their cat toys.

When it came to the boardroom we had something of a TURNABOUT in the sense that one may have assumed or presumed from the preceding 3o minutes that the Cats were going to walk it via the Best HIGH END product, whilst the pile it high balloons Dog Sofa gang was going to struggle.

In reality it was perhaps more finally balanced in the sense that a sale here or there, could have swung results either way.

The winners were chosen or selected on INCOME or REVENUE, and the balloons, t-shirts and Dog Sofa’s won out, against the modular cat towers and non-descript cat toy things.

I of course thought that the ability to mix and match in MODULAR FASHION the cat towers would create greater revenues, because you actually had a BROADER CATCHMENT of ABC demographics, though that perhaps confused SALES people used to selling to one market audience only.  So experienced as the CANDIDATES might be with one audience, there was perhaps a mismatch as to who was selling what products.

The woman who was axed, may have been better selling the balloons and T shirts, although both groups perhaps had a certain level of personnel mismatching to audience going on.

So yes perhaps one of the favourite or BEST episodes to date from the series, because there really was an element of make or break, sell what you have in front of you, from your stall.

Whilst I would not have probably chosen Dog Sofa’s I cannot know what other options were, and of course Cats & Dogs probably have the greatest number of owners to appeal to.

We can also suggest that the chap selling those, did appear to fit a particular demographic (reminded myself of some Luxury Television Branded type sales store personnel) where people go to because they already know what they want and are looking for.

So not overly disappointed with the outcome, though felt those on the LOW END product side of things, perhaps had the easier coin-side with separating peoples with coinage etc.

News wise and we have Prince Harry visiting the United States and spending time with Michelle Obama as part of his Invictus Games promotion’s for the event in Florida next years.

On the home front we have delays to something called “The Chilcott Report” into the invasion or war in Iraq and so on.  Of interest to various factions, though I do think that one side is obsessing with analysis of “The Past” whilst the other obsessing with we will deliver the report in “The Future”.

This the constant inner mental “confusion and conflict” issue that many people grow up with, whereby we are told that time exists according to this Calendar, and watch and seasons etc. And you have to consider the past and likewise plan the future, though AWARENESS & ENLIGHTENMENT expertise is seemingly given to bringing peoples to states and realisations that those are genuinely scales and measures that you can STEP BACK FROM in order to have realisations as to being able to understand that ALL IS NOW and can only ever be NOW, and we can zoom out to not being so closely related to OUR STORIES in order to restructure our stories in perhaps more ENLIGHTENED AWARE fashions and so on.

Yes, a multitude of variations of processes exist to bring you to such awareness though likewise changing mind-sets and indeed aligning with more prosperous outlooks as to Health and Wealth and family and relations with various groupings and factions and so on is an ongoing sequence of CHOICE & OPTIONS.

So where once it may have seemed few options exist to escape some inner turmoil or failed strategy of lifestyle choices and options, we can seek to identify NEW STRATEGIES or SUCCESFULLY utilised strategies that come with greater EMPOWERMENT and improved decision tree thoughts and feelings and the actions that they lead to.

What else is going on, well some Athletics is going on somewhere about the Globe and again I have noted links and so on, in terms of feedback and return systems, so that perhaps DEMONSTRATES why it is so easy once you gain entry to some “BEING IN THE ZONE” to still find yourself being hooked and hinged and distracted in all directions like the classical “kid in a candy store”.

So I have suggested taking up assisted Meditation and also when carrying out cross realm interpretation to typically pick things you already have interest in and limit yourself in a somewhat dogmatic fashion until confidence is established and you can seek to broaden your REPERTOIRE and range of SKILLS SETS, so to speak.

All too easy to return to old mental models and constructs at various stages, though I would certainly hope that such things are done with a greater level of awareness and so on as to what may next be expected to happen or occur. It does not have to be all doom and gloom or indeed all happiness and light, though clearly identifying the ATTRIBUTES and VALUES that you personally hold or maintain against the external motivations and indoctrinations of others is an interesting aspect to consider.

We are also seeing some charity scandal high-lighted at present and indeed some school yard death up North is also making front pages and so on.

Are we in the season of “I told you so’s” or “does this subject and topic” put money on the table and food in the belly within my own World and life.

Yes, the ongoing Becky Watts Murder Trial issue is getting a hell of a lot of ongoing coverage, though strangely holds zero appeal to myself, almost in an eye rolling manner, I will not even open or click the link etc.

Maybe I should, though strangely have for the most part concluded that whilst I grew up watching and having huge taste and fascination with CRIME and DETECTIVE STORIES and so on, that such things again hold appeal to particular demographics much like the last episode of DR WHO where you had a guy awaiting to be hanged, seemingly seeking to delay his demise with incessant & GENUINE GALLOWS HUMOUR.

So much like the famous actors and actresses in the Movies, you can perhaps move on from taking note of any realm that OBSESSES with DELAYS etc.  Interestingly within the WRITE WELL course, it was suggested that having DEADLINES (for completing books and works) was a must, even as a negative motivation, because we can always be looking or seeking to IMPROVE our works and lessons and learnings in some fashion.  The never ending manner of such DELAY of course can lead us to carry out internal inquiry as to the CAUSE/EFFECT of such behaviours within our own lives.

Do we choice and option courses and paths that lead to continued growth and personal development, or do we cling to some ISSUE incessantly until we find we have missed out on so many other aspects and areas of life as a result.

What else, well we have of course heard more on this topic of SECRET AGENCIES with the MANDARINS perhaps seeking to explain or demonstrate just how quickly things/technologies and strategies of opponents are changing and why assumed and presumed INVASIVE INVESTIGATIVE POWERS are a legitimate requirement of the NATION as a whole.

Staying ahead of the extremists and the actions that they may be planning against the state can also of course be a full time occupation.

Elsewhere we are hearing that the 1 billion Chinese population is now relaxing the 1 child per family rules they have lived by for many years, and within the United Kingdom we are hearing estimates as to population growth of several millions over the next few years.

Again a somewhat STRANGE set of IDEAS being thrown into the mix, clearly it might be suggested that the MANIPULATION and INFLUENCE going on as to reporting such matters is not all it seems at SURFACE LEVEL.

So many things vying for attention, though clearly once having established some pathway and route to greater FLEXIBILITY in life, one is often seemingly led to want to SHUT UP SHOP and find a focus and maintain a focus until old HABITS are broken and NEW HABITS created and indeed maintaining some modicum of SANITY with peoples and persons within your life sphere who are also usually any given persons AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC.

Far too easy (for example) to think in terms of NOW NOW NOW, when it comes to financial wage negotiations and so on, though many a long term worker within some realms has had the rug pulled from beneath their feet via those voting for constant short term REWARD & GRATIFICATION over long term benefits and rights and so on.

I mention that not to critic such issues as it perhaps also links in with issues such-as PENSION PLANS, the company I work for signed myself into some pension scheme a year or two back fowling the governments recommendations and so on and in recent months I get phone calls from various (probably competing pension providers) wanting to know if I am happy with it blah blah and why have I not carried out a REVIEW.

Surely not carrying out or optioning such choices demonstrates that I am HAPPY with it as it stands.

So whatever realm you dip your toes within or take an interest in, given the opportunity, a million and one competing agents of alternate providers will rush to seek to claim some cut of your hard grafted for pound or dollar or however.

Yes I bought a new Laptop a few months back, though feel apart from Windows 10 that the amount of garbage and junk software and indeed ongoing harassing like behaviours or tactics and strategies really do annoy.

The Microsoft Surface book sales have gone well apparently, and I would have to join a waiting list were I ever to raising the funding for one. Though typically the opportunity to purchase from manufacturer and not have a million 3rd party GARBAGESOFT truly does have appeal that is weigh up there above and beyond many other factors that these 3rd party VENDORS seemingly demand that you WANT.

No thank you, seemingly is not acceptable to some folks, though clearly in terms of alignments and COMMITMENTS we have or otherwise, we have choice and options and sometimes the most APPROPRIATE CHOICE & OPTION, much like Ghandi can be non-participation.

The truth for many peoples, even as they change throughout their lives and various dimensions of life whether work, or family or social is that each and every group or AUDIENCE will have a differing set of memories and thoughts and feelings as to you as an individual and indeed how you acted towards themselves.

A parent or child may relate differently to you than a work colleague related to you or best mate or old time club member or sports fan and so on.

Anyway enough for today, though commentating is easy, taking part in life the universe and everything does of course come with more plot turns and twists and shakedowns than one can possibly keep up with.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

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