The descriptive Phrase “Whinging Poms” Is Of Course Relative

Strange though true of course some “stereotypes” and slang words for various groupings have a tendency to take on a life of there own.

This is meant in the sense that they are KNOWN to the group that uses them, and indeed the recipients of the INSULT or MOCKERY.

The example within the title a favoured phrase of The Aussies when referencing English.

Another popular example is Roast Beef’s as utilised by the French toward us English.

I say English of course, because whilst I am sure many who use such words and phrases will do so in a broad all-encompassing model meaning Britain.  The Welsh, the Irish and the Scots will of course more likely choose or opt to ALIGN with the Aussies, distancing themselves from the English in the process.

In fact the same play out can be seen not only within schoolyard banter and so on, yet at all levels of society, very often people seeking to establish some superiority in not being a particular label or reference.

We also of course can demonstrate that particular groupings came up with words and thoughts and so on, that they assumed or presumed were more ALL-ENCOMPASSING as a catchment and therefore also something to be aligned with or aligned against.

Most attempts at UMBRELLA or UNIVERSAL descriptive terms and so on, often find themselves even more ALIGNED with by particular factions and wholly rejected by others.

In effect people say I am happy to be this because this favoured star or personality says they are this, or likewise I cannot be this that or the other, because a label is used by this individual or person or grouping, that I do not relate to.

If the label means or infers that, then I do not fit the CRITERIA, and simply shrug such things of as petty nonsenses of external PREDATORY types and so on.

So today we have a Rugby Fixture this evening, competitors of course seeking to establish who is third and fourth best prior to tomorrows Fixture to decide upon the recipients of the Webb Ellis trophy.

I saw a picture of the Trophy given or taken at a recent Buckingham Palace reception event for the Competitors and very impressive and SHINY it is too.

Who will I plunge for, well strangely I do find myself leaning toward the Argentine Position as a choice, though we can of course state that both Countries have long History with regard to International relations and not so favourable appeal to us Whinging Poms.  So in many ways we potentially have to many a BIAS to really get any kind of genuine CLARITY.

Is my Argentine Choice beause of signs and symbols and non-conscious indicators, or is it a shot in the dark of having less BIAS against them than I do the South African’s.

Elsewhere I have seemingly found myself getting drawn or sucked in as it were towards the STAR WARS UNIVERSE and forthcoming JJ Abrams versioning of that Universe.

He of course famously successfully rebooted the Star Trek Universe taking us into the realms of parallel Universe and time lines and threads and so on.

I do not think that possible within the Star Wars Universe, though clearly enough open ended threads and directions exist within the Star Wars Universe that you could reboot the entire franchise and indeed maintain the INTEGRITY of the realm without having to find some extreme or potentially DEBATABLE “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD”.

Yes many a death has occurred within many a fiction realm over the years, whereby the deceased has been so popular that they have been BROUGHT BACK in some fashion.

I was reminded of this through reading an article on a forthcoming Sherlock Holmes cinematic screening, a TV episode of the popular Cumberbatch “modern day” Sherlock cast, having created and crafted an old time Victorian Era episode, perhaps based in some of those classic BASIL RATHBONE styled movies that I grew up with, they themselves having kind of taken the CLASSIC CHARACTER and brought him into what was then the modern times for themselves.

Yes so Star Wars enthusiasts and film creators are suggesting/hinting that the ABSENCE of LUKE SKYWAKER from any film trailers and memorabilia and so on for the forthcoming film series is DELIBERATE and so on.

In fact HE WAS NOT ABSENT from the TRAILERS, because Mark Hammil as the character LUKE did the VOICE OVER for one trailer.

So ONLY A VISUAL of him is missing, and indeed we then of course have NEW DARK LORD, given to causing people to think perhaps Luke is Beneath the Mask.

I suspect differently actually, that is to easy and plausible, though my own instinct suggests that the NEW DARK LORD IS POTENTIALLY A FEMALE.  Yes I know it is a male actor in credits etc, though we must remember that DARTH had an actual character performer and a VOICE-OVER performer.

So lots of potential, though subtle hints and pointers suggest that the New Dark Lord character is a RELATIVE to the already well known & ESTABLISHED FAMILY GROUPING, or indeed possibly someone who was around indirectly during ORIGINAL EVENTS, and went away and redeveloped themselves and has come back etc.

Yes you can go on and on with such thoughts and explanation possibilities, so wait and see perhaps the name of the game, although in GUESSING GAME TERMS and so-called laws of 6 degrees or 5 degrees of separation, I am quite sure that anyone of us who follows particular trains of thoughts could probably get to some 2/3 (two thirds) being correct within guessing games.

What does that mean?

Well it means that you might DEMONSTRATE an ability to be able to ACCURATELY hit a BULLSEYE on the head 7 out of 10 times and so on, in a consistent fashion.  Yes Bongo down the road got a 9 and you are disappointed, though he only normally gets f as an average.

Dynamic Steering is of course INTERESTING to myself because it does suggest that when you are cut and thrust and wheeling and dealing, you are going to get as many hits and misses as each other, though clearly DECISION MAKING having FOUND or IDENTIFIED winning FORMULAS and STRATEGIES is again an interesting sequence of events or INTERACTIONS.

So Highs and Lows and Peaks and troughs can be found whever you turn your focus and concentration, though likewise overtime you can probably accelerate to being consistent at a high enough level of success to have found your MOJO so to speak.

Yes they do say find your MOJO and move on, in order to ensure a broad spectrum of MOJO’S, though likewise given how any of us is just one individual, and how we can create some personalised TOWER without ever being involved with the vast majority of all-comers, it can make you wonder as to why you would want to go through some REPEAT in areas previously FAILED.

We do see this within International Corporations and Companies, where a failure of years past, is ignored and a Company states it is plunging back into particular left behind failed market sectors.

Many a Teacher does suggest moving AWAY from INTRANSIGENT thoughts and feelings as to the dynamics of Success and Failure, because in terms of cycles and patterns and all the rest, you could follow the same sequence and get the same result a hundred times, or indeed alternate patterns according to PRESENT MOMENT needs, rather than based in history or projected futures.

Being grounded enough to SMELL THE COFFEE, identify WHEN an opponents motive is HIDDEN or indeed WHEN someone is GENUINE.

The further I have progressed, the more I have come to see benefit in being free of thoughts and feelings and paranoia as to EXTERNALS, in favouring of being GENUINE with myself and indeed having that reflected within the EXTERNAL.

Such things are perhaps the deepest soul searching regions, and indeed I have seen in recent months that particular PATTERNS are coming to the FORE that I have misgivings about.

However rather than get sucked in, I simply adopt of “other peoples stuff” attitude and indeed opt for polite and friendly and non-confrontational options.

So the Whinging Poms in the title is because within my writings I suggested at some point over the last year or two that it was time for Employer to consider British Employee’s again after going seemingly all for foreign Agency Workers.

Many Brits have been joining agencies and gaining employment, though some OLD HABITS and stereotypes such-as “Whinging Poms” do seemingly come with them.

Likewise my own INFLEUNCE is actually quite LIMITED.

So in other words, if you belong to some faction, whether British or Foreign or gay or straight or whatever the label, and you assume or presume that I had something to do with what occurred to some member within your GROUP IDENTITY you are likely WRONG.

I generally can say that over the years I have seen FOREIGN MAFIAS take over, though they MOSTLY have a get on with it attitude that is more in alignment with myself than otherwise.  However. I also see them react in somewhat FASCIST or EXTREME manner on occasion toward other GROUP LABELLINGS, and you do come to understand that subtle words here and there can perhaps carry more weight than otherwise as to where people should maintain some level of DECORUM or FOCUS.

Likewise any given working group and environment group can of course opt for staying on appropriate side of rules and regulations and HOW THINGS ARE DONE, or indeed understand that given PATTERNS & CYCLES, those who cry wolf loudest are often the one’s acting out of order, EVEN when it can appear they are HIGHLIGHTING some RULE or REGULATION.

So old models reasserting themselves and likewise knowing whether it is a positive uplifting and rewarding old model or the one that everyone worked hard to drive out or move on from is another consideration to have to take.

My position perhaps one of WATCHING and coming to conclusions based in greater big picture cycles and patterns and indeed short term philosophy that many a person adopts for success strategy.

Most short term thoughts feelings and behaviours are PREDICTABLE within the greater TAPESTRY of a BIG PICTURE OVER VIEW or LONG TERM view.

And indeed some of the influences and FACTORS that cause such things.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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