Does Halloween Have A VOICE

Yes of course, whilst Halloween is something perhaps of an official Calendar Date (typical organised Americana) we in Ye Olde Worlde Europe can of course claim to have set the precedent for many of the surrounding MYTH and LEGEND.

The IDEA of voice is perhaps coming to the fore at the present time, and I of course like and have heavily investigated ideas as to this time of year, quite simply because of course my own Birthday will be upon us all and God Help You mwahahahahahaha.

So what do you want to know or speak upon?

Yes strange though true Halloween and various myth and legend is given to suggesting that it is a time when multi-verses or Universes INTERSECT.

The great evils and residents of alternate realities MERGE with our own and it is up to everyone’s favourite hero to defend against the onslaught.

So yes, we are often given to various beliefs as to fabric’s of reality merging or becoming less dense and so on, this can be seen in many a story and plotline and across many FILM/TELEVISION and STAGE PRODUCTIONS.

Having thought a little further upon the new Star Wars plotlines, it does seem that some OBVIOUS things can be noted from the ORIGINAL TRILOGY that were potentially missing from the last reboot and so on.

Typically we can say that it was seemingly written in a style and fashion and manner whereby each and every LEAD CHARACTER was at some point SEPARATED from the rest of the GANG.

Such separation’s led to various aspects of the plot in terms of escape and or rescue themes becoming the favourite reason behind differing actions occurring and taking place.

I mention that also because the last REBOOT had a CLONE WARS scenario, and it is not all that difficult to IMAGINE that new enemies and so on, may very well be individuals CREATED or CRAFTED from the GENETIC MATERIAL and or MAKE-UP of some of the Hero’s of the Original Series.  Han, Luke, Leia were all separated or incarcerated at various points and imagining that the NEW BADDIES are possibly alternate versioning or Cloned sons/daughter type characters of the original goodies is an easy option.

Could a genetically cloned offspring of the Hero, be as strong with the FORCE as the source?

What else, well one of the other appeal’s of the Original series (as originally shown, not digitally remastered) was that it was SPARTAN or mostly bear of huge crowds and peoples.

All the action was around a small group of performers, that could be related to, with very occasional large crowd or panoramic views.  The 2nd Trilogy introduced greater numbers of Crowd scenes and larger panoramic views and actually SUFFERED as a result of perhaps oversaturation of the SENSES.

Yes had they stuck with original formula, they would likely have also been criticised, though clearly GENERATIONAL DIET & TASTES has not altered all that great a deal, when you look at those FILMS & PERFORMANCES that get an audience time after time and year after year, they very nearly always follow the same formula, that can be said for all the hi-tech futuristic superhero movies as it can for more regular traditional films.

As much as you THINK you WANT great PANORAMIC FIESTAS & EXTRAVAGANZA’S and lots and lots of people, they are often what people NON-CONSCIOUSLY want LEAST.

Just as the World might be considered as somewhat overwhelming for a young baby in a pram or toddler in a buggie being hurtled down the street, people want something that they can EASILY FOCUS upon, and feel relatively secure in.  Does the World you write, create and script offer that, or is it more akin to


What else, well a BIG STORY today is that of a downed Russian Airliner in Egypt, Mount SINAI Peninsula and border region with ISRAEL.  I visited there a number of years ago and enjoyed the region.  Egypt actually requires a differing VISA for that district to the rest of Egypt due to keeping the peace agreements with Israel and it works exceptionally well.

The Russian Aircraft coming down is not all that big a surprise because after Israel withdrew from that Global sector of DISPUTE within the region, it was predominantly said to have been RUSSIAN MONEY and so on that invested in the resort region, and helped secure Sharm-el sheik as a tourist destination of choice and so on.

It was a kind of popular SECRET among some holiday makers and tourists, though the lid was blown of that when it became the CENTER for various PEACE NEGOTIATIONS and DIGNITARY visits from 10 Downing street (during Tony Blair era) placed the region firmly on the MAP.

If you like Scuba Diving (from land or boat) then you have probably seen one or other brochure with Sharm as a popular destination, likewise Sun bathing & shopping, and or drinking and night clubbing fans or CASINO fans would also like the area.

In fact, it is probably the LEAST EGYPT area that EGYPT has, little in the way of ye olde pyramids and so on, yes you could go on a trip to sleep in the desert in some Bedouin tent and so on, or get on a bus for 5 to 10 hours to visit other places, though you would have been better going DIRECTLY to the Eastern side and making more appropriate usage of your time.

ELSEWHERE, we are seeing ROMANIA HIGH-LIGHTED for a nightclub firework fire and of course, working in a low income arena full of foreign nationals some of the more recent working life companions have been the addition of residents of Newer EU states such-as Romania and Bulgaria (not the Wombles uncle).

Yes, Romania classically is known for TRANSYLVANIA and DRACULA based on VLAD the IMPALER, who strangely shares this DAVID’S birthday.

More modern 20th Century storywriters seemingly blended all the old Europe type myths and legends somewhat, hence we having as rather large diet of Vampires and Wolves and Frankenstein like CROSS-OVER productions and wars and mini-wars with the differing factions.

When you look to cartoon realms you can perhaps begin to think in terms of Minion’s as the equivalent of an EGOR for every family.

So Halloween inbetween and cross-realm-interpretation abilities and INTUITIONS being INTENSIFIED or AMPLIFIED, or simply some attempts to get some non-conscious folks into awakenings zones?

The reality of course, that anyone and everyone has to very often work through such theories and beliefs systems and so on for themselves.

We can all be told this that and the other, though likewise given the PREDITORY NATURE of some COMMUNITIES, you genuinely are often better off simply raising your Threshold and placing some distance or BOUNDARIES between yourself and naysayers or troublemakers etc.

Some quarters obsess with RULES & REGULATIONS that a particular REALM INVENTED (for example), though I have spoken on HISTORICALLY having “take a weapon to work days” and that is quite simply because some folks and individuals and PSYCHOLOGICAL HERD GROUPS, really do not like polite and courteous peoples, and have a tendency to BULLY and ABUSE such individuals, very often utilising REALM PRETEXTS that do not reflect the REALITY of Greater Powers of GOVERNMENT and LAW & ORDER & POLICE Forces.

What else, well a strange story is that “HAPPY DAYS” café owner actor has departed this mortal coil (or whatever they call it), he had a good long innings in fact 96.  Yes, Happy Days was a kind of sitcom come TEEN comedy about a particular family and the friends thereof, a staple TV favourite of those who grew up in the 70’s perhaps, though likewise a GREAT THEME TUNE.

Skull Asteroid another TIME ORIENTED HALLOWEEN pointer perhaps and likewise some long held in custody in Cuba (Guantanamo Bay) friend of Osama Bin Laden has been returned to Great Britain, in order no doubt to become a Hero TROJAN within the imperialistic Nation that gives him all these welfare payments.

Yes as someone who receives zero welfare payments and works for a living, I actually think huge swathes of change is required within not only Welfare Payment Systems but Housing systems and many other areas and regions of British Society.

The combination of Welfare and Housing and other Society Wide abuses is in many ways responsible for many of the problems with MODERN FAMILY and the values that various members and factions (man, woman or child) hold within such societal wide hierarchies.

So Worlds Colliding then, or is it quite simple VOICE-OVERS Colliding, and WHO SAID THAT?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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