Time Is Catching Up With Myself-So A Quicky

The following is based in off the cuff quick time assessment as early kick-off’s limit the opportunity to blah blah and see and view DIRECT and INDIRECT clues and pointers.


New Zealand All-blacks

are my own choice, though one can of course suggest that the choices now being limited to 2 excellent teams is a 50/50 option and indeed given the sword like nature of quality quotes and double edged swords, the choice is perhaps given in that prior to the tournament we had rather a large NEW ZEALAND NEW FLAG debate.

New Zealand has not given the rest of the World, Dame Edna Everage, Kylie & Jason, Crocodile Dundee and in fact suddenly strikes oneself as somewhat RESEARCHABLE.  Yes I would have to research New Zealand to know of any input they may or may not have given to World Affairs.  They perhaps a bit like Canada in that respect.  Probably a World of Ned Flanders to our own versioning of Homer Simpson’s. top of the head, I think New Zealand provided the backdrop for the World of Lord of The Rings films, and who would not want to visit such beautiful and strangely untouched Landscapes and so on.

Although reality is suggested that everyone needs good neighbours, the kind of neighbours I like are quiet inconspicuous and occasional.


I will go with early thoughts that I put in the BBC Predictor Utensil.

Chelsea Win

Man Utd Win

Man City Win

Newcastle Draw

Swansea Draw

West Ham Win

West Brom Draw

Everton Draw

Southampton Win

Tottenham Win

That list for the predictor is usually altered by the time of games, though not a great deal, my record on the predictor is WORSE, than on my blog, because I have usually given a couple of changes by the time of a given match, tools and utensils such-as the predictor get the non-conscious questioning going as to whether I really BELIEVE what I am saying both CONSCIOUSLY (DIRECT) and NON-CONSCIOUSLY (INDIRECT).

Clearly the more you go through awakening like processes and so on, the more you come to see, just how entering many a debate and topic is fruitless in the extreme.

Proper write up coming soon.


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