Well That Was another Great Film

So I think I wrote a year or two back as to being interested in seeing the film “Saving Mr Banks” a kind of story of the story of the making of the film Marie Poppins starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson and indeed Colin Farrell.

Yes I give a somewhat ominous “and indeed” to Mr Farrell because I perhaps in critic mode have generally been somewhat dismissive of a number of performances over the years, in fact his performance within this film along with his fellow headliners was top draw, and he potentially dismissed simply through the presence of well known quality acting stalwart favourites such-as Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson.

So a good film and performances from all of the cast including the youngsters in the flashbacks, and yes I did kind of get some of the subtle nuances within the film as to how we all seemingly have our own various crosses to bare and so on. 

Mr Hanks of course in the news at present due to reports on his wife’s cancer though previously perhaps indirectly reported upon due to the behaviour of a child, headlines for what many regard as all the wrong reasons.

Typically you historically of course can suggest debates as to Sins of the Father, though likewise in retrospect many a parent could well of course offer a counter argument as to the sins of the child, we must recall that most systems, are more than one directional for most peoples, and it is perhaps typical that individually despite being a reflection of Society and upbringing and whatever the influence, we do all of course have choice.

Another interesting thing about decision making was noted by myself within an article I read yesterday in fact.  Where I perhaps run to the word DISCERNING someone else suggested that you could actually think in terms of DISCRIMINATING from among choices and options.

Yes discrimination is one of those words that can act as a trigger for many a person, though I do think if you take a MULTIPLE CHOICE ANSWERS questionnaire and then change the wording from

“please select a choice from the following”


“please discriminate a choice from the following”

you might well encourage any given individual to think a little DEEPER than might be ascertained from making some AUTO-PILOT selection.

Discriminate is almost kind of like a Sherlock Holmes deductive reasoning process.

So today, I have been to the shop and am still thinking on that film watched in the early hours and of course the various SONGS from Mary Poppins, tuppence a bag and Chim chimney, yes strangely another noted name is that of course of Dick Van Dyke, though I think the name was seen elsewhere recently as to some criminal activity or behaviour.

Elsewhere we also saw another BRIEFER Star Wars Trailer based around the Dark Lord Kylo Ren, he typically perhaps having some kind of Hero Worship issue of Darth Vader.

I did read a review for some related Star Wars books, and may well go and see if they are worth reading, the amount of FICTION REALM material I have read in recent years is somewhat limited (I feel) compared to regular supposed REAL WORLD LESSONS & LEARNINGS.

That perhaps what caught my attention in the Colin Farrell character and indeed portrayal in the sense that whilst his character was said to be the inspiration for Mr Banks, he was the authors Father, he worked in a bank and had an alcohol problem and encouraged his daughter to  not let go of her dreams and imagination and so on.

Something we can all perhaps relate to in terms of constantly hearing as we grew up that you have to grow up and be more serious and join the rest of us in this straight jacketed approach to life.

I also strangely noted that a certain level of cross-over was felt to exist between the Dr Who episode I wrote upon yesterday and the Mary Poppins realm.

Talk of “Winds from the East” and so on.

Something else I failed to mention was in fact that Dr Who actually triggered myself with fear at one point, I have not got a clue how it happened, I think he was leaning against a door, when a hand pushed through or something and I literally had an almost automated PHYSICAL RESPONSE, of falling  or jumping back in my seat.

It was strange because, as I have progressed I have genuinely come to typically dismiss many such, what I regard as ERRANT thoughts feelings and behaviours.

So is it POSSIBLE then, that even when you meditate and raise threshold and indeed better see with clarity as to how the World is made up that

INSTINCTIVE like reactions and behaviours and so on, are still within your psyche or physical being.

I have not fully thought on the topic because, I was genuinely SURPRISED by what I did than what was going on within the TV show.

So for all the aligning of thoughts and feelings with greater realities, an almost instinctual action was triggered simply through watching an imaginary TV realm.

Are the dates and timings of such things also responsible, well quite possibly. 

Headlines reporting of course on the issue of Paris coming to a World near you.

Yes multiple Paris related headlines, some seeming to be about CLIMATE CHANGE and others that what happened in Paris can happen here, wherever here happens to perhaps be among the readership.

VEHICLES are also once again within my foreground visuals, from the live white horse in the saving Private Banks flashbacks within the film to the Carousel MIRRORS sequence and indeed news elsewhere as to FUTURE VEHICLES and what are available now, various Hybrid vehicles show within my MSN newsfeed, cars that are helicopters and planes and water going vehicles AMPHIBIOUS were most interesting, yes it was about REAL LIFE TRANSFORMERS, and very many vehicles are already available, though some futuristic expectations such as a plane that splits into 3 by BAE SYSTEMS is not due for some 30+ years.

I actually disagree, believing that as reported recently the American’s are claiming to be already producing replacements for Current STEALTH VEHICLES and these transformer like productions could well be best optioned now through present day availability and testing and so on.

All well and good having a drawing board, though, some clearly already making it into production via the usual private enterprise initiatives of billionaires and the mega rich and wealthy.

This a shorter morning one.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

You’ve Never heard of “Gypsy Rose Lee”

So rather than give my KNOWLEDGE away, the simply thing is to actually utilise wiki perhaps once again as a starting point to RESEARCH https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gypsy_(1962_film)

Yes, you can look up the real life person and story though the reality for myself was that at some multiple points during childhood, this film seemingly managed to make an impression upon myself.  So possibly typical Saturday or Sunday afternoon and raining or some such and I find myself watching what the grandparents have got on whilst being babysat etc.

Now it is of course known that my daughter is known as Rose, though the reality (at least for myself) was that I was not really strongly involved in naming children and so on, generally happy to go with what the Ex-wife was wanting, and she already perhaps had established a kind of sequence, though Rose I think was among the names of an extremely DISABLED adopted sister that she had, Michelle, and Michelle was a girl who perhaps outlived her life expectancy, for a dozen or so years. She had gone into Hospital around the time that Rose was born and on that occasion was not expected to survive, although she actually once again did and was alive for another year or 2 before succumbing to her very many ailments.

So we can take a name ANY NAME and have our own AWARENESS and-or IDEA as to ORIGIN.  We also of course whether we like it or otherwise also typically recall and remember the INFLUENCE or SOURCE for such things.

So for the family of Michelle, Rose was named for her, whilst for myself I perhaps had OTHER thoughts and feelings and MENTAL ASSOCIATIONS, many a female named after Flowers, and of course we have saying such-as regarding Female Beauty as an “English Rose” and so on.

I will now take a brief detour on what I was going to write about, because I typically often write more than is published and some things go completely UNPUBLISHED, and I sometimes later carry out a kind of mental re-write giving gist of what I said in an earlier ARTICLE.

So I have just watched “HEAVEN SENT” an episode of Peter Capaldi’s Dr Who in which the Timelord was seemingly trapped in some maze like prison.  I had all sorts of things as to what I could say and write and speculate, and then thought “oh you already wrote that last week”, however in checking my blog I found that I had not published the document in which I had written the triggered thoughts feelings and SPECULATION.

So I go through my November 2015 Word collection of documents to see if I can locate such information and indeed REUSE it, I cannot of course claim AH-HA, they did what I suggested etc, because having NOT PUBLISHED the Document and information therein contained, beyond showing people the document, no-one else can genuinely KNOW whether I am telling the truth or have simply made all of this up NOW.

The Following (between the Stars) is a section from an unpublished Article Heaven Sent & Hell Bent written & saved not long after watching the episode on or around 22nd November 2015. Interestingly, I failed to publish multiple documents I had started on that day and it was typically because I found myself going into rant & rage like modes on topics & subjects, that I prefer to not publish.


Heaven Sent & Hell Bent

These of course the Titles of the forthcoming series finale episodes of present day Dr Who.

So continuing in the vein of this season, we are once again perhaps presented with another puzzler kind of an episode, and having mentioned writer Gatiss previously it perhaps only fair that I mention some of the other writers in the sense, that you do kind of see that if Dr Who itself were a lump of playdoh then the various assortment of writers and contributors are kind of like the little hands or reaching into that centre pot to take their fistful of goo or however.

So again this another to be continued episode and perhaps one that I enjoyed because of their being a certain amount of puzzle strategy interest involved and indeed the encouragement to explore those things most obvious under your nose or hidden in plain sight.

It also of course introduced the idea of not only seemingly magically hidden worlds, much like the Harry Potter Street, though took it more into the Technologist or Scientific Sphere as to circuits and holograms and shields and so on.

So what would I have done differently?  Well clearly the dead women was within the stasis chamber and was apparently not dead, having stayed alive within that stasis chamber, so in “all is lost” type mode I might have had Clara being placed within the chamber and seeing how the Raven Spirit or whatever could do any damage whilst she was kept alive in that stasis chamber.  Clearly that might have been fine for a single episode, though continuity requirement and season arc and so on, perhaps being geared for Clara’s departure at some near future point, to be announced/decided and indeed Who might want to CAPTURE the ERRANT TIMELORD and take his Confession Disk and transport him across time and space and so on.

Clearly the issue is one of various races gradually ascending the Scientific Technological Boundaries and indeed stealing or inheriting and-or assimilating technologies from other races.

When we look to other spheres and realms we see the same patterns and cycles demonstrated over and again, some more successfully perhaps than others.

So overall I enjoyed the episode more than several others though as to who is responsible, well we could of course find some new grouping or return to a new variation on some older pre-existing grouping.

The interest in Confession (last will & testament) Disk for example suggests a familiarity with Time Lord technology, though likewise possibly some form of intergalactic justice department, much like when the Doctor was imprisoned within the cube beneath Stonehenge or wherever it was.

The scenes from forthcoming episode suggested a CASTLE maze like realm given seeing several differing scenes with large brick walls and interior vegetation and indeed the doctor appearing to be digging a grave.  So the Shielder character or however it is spelt has returned on multiple occasions and she said she would protect those left behind by the Doctor, little did we perhaps speculate as to that meaning the invading Aliens, beyond the already present humans.


So that is what I wrote and did not publish to the best of my knowledge and I also mentioned Mr Gatiss, having a strangely unfavourable view on his Dr Who contributions, though in fact when I go episode by episode a to writing CREDIT, he is likely very able to say well you actually liked that Story & that episode etc.

So anyway I also stated that I liked Sherlock and indeed you do find that the Leading Celebrity Programme Maker has worked their respective way up the occupational ladder and has other TV realm writing credits that I am unlikely aware of and so on.

So yes the preview for next week suggested The Time Lord’s, has he worked his way into that picture zone that he froze them within?  I am not going to speculate as really from my MEDITATIVE POSITION and idea of NOW I do hope that any PARADOX the events introduce are not overly COMPLICATED for the viewers (including myself).

I kind of have an impression that events within the Story are once again filling spaces or gaps within other parts of the Timelord Histories previously left unanswered, we must remember that Peter capaldi’s REGENERATION came about after the timelord’s INTERVENTION, saving him when he was no longer able to regenerate, they allegedly no longer EXISTING within “The Normal” “Taken For Granted” passage of time.

So why, was this overly complicated and what has it to do with my own life?

Well I spoke a to this week being something of a kind of Friday the 13th week, though I also have to say that both my parents were born during this week, and indeed I think one or 2 other characters who appeared within various life realms.  In fact, were I to look to HOROSCOPE type realms and attunement’s, it could be suggested that some answer’s lie within those teachings and doctrines, because I being a “SCORPIO” and both parents being “SAGGITARIUS”, it is typically suggested as we being incompatible peoples, likewise the same can be said for brother “LIBRA” and even daughter “AQUARIUS” and her mother also being said to be an incompatible “TAURUS”.

So in becoming over reliant (for example) on Star Sign guidance, whether consciously or non-consciously you can see how we can become overly “DAMAGED” or otherwise in taking what is being said  TO HEART or indeed not taking such things to Heart at all.

This perhaps where, becoming consciously aware and awake and having a view upon the World that is not overly strongly within it can make all the difference, yes us blokes generally not overly into STAR SIGNS though typically cannot avoid them in the media’s that we take in and read or scan and so on.

It also perhaps related to this IDEA of PARADOX within our own lives and existence coming about through unbeknowingly being constantly SWITCHED between various TIME STREAMS and connections that we have through our own upbringing or indeed acts and thoughts feelings carried out by other UNAWARE peoples controlling our lives in some fashion or manner.

So as a youngster (for example) at some point perhaps aged 5 or 6, I found myself being babysat with a group of other children via parental Singing and Band Culture, and that also led to indirect knowing of some Soldiers and SAS personalities from that time period.

So my family’s life and my upbringing became tied for several years, with that of another family and when the parent of that family found “God” we suddenly had to find “God” too etc.

Anyway playing and so on and having kids of similar age and so on was generally okay and fun etc.

So I mention this because of the passage of time issue.  We actually went to differing schools to these other kids and indeed as we grew older our lives perhaps went in differing directions, though still seemingly connected through parents and church and so on.

Eventually the parent who found God had married a guy within the local Regiment, though a few short years later apparently had an affair with some other guy and huge fallouts occurred within the Church community and so on and so forth, as well of course as leading to the end of that marriage.

I was predominantly unaware of  all these things, focussing perhaps more and more as I grew older on my own life and activities and so on, though generally hearing about such “goings on” in somewhat 2nd hand fashion as people informed myself of the STORY’S much later after the fact at later times and so on.

Now I mention this only because I do whether I like it or otherwise think that I was indirectly affected perhaps by some of the so-called fallout and not really knowing what was going on.  I suddenly did not have to attend the Church anymore (for example), although I had put this down to brother finishing school and leaving home and likewise I of course working part time and beginning college etc.  Between age 15-20 are somewhat vague HIGHLY CONFUSED & CONFLICTED memories, and that perhaps goes hand-in-hand with what I spoke on as to 1987-1989 being perhaps unpleasant years within my own life course or History.

So I say all this to suggest that ACTUALLY we really are often CONSTANTLY potentially switching and so on, far more than we realise, though not necessarily ENOUGH to have genuine AH-HA moments, I spoke as to waking up in Hospital (following accident) and finding myself in a NEW WORLD, though unlike within fiction (for example) things were not DIFFERING enough to CONSCIOUSLY REGISTER, just gradual subtleties that are often on the FRINGES of your EXPERIENCIAL EXISTENCE.

So for example stretching the LA-DI-DA a little as example, one of those Children was named CINDY and during those YOUNG years she and her younger siblings were a regular presence within my life, perhaps until around those 87-89 years, a year or two later somewhere around 92-93 I found myself working with a BARBIE.

So yes that an example of competing DOLL NAMES, though clearly it can be demonstrated that just as COCA COLA is a REALM that PEPSI is also a realm and so on.

Yes we do not consider switching drinks as ENTERING A WHOLE NEW WORLD, though when you meditate regularly enough and getting the questioning systems up and running and indeed associations and influences and manipulations and all the very many inputs and so on, you do come to see how the mind may well be acting upon almost CLOCKWORK mental cogs and wheels and so on.

So even simple “taken for granted” I’m not thinking about this action, simply doing it, are in fact DECISIONS, CHOICES & OPTIONS that have gradually worked their way into those non-conscious AUTO-PILOT type mental realms.

Many are harmless though are potentially a creeping menace, because they typically become “SET IN STONE” INTRANSIGENCES like ruts after being followed often enough, in our various versioning’s of what we have to do to be a success or whatever at any given life realm sphere and activity.

So we can take a million and one on-line auto-pilot functions and simply discard them, or indeed stimulate the opening of new options, irrespective of whether they have served us well or otherwise.  Simply to break down the frameworks or scaffold that may be keeping us STUCK in some fashion.

Having an accident at such and such an age is of little importance beyond it possibly keeping myself reliving PAIN from those events, and optioning FIGHT OR FLIGHT options based on heavily skewered or IMPAIRED decision making abilities.

Likewise losing a job for that reason at that age is another popular HANG-UP that many of us might like to discard our beliefs about the REASON for such events.

So as we grow and learn we come to see that all that we know is an ACCUMULATION of “Other people’s stuff” that we have Role Modelled or Fashioned within ourselves, and some of that stuff is positive and rewarding and uplifting, though quite a fair amount of the stuff is just repetition and junk and not worth the possibly negative consequences they may or may not bring about in terms of cause/effect, and indeed WHAT WE BELIEVE about the World and other peoples within the World etc.

Yes I mention the Cindy example because of the News International Corporation issue and how initials and capitals and Various company names have potentially come about, and also because I found myself thinking upon that over the last day or two along with the Soldier SAS materials etc. I know that I played with Dolls as a child though they were called ACTION MAN and it is often strange how broad all-encompassing sweeping JUDGEMENTS do not ADD-UP when you consider some claims being made, perhaps maturity versus otherwise issues, within some spheres and realms.  Parents of course often have differing views to non-parents and so on, as to what is acceptable and sensible as a time filling and rewarding activity.

Non interactive TV & Film gradually strangely took far too large a chunk of my own TIME and indeed that perhaps why I strongly set out to stop being overly addicted to MEDIA in general.

So the Title, well I have possibly written on her before, unsure whether I posted, though we of course seeing “Gypsy King” Fury taking the World Heavyweight Boxing Title and likewise I think Rosberg is at the front of the formula One grid in ABU DHABI. And I also believe that a CURRENT STAGE PRODUCTION of that MUSICAL recently won some Theatre Awards of some description.

So yes some information’s are perhaps always going to relate to immediate family and friends and old contacts and sources and influences and we can in step by step fashion decide as to what is genuinely important above and beyond what others may want us to think is important though is not really when all is said and done and dusted and so on.

So how centre are you within your own reality and how much is your reality shared with other peoples and persons and indeed are you genuinely really operating from a place of NOW.

I ask myself this NOW question because of course in THEORY at least, if all is now then one could be suggested to be able to get far greater levels of accuracy within PREDICTION than I seem to achieve, what am I mentally doing and saying or behaving that is still IMPARING my judgement in some fashion etc.

Now another issue of BELIEF of course, is one of only stating ONE NAME, so I suggested I did not think FURY would win, though he did and I had not mentioned his opponent.

I also suggested MAYBE for the MURRAY BROTHERS though again did not state opponents name.

I then went on to make some more regular prediction for premiership football

Aston Villa were chosen and Watford Won, David = 0

Bournmouth Draw was chosen and Everton Drew, David = 1

Crystal Palace was chosen and Crystal Palace Won, David = 2

Man City were chosen and Man City Won, David = 3

Stoke Draw was chosen and Sunderland Won, David = 3

Leicester Draw was chosen and Man Utd Drew, David = 4

So I cannot COMPLAIN as to getting in that 2 third zone once again, though FRUSTRATION perhaps similar to that demonstrated within the Dr Who episode as to ASKING the most appropriate QUESTIONS, what was also interesting was how this week I spoke on the SHERLOCK MIND PALACE and found myself viewing a Dr Who TARDIS as a MIND PALACE on each occasion that he was searching for a new ANGLE or PERSPECTIVE as he was about to be CAUGHT etc. I initially thought that the TECHNOLOGY looked akin to a TARDIS in room layout and so on, though again perhaps that part of the continuing MYSTERY.

Yes very enjoyable, though clearly as cliff hangers go the obvious is that he is the one that saves his previous incarnation and allows himself to regenerate into current form etc, we also have that ongoing issue of Clara having entered the TIME VORTEX to save him, although that perhaps why she is able to leave as deceased, she too can potentially perhaps exist or be returned to her own history & timeline in the blink of an EYE.

Thank you for reading, I will not say go to www.silvertoevelocity.com and follow the links and learnings because I have repeated such things on numerous occasions and it might give the impression that Tottenham are going to win, I did purchase a Chelsea Bun yesterday and am about to eat it, unsure as to who counts as victorious in that encounter, though clearly given my name being David I do think that my namesake may lose to Mr Murray and we win the Davis Cup, though cannot be too sure of myself because a long history or such association to a given name can of course be akin to being “To close to the problem” to be able to gain any kind of genuine CLARITY.

Other Football choices probably West Ham, Liverpool, Arsenal, though clearly given present ACCURACY ISSUES, one may well find that I am only every partially correct in my attempting to solve a jigsaw that is not a jigsaw so much as a Rubic’s Cube.

Yes another realm to note recently was that some similar to Rubic district of France was High-lighted regarding some robbery and I again failed to mention it at that time, though do think given the very many other Rubic Toys that later appeared that we have yet to settle a full and conclusive & convincing mastery of now.

What do you mean you want something more convincing as to Gypsies?  Well okay, my grandmother had a sitting room that children were not allowed to enter, it being a room full of the best furniture and best dining china and best wallpaper and best curtains and so on.  Yes brother and I of course could not help ourselves, and indeed over a period of weeks and weekend visits I saw a TRADITIONAL or CLASSICAL GYPSY CARAVAN being painted, granny seemingly used the room for her painting and Art studio (as well).  Strange though true, I also seem to recall actually seeing a genuine real life traditional caravan similar to that within the painting, so suspect that some traditional gypsies may have been settled in that Leominster Road area of North Hereford during my young childhood.  This was prior to the title TRAVELLER coming to the fore, many drug heads and so on abandoned normal life and declared themselves Travellers during the late 80’s and early 90’s (I think), and typically such groups all get banded together, though I do really think you have to separate such folks out into more distinct catalogue of titles and groupings and behaviours, beliefs and abilities, the World over can be suggested to have long term travelling peoples as well as travelling fairs and circus and nomads and tribal groupings etc, little differing from singers on music tours perhaps.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

My Brain Says No and My Wallet Says Yes

So I was best trying to explain my opinion on so-called bargain hunting and indeed Black Friday and all the very many SPECIAL SHOPPING day that have gradually appeared throughout the Calendar year.

The last year or two has of course since the taking of Fast Broadband combined with increased Internet Usage resulted in America’s Thanksgiving Friday suddenly making it more of a World wide shopping event.

Howver we are seeing reports as to empty high streets and mega on-line shopping, perhaps demonstrating something I pointed out several months ago whilst mentioning a shopping trip with daughter.

We had gone to Hereford’s new “Old Market” precinct and it was busy, though the reality did very much appear that in percentage terms, the walk passed numbers did not equate to purchases made in terms of peoples carrying bags.

So everyone wants to not pay store prices with resultant overheads, instead opting for big warehouses and slave inducing wages. Whilst many a shop assistant can complain about wages, those of warehouse type services providers are seemingly worse, according of course to investigations into Companies such-as Amazon.

Sad though true, I really do think that the High street requires saving in some fashion.  Though given the success of the Corporation I myself work for at present, such success does not come without people’s buying into the so-called scales and measures of production.

So just as all the Butchers and Bakers and Candlestick Makers disappeared due to pile it high sell it cheap Supermarkets, it now seems that those very same retailers are now fighting a new battlefront for their own continued High street presence.

Home Delivery is of course already available from Major supermarkets, though given how the local Department Stores have gradually disappeared, Hereford used to have 1 or 2 “Local To Hereford” stores that disappeared, although 1 or 2 nationals have arrived since, I do think that despite many a major retailer sitting on cash and stock piles that many in Society are not going to think the wages are acceptable, when they find themselves losing out in various employment realms.

I know for example that many people who got their head down and worked hard and paid of mortgages and so on, and later became redundant or lost particular employment, found themselves unable to enter the job market at previous rates of wage and pay.  This has occurred across many working life realms, not just those high-lighted in some of the National Media’s.

What else, well I do keep suggesting that I want to broaden what I am witnessing and so on, I think the issue for myself with meditation was of course wanting to get to a position whereby I was not feeling traumatized or triggered by what I take in from my senses and so on.

Sounds strange give how we all spend a lifetime accumulating what is effectively data, though likewise of course life courses can change or turn simply through injury or events beyond our own control etc.

So yes, sometimes I feel that I have reached such a juncture or point and other times not.

Clearly perhaps related to the idea I suggested as to layers and indeed trying to learn to much of materials that you may or may not already have and know on some level of your being.

I mentioned for example “The Man From Atlantis” and “The 6 Million Dollar Man” though beyond some brief fragments such as title sequence or music very little is recalled as to the shows themselves, and the same an clearly be indicated for very many show and subject that we any of us may have been influenced by in our younger formative years.

Anyway what else, so yes I went on to Twitter though am not overly impressed by more of the same, and wanting to find some shift I thought purchase some Newspapers you are not so regular a purchaser of.

So I went to the shop leaving Laptop on for a few minutes whilst out, and bought myself a Private Eye Magazine, and most amusing it was indeed, though does strangely have a kind of level of sense and sensibility in that you perhaps have to be familiar with the papers and readership audience that Private eye is aimed at.  They do tend to be geared toward Telegraph and Broadsheet type readership’s though interesting perhaps in that I can still read and understand such things and not feel out-of-depth as one might assume living being from the working classes and so on.  I also decided to purchase a Saturday Guardian, so something different typically means looking at Left wing oriented broadsheets rather than right wing (possibly).

Yes no matter what an independent observer calls such papers, they will often do something to disagree, though you do typically find that you are switching from one bourgeois set to another, who whilst throwing and slinging mud at one another are somewhat difficult to separate when it comes down to AWARENESS and ENLIGHTENMENT and so on.

Okay so The Guardian suggested to be a Favourite among Teachers and Left Leaning middle-classes, though such Labels do give it that broader appeal perhaps of encompassing Arts and free thinkers, where other broadsheets perhaps far more Business/Money Oriented.

So it might be suggested that one group is far more direct and in your face whilst the other group perhaps hedges and is more indirect and acting with discretion, if such things can be gauged.

Yes reality perhaps you will find people within both sides of the leanings that fit the opposite of what they proclaim in terms of choices and indeed cannot see or are totally blind to the fact they themselves are what they declare to be most abhorrent about the other group or set.

Resaerch wie I strangely found myself researching ISLAND STATES such-as Cyprus and Malta, not sure where such things were taking myself beyond noting that both Islands are somewhat SOUGHT AFTER in terms of Strategic Importance, we in Britain still retain some sectors of Cyprus, though I could not see the same information for Malta, even though it would have made some sense.

I also strangely found myself reading up on Mountains, yes Olympus of course famed in Greece Classical Stories though in fact a name given to Mountains in several differing locals including Cyprus.  I then thought hmmn I wonder and began looking for other famed Story Mountains.

In fact of course whilst we generally have Stories related to Himalayas and Everest and Yetis, and indeed some other Mountains such-as Fuji in Japan, I was wondering as to Classical Stories over SCIENTIFIC STORIES, most modern famous mountains typically regarded simply through height boasts, though classical mountain stories more about the LOCAL mountain and Gods etc.

So local mountain stories that I want for reasons of RESEARCH are becoming scarcer to find.

What else well I go to Sky News and see Headline “PM urges fight against ‘Evil’ of corruption” I then go to BBC and see “PM taking bullying claims seriously”


Yes in fact they are related to differing Story’s though in HEADLINE and non-compartmentalizing fashion it is quite easy at present to suggest that there is something wrong at the Heart of Government.

So Tory scandal relating to young Tory bullying and Prime Minister part of the Bullingdon Club set, something about the name hmmn. No Doubt Bully boy Boris Johnson will have to keep a low profile, just as his predecessor Red Ken Livingstone failed to do for similar BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES a week earlier.

So I do not see how you can separate any young Political groupings from Bullying as it is part and parcel of the Present Governmental System and perhaps also a demonstration that for all generational claims as to Class systems being eroded and disappeared that such things are still not all that far away from the surface as underlying issues and so on.

Yes so I read the Guardian and was disappointed that I kind of want to be interested in learning about differing READERSHIP & AUDIENCE mindset’s though do tend to struggle with many subject matter, because I find much of what the press PRESS on a daily basis to be major league yawn inducing materials.

They do say write for yourself and you will always have an audience, though clearly deciding upon what you yourself like and-or can maintain some INTEREST for over a prolonged period of time strangely eludes myself.

If Jesse Norman MP for Hereford, England, United Kingdom says Paula Radcliffe is a drugs cheat then that is what she is, so there.

PANTOMIME season is strangely peaking a little EARLY this year then is it not?

So The Labour Parliamentary Party failed to stop the election of Corbyn by the National Party membership


The Conservative Parliamentary Party failed to stop the infighting and squabbling of the National Party Membership.

So both Parliamentary Parties Groups (MP’s etc) being sidelined somewhat by the activities of the Greater Populace memberships.

Will Fury Win the boxing? I doubt it very much

Will the Murray Brothers win the tennis, Maybe

Will the White Cliffs of Dover still be the White Cliffs of Dover come teatime?

Will Lord Coe be exposed as another money grubber, little different from those exposed in World Football? 

Will David write his view on today’s premier league action?

Aston Villa

Bournmouth Draw

Crystal Palace

Man City

Stoke Draw

Leicester Draw

Well my luck has to run out sometime and it may as well be after reading Private Eye and The Guardian. 

I had something of a sneezing fit after finishing the latter, unsure as to the reason I give for such an event though I am not a regular sneezing fit person, so it could well be a SIGN.

This is far later than intended because on return from shop I once again found laptop updating itself for some major update from Microsoft to Windows 10, and it seemingly took almost as long as the original installation.

I was going to include writing about one or two invented stuffs I have been thinking about though require sleeping on it and perhaps returning this evening or tomorrow.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well. 😉

Is You Sleeping Thomas Cried out the Black Lady

Yes They say it aint over til the fat lady sings, though how many department stores hire singers to entertain customers whilst shopping around for old stock seasonal bargains, and of course when we look to present day Entertainment we are being told that whilst Adele might sing materials of black ethnic origin & style that she herself has now dramatically slimmed down and does not fit that appropriate description.

So yesterday predictions and what happened?

Celtic were chosen and Ajax won, David = 0

Tottenham were chosen and Tottenham won, David = 1

Liverpool were chosen and Liverpool won, David = 2

Fenerbache were chosen and Fenerbache won, David = 3

Anderlecht were chosen and Anderlecht won, David = 4

Schalke were chosen and Schalke won, David = 5

Sparta Prague were chosen and Sparta Prague won, David = 6

P’zan Belgrade were chosen and P’zan Belgrade won, David = 7

FC Augsburg were chosen and Ath Bilbao won, David = 7

Rubin Kazan were chosen and Rubin Kazan won, David = 8

Borussia Dortmund were chosen and FK Krasnodar won, David = 8

PAOK Salonika were chosen and FK Qabala Drew, David = 8

So from 12 games I once again find myself achieving 8 or the so-called 2 thirds marker.

Unsure what I might have done differently though as suggested previously whenever I OPTION 2nd choices and change 1st choices, I usually alter more than 1 game choice effectively or POTENTIALLY setting myself further back than necessary.

What else, well whilst I have not really written upon the issue I have spoken once or twice to peoples this week as though the entire week is akin to Friday the 13th, in terms of external events and so on. Easy to comment, more difficult to not get caught up in some of the nonsense’s or indeed explain in deeper depth.

I for instance saw a report on the news this morning as to dentists calming patients and I had a very good dentist Mrs Steele for many years as a youngster, though have not really had a favourable impression of other dentists visited since, however I mention that simply because of course the SYNCHRONICITY issue, my speaking on drills, likewise I mentioned a night out that occurred many years ago where I ran into some young female staff from tone of the local Golf Clubs/courses, and I was strangely suffering heavy NIGHTMARES at or during that time period of my life, I think I had not longed moved addresses, after various issues and so on at a former address and was still trying to clear my system out and move on and so on.

Likewise various incidents & issues have occurred within working life realm, that suggest to myself it is not so much a personal thing as part and parcel of the so-called GREATER PATTERNS & CYCLES, awareness and-or enlightenment can of course enable you to enjoy have something of a GAP between being in the World though not of it (so to speak) in windows terms.

So It is also Thanksgiving weekend in America (apparently something to do with last Thursday in November?, hence today being so-called BLACK FRIDAY, within the shops) A famed stock clearance day from America has gradually worked its way around the Globe many a shop and store taking the ability to Synchronize World Business sectors and trade and so on, if the last ships from China have not yet left, they are probably arriving sometime soon, fully laden with must have Toys and so on for Christmas, the release of Star Wars is interesting of course because it might be suggested to be something of a gamble, in terms of what you order versus how much you sell and indeed whether you have decided upon most appropriate or FAVOURED must have’s.

Strange though true I do remember that some figures (for example) were harder to come by than others, though such shortages are generally unknown in this day and age, so perhaps the RARITY comes via what products are made of and indeed QUALITY and so on, above and beyond mass produced specifics.

What else, well I finally watched the entire Sherlock season 3 and must say, that I did enjoy the series, just not as much as the prior 2.

How can it be reinvigorated I wondered? In fact I think most peoples would say the same, bring back Irene Adler (I think was the name) & Moriarty & also perhaps another Chinese Mafia type episode, or even stretch to the Italian’s or some other seemingly EXOTIC World Mafia that is still known as a name or grouping, though somewhat limited within the Sherlock World.

Yes I actually was really IMPRESSED with the GRAPHICS and visuals in this series such as the stop motion wedding photo’s and the MIND PALACE explorations, akin to Meditative Type Practices (possibly).

Yes I did think the Moriarty was not how I would have fashioned it, though he was well performed and acted almost like some genetically modified EVIL ANT & DEC caricature.

The thinking about the problem led myself to another TALL GUY, SHORT GUY consideration, smaller guys often suggested to suffer small guy syndrome, though that was not what I was thinking upon so much as how a particular generation of WRITERS, associated Tallness with INTELLIGENCE, we see this in Sherlock Holmes of course and also Lord of the Rings with Gandolf type characters.

Yes clearly a strange thing because such stereo typings did not fit what else was being suggested, regarding ethnicity’ during Victorian times. How many tall long legged Africans have we seen winning distance race after distance race over the years within Olympian realms.

So yes, whilst I think there is nothing wrong with keeping characters HOW THEY WERE WRITTEN by authors and so on, that it can not do any harm at all to demonstrate alternates.

I did also like the High Functioning Sociopath Description, that Sherlock gave as a description of himself, though clearly having also purchased or read a book by Andy Mcnab recently where he is diagnosed as a Psychopath, charts and tables for such so-called Psychiatric Realm equations well may be the order of the day.

I can also say that I caught up with the Party Planning episode of The apprentice and was not overly enthused by either of the teams, being a parent of course, if I had that kind of budget being suggested it would have potentially been far better spent. Most friends and family can organize better doo’s than what was seen from alleged Professional Party Planner types.

I can say that my namesake David leaving was of little surprise, given the associative nature of the name to religion’s, it was always going to happen at some point, Lord Sugar upset within his own youth at how the Jewish Community Mafia’s operated and so on, I think he perhaps not that petty or childish, though he did use quite strong impressions as to such view of such CARTELS & MAFIA’S all demanding DONATION’S & seemingly operating protection rackets.

So yes he could have sacked any of the 4 within the losing team (my preference was for Gary to go) and I would have not been overly surprised, though in honesty it is called the Apprentice and it appears to be slimming down to a group or corporate executive well to do types as the largest sector represented, yes I know Brett and that woman were Navy and Joseph a plumber, though it does appear that the SNOOTY POSH ATTITUDINAL TYPES are winning out simply through a PERCEPTIONAL BARRIER, that such behaviour’s and manners and communication skills and so on can induce in other peoples.

So yes, what to do, the last couple of weeks of Apprentice, has been a bit of a turn-off, so I hope the next episode spices things up again.

Dr Who is also of course on the watching agenda and I found myself wondering as to whom is the Timelord’s present Foe, I did of course mention that Mummy on a Train episode and wonder as to whether the peoples and persons responsible have reappeared in the mean time or otherwise and indeed whether any of these series will make it into the famed DALLAS entire season was a dream SCENES & SCENARIO’S.

Yes I think it was JR Ewings brother had been murdered and they brought him back, I was not a big Dallas watcher, though do recall that the actor of the brother had played “The Man From Atlantis” that I strangely liked as a young child, along with the usual 6 Million Dollar Man Steve Austin.

So what else, well American Thanksgiving is strangely coinciding with an International Climate Conference beginning in the coming week (I think) and Today we also have a Commonwealth Meeting in Malta starting (I think) interesting as to quite large sectors of the Worlds Populace marking this present time period in some fashion or manner.

Yes I now we are also seeing Turkey and Russia having a spat, though I enjoyed the free meal from the work company, strangely always occurring around this thanksgiving week time period.

Yes I know they say it is all about what you pay attention to and where you place your own focus and concentration, though it is interesting non the less as to various points along so-called independent TIMELINES all seemingly having points of INTERSECTION.

Not so much in an oh they are doing this, so we will do that, so much as How can I be in alignment with this present time period without necessarily doing what that other groupings over there is doing and so on.

So yes, if the World is represented by differing groups having grown and marked and created calendars and star maps and so on, then you can still imagine a circular track where the HURDLES are or have been found to roughly line up where ever you go, hence perhaps so many independent tribal groups and peoples all seemingly independent of each other, having or marking particular FESTIVALS and sequence like references and so on.

Anyway I am clearly monitoring the wrong things because, much of what I am seeing as present headlines seem to me to not be where I want to focus, perhaps time to ditch the BBC’S & SKY Tabloid type media’s and find some that are closer to my own taste etc.

Yes the problem being that some groupings do seem to spread in such a style fashion and manner that all else copy and so on, News International Corporation has brought tabloid to every level of paper in the UK and even publication’s such as The Times is not recognisable as The Times that I recall reading and so on in childhood or when younger. The other broadsheets are just as bad.

Yes A South China Star Newspaper is up for sale in china screamed the headline and I though a better one might be News International Corporation purchases The Red China Star Newspaper.

Mythical Citizen Smith would likely turn in his Grave though clearly we are in the time of BAITING & HUNTING THE REDS under the beds etc.

Corbyn taking a bashing as leader of the Trotsky Brigade, will he be ice picked. Well he was prior to becoming leader and clearly some other agenda is occuring that does not really make a great deal of sense to myself.

No I do not really want such people in charge of Government, though the present bunch are far from IDEAL also, and personality politics is not where any sensible person wants to continuously find themselves having to justfiy likes and loathings and so on.

Facts without personality BIAS, is a far better and improved place to operate from even if it requires or appearing aloof and so on at times.

Enough for today.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and be well 😉

So A Quick Look At Yesterday Fixures

How well did I do on this occasion

Paris St Germain were chosen and Paris St Germain Won, David = 1

Real Madrid were chosen and Real Madrid Won, David = 2

Man United were chosen and PSV Eindhoven Drew, David = 2

Juventus were chosen and Juventus Won, David = 3

Vfl Wolfsburg were chosen and Wolfsburg Won, David = 4

Benfica were chosen and FC Astana Drew, David = 4

Galatasaray were chosen and Atl Madrid Won, David = 4

B M’gladbach were chosen and B M’gladbach Won, David = 5

So once again hitting that 5 out of 8 zone that has become somewhat familiar at various points.

Tuessday, whilst more games were played I could have made choices for all games and still gotten the other results wrong, though that psychology of being over the half way mark does always seem to hit the nail on the head.

Today Thursday we do of course have a mammoth Europa League Fixture List and typically I will simply choose a team from each game and if draw flickers up in my noggin I might write that, though usually the outrights perhaps better from a witnessing standpoint if not a gambling standpoint.

Europa League







Sparta Prague

P’zan Belgrade

FC Augsburg

Rubin Kazan

Borussia Dortmund

PAOK Salonika

Yes, I suddenly realised I have not got a clue who very many of the teams are, though very often your intuition Is either working great or it is not, no reason to rush to panic if you are identifyng when you are at your strongest and weakest and then perhaps recalculating and recallibrating yourself to be more attuned to when you are on target and so on.


Have You Looked At The Moon recently

Yes of course the Moon and indeed the Sun look very differing as they go through various gravitational orbits within the Solar System and so on, though Legend has it that you do see various versioning’s of Moon Madness during particular Seasons and Climates about the Globe known as Earth.

Yes so I have noted full moon now for seemingly 2 or 3 days although perhaps only one of them is proper, it does seem to have paused or become extended or elongated in some fashion, just hanging there in the sky and indeed the clouds over Hereford, England, United Kingdom seemingly not thick enough to block out the Moon.

So dark nights and intermittent rainfall and today the Official day of the Autumn statement, that has on this occasion been utilised for more long term budgetary planning and forecasts.

Is it enough?

Well in all honesty I slept through the statements myself, and then when it came time to review reporting of the Statement, I was again disappointed in the sense that I want to open a website article that simply say this is the statement READ SPEECH in unedited and uncommented upon fashion.

Instead every media outlet typically gives running commentary or highlighted snippets that typically within the Movies may well be considered those bits you see at the end as out takes and so on.

Yes so do I know what the statement says.

Well I can state highlighted subject matter, such as Housing and Tax Credits and Police Funding, though cannot CUT THROUGH to clearing all the garbage COMMENTATORS all seemingly ensuring they have their commentary and INTERPRETATION given above and beyond what has actually been said in the exact WORDS and in the same MEANING.

Yes that is politics, though some things really are best left uncommented upon, I have gradually over the years spoken on my having stopped watching many a TV Media outlet, and part of the REASON is what I call COMMENTATOR CREEP.

We see commentator creep on more and more programming now to the extent that it could well be suggested you might as well be listening to RADIO & not WATCHING with your own eyes and fully able to decide on what is being said and so on.

Yes all those Celebrity Shows that we see have WAY TO MUCH COMMENTARY.

At one time of course, commentators, were often a mere presence within Sport Programming, though very often had a certain level of reserve as to how much they would be saying during any given show.

That has gradually disappeared in seeming favour of American Style Commentating where the PERSONALITY “STAR” has been allowed to take centre stage at the cost of what you are tuning in to watch or listen to and so on.

So the problem then that you might want to watch Tennis or Golf or Motor Racing and Football and indeed gain some ability to enjoy the ATMOSPHERE, the roar of the crowd and chanting at matches and so on, yes you can still get that, though very often such things are DROWNED OUT within the recording MIX in favour of OVERBEARING COMMENTATORS.

Yes you can TURN the sound off and watch in quiet, though that also removes any snippets of atmosphere that the audio engineers have failed to block out.

You can also of course go to the EVENTS therefore ensuring you do not have to listen to these peoples.  Though likewise at events you very often can guarantee that you find yourself nearby some other sort of SELF-STYLED EXPERT who is giving their own versioning of commentary and so on.

So Autumn statement something of a washout as far as I am concerned, to many OPINIONS being given & presented with flavoured commentator twists, insinuations and so on, without letting the AUDIENCE ACTUALLY HEAR & KNOW what is being said for themselves.

Maybe I am behind the times and lacking in knowledge of what can be done with all these modern gadgets, though I would most definitely were I a BROADCASTER introduce a sound channel for all events such-as political speeches and sports events, where you can TURN THE COMMENTATORS OFF, and simply enjoy the ACTION or whatever without EXPERT paid for opinions.

Yes, some commentators are very good at what they do, though likewise in these times of being a personality for being a personality, quite a large percentage of such individuals need to disappear from whence they came.

What else, well I watched the first couple of episodes of Series 3 Sherlock and will soon potentially be up to date with everyone else.

I cannot recall when the books ran out, though did think that the plots or ideas are struggling to come through within the first couple of episodes, so will the third series improve or have a return to form?

Strangely of course, I think that the more series exist the greater the audience as further peoples tune in and checkout what friends and family and so on are watching and recommending, though at this point, I would suggest that if I saw those series 3 episodes without having seen the earlier series I would likely turn off.

So I still have further episodes to watch though it appears to myself at present as though a DIP has occurred within the writing, maybe things will improve within the next couple of episodes I have scheduled myself to watch over the next day or two.

What else, well I upon awakening found myself thinking about some local issues and events, all kind of somewhat blurred and so on.

One was a night out sometime back in the early 1990’s where perhaps after a regular kind of pub crawl I had find myself in unfamiliar wine bar type haunt, Hereford at that time had multiple Pubs and wine bars, some typically segregating differing customer elements upstairs and downstairs and so on, places such Manhattans with Liberty’s win bar upstairs or Saxty’s and Imperial and so on, and this was one that I did not usually frequent and indeed the evening was enjoyable due to some folks I found myself meeting and hanging out with, though strange to have such a memory pop up out of know where, the young lady’s I had met had strong links and connections to a local Belmont Golf club where they were working, and I of course worked out in that direction on the famed RUCKALL Road that runs of from the A49 toward Abergavenny.

PROBABLY the most Graphited SIGN in the Country, whatever might people alter a SIGN pointing to RUCKALL change it too?

Yes the memory then changed to thinking heavily about DRILLS, and yes I know many a famed person and indeed not so famed person has made a visit to the DENTIST, and that drill in mouth and high pitch revving squealing sound, though I actually found myself thinking about my broken leg and having the METAL SCAFFOLD built up around my left leg.

Yes some are unsure as to what I mean by having the bone drilled into so the best way I can perhaps describe the PINS is to say that they are like EXECUTIVE DRILLS PINS.

What is an executive drill pin?

Well you know how you can go to a DIY shop or website and type in drill pin and it will come up with a selection of options and metals and widths and so on.

Well the PINS in my leg were each drilled through the bone, and then kind of snapped off.

So imagine getting your industrial drill for walls and floors and shelfing and so on, drilling it through someone’s body and then breaking it off, much like we see HERO’s in movies snapping the arrow of that is protruding from the skin and so on.

Anyway so yes, unsure as to TRIGGERS and so on, though those what were recalled upon my awakening from today’s sleep.

I still have no banking card and am now reliant on borrowed cash until card arrives, they kindly sent a TXT informing myself that it will be with myself within 3 days, this TXT arriving 24 hours after I ordered a new card on-line.  I am hoping that the system requires updating and will be with myself tomorrow, they do have a good quality record on replacement card issue with myself over recent years, so David is hoping and praying they do nothing to alter his improving opinion of them as a bank.

People say if you feel that strongly negative about your bank, why not change?

Unfortunately I have found over and again that when I go to alternate banks, they typically want to offer LIGHT VERSIONS of what we used to have as TAKEN FOR GRANTED services and so on. Oh please take up this telephone banking account or this account with X number of services.

So yes I have online banking though rarely utilise it as much as I could, I still like to be able to walk in and queue and see a HUMAN, when it comes to financial issues and my money etc, as well of course as using available CASH MACHINES or ACM’S.

Anyway I wrote on those matters as to FULL MOON because I also recalled dream FRAGMENTS and that is perhaps part and parcel of separating all memory CONSTRUCTS that we all know they must be and perhaps wanting to have some kind of automated defragmentation and organiser.

Many of the meditation and indeed FESTS contribute mental algorithms that encourage the utilisation of such thinking strategies, so do click the links and do take the FESTS they are free, and even if you o not desire purchasing at present, you may well be able to afford to in the future.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So in yesterdays Football I only listed 6 teams

A couple of games having already taken place prior to my writing.

The teams I chose and what happened.

Barcelona were chosen and Barcelona Won, David = 1

Arsenal were chosen and Arsenal Won, David = 2

Bayern Munich were chosen and Bayern Munich Won, David = 3

Chelsea were chosen and Chelsea Won, David = 4

Porto were chosen and Dynamo Kiev Won, David = 4

Kaa Gent were chosen and Kaa Gent Won, David = 5

So I can be pretty damned pleased at getting 5 out of the 6 I listed, and it is a pity that I did not get 6 because of Course Russia were heavily in the News and I did have a level of DOUBT as to Porto, unfortunately I also think having international colleagues, I generally get on better with some of the Portugese than the former Soviets ( this again a swings & roundabouts issues) though generally I generally get on well with most groupings these days, though typically you always get the DIFFICULT or SUPER-EGO’S appearing from time to time as well of course as MISUNDERSTANDINGS or petty grievances.

Generally again I think in terms of INDIVIDUALS rather than broad sweeping sectors of the work populace, because you do come to see that even the Foreign & International groups have as much nonsense going on among them as some of the British groups both former & current.

IGNORANCE IS BLISS perhaps a possible motto for myself, in generally getting on with it and keeping my head down and uninvolved and uninterested (been there, done that worn the T-SHIRT) when it comes to some topics and issues and debates.

Yes I can list some selections for today, though the oldest saying in the book is WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES, so beware, do not try to be greedy and look for those favourable choices that are in alignment with what the greater World News is saying etc & remond yourself that David cannot place a bet because he has no bank access until new card arrives in next couple of days. GRRR

Champions league Choices for Today

Paris St Germain

Real Madrid

Man United


Vfl Wolfsburg



B M’gladbach

No of course I do not think for one moment that I might get them all correct, though nor do I think all wrong, a draw or two might be suggested to be in the mix, though I have chosen outrights, and generally think much like yesterdays, that is what is most likely to occur, even for any that I am wrong on.

Enough for this morning.

Thank you for reading, God bless and be well 😉

So I Had been Looking Forward To Monday’s

So I had been looking forward to seeing and reading up on the NEW DEFENSE PROJECT and details therein contained when they were released or announced on Monday.

However as detailed in the previous blog, I found myself without internet access and that effectively left myself blind as to wider World news events and indeed TV/FILM programming and so on.

Likewise I detailed a secondary issue of not knowing until Tuesday evening that my BANKING CARD was also missing.

So that is the equivalent of being perhaps OVER RELIANT on gadgets and technologies, at the cost of being able to carry out other things.

If I have no food in the house (for example) am I going to open up my Loft Wiseman SAS books and decide to go hunting in some fashion.

Clearly despite being limited by these topics and issues, it is interesting that when particular EVENTS such-as these occur (Bank card going missing) that others at work sometimes have seemingly ZERO’D in on that kind of knowledge, the question then becomes one of PURPOSE.

All too easy to fall into the REALM of PARANOIA and thinking that X person has it in for myself or is taking the piss or HOWEVER.

Unfortunately, the problem of course that Historically at least, much of the NEGATIVE psychological aspects of some manager gangs and groupings, led to similar behaviours among there staffing.

So yes I could get drawn into making lots of negative ACCUSATIONS & CLAIMS as to colleagues, knowing I have lost my card and FALING TO RETURN IT, though from a MEDITATION point of view and maintaining boundaries and BREAKING THE NEGATIVE LOOPS & CYCLES that many seemingly rush to, I will not do the same.

I have reported card missing and will gain a replacement, it is strange in some ways that some folks think (and it is a societal wide type issue) that they knowing something that you do not, makes you the butt of jokes or gossip and so on, when reality is that I can simply “GET ON WITH IT” and not get drawn into what might be regarded as primary school like behaviours and so on.

The difference between rushing to a VICTIM mentality and rushing to something more PROACTIVE.

CRYING WOLF versus “DEALING” with a given “INCONVENIENCE”, that perhaps goes hand-in-hand with the Defence Spending Review, where the word I noted among my quick glance through of the HIGH-LIGHTS was


That a word that fits nicely also with FLEXIBILITY, though I of course do not regard ACCESS as my Flexible Friend, Barclays SCREWED myself quite heavily a number of years ago, throwing CREDIT CARDS at myself when employed, and then selling DEBT to 3rd PARTY COLLECTORS etc as soon as they had a whiff that I could no longer pay money back.

The simple fact of the matter, is that I was willing to pay a certain amount back each month within unemployment benefits and so on, though they constantly wanted MORE than I had at my disposal and so on, making threats that in retrospect were rarely if ever acted upon, probably because I lived in the middle of know where by that time, and it would have likely cost any collectors MORE to look for myself, than the incessant HARASSING PHONE CALLS I received.

Anyway that is HISTORY, though I really do think that so-called BANKING & CREDIT & so on tables should be made ILLEGAL.

I do think that far to many a person such as myself, who was willing to pay money owed back and was paying money back FALLS THROUGH THE CRACKS IN THE SYSTEM.

So instead of pursuing genuine NON-PAYERS, they typically demand more from those already PAYING.

That part of the DODGY PSYCHOLOGY of many such workers targeting EASY over HARD.

So yes I really do not think you can MEASURE any individual successfully by what CREDIT REFERENCE AGENCY’S have on them.


I actually think that ETHICAL and working with INTEGRITY CREDIT REFERENCE AGENCIES could be SET UP and indeed only those banks that do not rush to sell debt of to hawkers & stalker bailiffs, very often on the FRINGES of their own organisations and therefore part of the FRATERNITY.

So defence cuts are suggested to be in the area of CIVILIAN STAFF, and that is difficult to my own mind to justify, because I KNOW that the MILITARY much like many PUBLIC & PRIVATE organisations, carries out its own internal TRAINING and recruitment systems and so on.


If you sign up to the FORCES, and then go down some EDUCATION ROUTE that means you are part of the ADMIN TEAMS does that make you any less part of the ARMED FORCES, given that admin is expected requirement along with having Bands, and Cooks, and many other areas of EXPERTISE.

So how can such things be ACCOMMODATED/MITIGATED

Elsewhere they are also setting LONG TERM GOALS & DEADLINES and whilst that can be good, I do think that some immediate FACILITIES are being NEGLECTED.

We know for instance, when FLOODING OCCURS that historically they have Helped with taking peoples across floodland’s (Belmont Road (A49)) use to get flooded at the now Asda roundabout every year during my young childhood and I can recall getting into some military vehicle and being taken over the floods.

Likewise when FIREMEN have been on strike, the military were asked to PROVIDE COVER for such ACTION.

So it is interesting, that we see about the wider globe that some Military are UTILSED much as they were during the War Years as an ALL & Everything Solution, hence so many departments and supplies.

Likewise we have created other CIVILIAN versions wthin the United Kingdom, of what were once predominantly military roles and tasks, and such splitting up of these things has had its BENEFITS, though likewise all realms including the Military itself might suffer over the longer term, simply through INACTION within some former roles of EXPERTISE & KNOWLEDGE, especially as some sectors and roles and CAPABILITIES & CAPACITIES have extended within CIVILIAN REALMS.

So it will be interesting to see what Wednesday’s more Global all realms and budgets review or Autumn Statement presents us with.

Given that the Royal Navy is seemingly having to settle for less, and cuts have been made within the civilian support sectors, it could well be that some ROLES & CAPABILITIES that were designated civilian may require being TAKEN UP again by those who have joined the Forces in outright fashion and manner.

In fact given todays., expanding civilian life models and realms all seemingly want the most RIDICULOUS of QUALIFICATIONAL REQUIREMENTS, I do think the military may well BENEFIT from the classical


In that anyone generally fit and able bodied should be able to join and work through the training and come out at the other end improved and in greater alignment with how things are done and so on.

Yes I wittering, though having been knocked out of my stride, I can state being pleased that where once I may have regarded some things as being the end of the World, that now with Meditation and greater Enlightenment and Awareness, the INCONVENIENCE is somewhat reduced to mere inconvenience rather than some BIG ISSUE to become upset about.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

How easy Is It To Become CUTOFF From The World

So I have not written on this blog for a day or two and one might presume that I was simply focussing efforts and interests elsewhere, though in reality the circumstance is something more of a MYSTERY.

So On Sunday, I decided that I once again wanted to pursue my interest in PUZZLES, not so much regular puzzles as those found within the sphere of various writers.

How do I come up with and create a good quality puzzle, that is solvable (so to speak) by some readers and a struggle for others and so on, that of course akin to having levels of difficulty within a video game or indeed researching various DETECTIVE STORIES of the classical kind.

So research?

Well I wanted to simply find some books on the topic, though these days I already have a substantial collection of works on this topic, though have greatly NEGLECTED other peoples and persons versioning’s of puzzles and so on within other realms such-as Video Games and indeed Television & Film, perhaps beyond following current series of Dr Who and The Apprentice.

So the daughter having purchased Sherlock series on my Amazon account and indeed the first couple of series available on Netflix I decided to have an extended viewing session.

I sat and watched all of series 1 and series 2 of Sherlock and did indeed enjoy them, though likewise also found a number of DISLIKES had been thrown into the Sherlock Holmes World.

Yes they have been brought up to the modern day, though the stories did roughly follow those found in classical print, and indeed anyone who has studied in similar fashion and manner to myself as to links and clues and so on would have been able to generally (in my opinion) see through the metaphorical, in the way you can take an OUTLINE and place it within any given setting and any given era.

The series was apparently created by Steven Moffatt and indeed Mark Gatiss was at the helm (he also playing Sherlock’s elder brother). (Both major players within the Dr Who Franchise).  Anyway this work from Mr Gatiss was to my mind, superior to the Dr Who contributions he has made, so perhaps demonstrating that you cannot judge any given individual on 1 piece of work or stereotype.

I could list some dislikes though such things would fall into the realm of PETTY, for a commentator, though likewise in terms of research I can ask myself as to the underlying reason for those thoughts feelings and so on, and indeed state what I might do or have done differently, it is after all someone else’s project and commentating is perhaps easier than DOING/ACTIONING, with various responsibilities and DEADLINES.

It was also interesting to note that multiple set locations were or had seemingly been shared across Dr Who and Sherlock, that underground circular tunnel a typical example, seen in the Chinese Smuggling Mafia episode and utilised in a couple of Dr Who most recently the Zygon episodes (I think).  We also had several cast faces appearing across the realms, perhaps demonstrating how differing working groups and circles come about, simply through availability and indeed common interesting’s and or otherwise.

So strangely some internet issues, always seem to occur when using the Netflix Streaming, though my usage is so rare that I am not going to lose sleep over it.  Unfortunately however I have a shared hub point and router and another user was upset at his CONNECTIVITY ISSUES, that had occurred over the weekend.

So I went to bed after my usual Monday invasion of town, and on getting up discovered that I now had ZERO INTERNET CONNECTION.

No matter, these things are usually RESOLVED within a day or two of phone calls and changing settings and so on.

I later on Monday went into work and remembered that I had to use my BRAND SPANKING new clock card, as well as use the old clock card, compatibility issues and differing systems, so someone taking a safe approach of having a back-up in place, whilst various TEETHING problems occur.

I had to clock in TWICE on Monday Night and clockout TWICE on Tuessday Morning.

Difficulties mostly about TIME and CONSERVATION thereof, most staff have a walk passed and sweep the card system going on that is quite quick and FLOWING, the addition of a 2nd card and second swipe however brought the IMPATIENCE to the fore in terms of having to queue and WAIT and so on.

So I pull 2 differing cards OUT of my wallet in all the furore of BEING PREPARED etc, where normally I simply SWEEP my wallet without taking cards etc. out.

Go home, and check internet.  Still not connected on “MY STUFF”.

No matter, I shall try again after some sleep etc.

So I have a sleep and find it is “too short” so go back to sleep and get up later in the day, EVENING.

Guy is resolving the internet issue and I decide to pop to the shop and get my work SNACK supplies.

So at shop and ready to pay and KABOOM, NO CARD

SO AT WHAT POINT OVER THE LAST 24 Hrs has my card disappeared, become lost or been stolen.

At present, I have to of course presume LOST.

Most likely whilst pulling or searching for the respective clock cards for WORK.

However, fortunately the internet is back on, so I check my account and without further ado, CANCEL CARD and ORDER A NEW CARD, to arrive over the next day or 2.

There are in fact very few places that it could have been lost or stolen, because it is nearly 100% of the time within a wallet, or pocket purse.

So I also check balance on-line and it does not appear to have been abused, though an unknown £10 appears between balance and available, unfortunately not enough other detail is included to know whether it is £10 that I have spent or £10 some want to be criminal has tested stealing.

So I still think LOST, because an out & out criminal attitude would have been to at least hit it for the FREE £20 that these swiping systems now automatically cover.  Or someone HEDGING and misdirecting my life at present.

Why might X person in household not want anyone else to have INTERNET ACCESS.

Why might my card go missing, serving as a secondary distraction to the primary lack of internet.

So yes I have several things usually at the FOREFRONT of my activities, and my view on the World is generally via or through GADGETS and INTERNET CONNECTIVITY, so I not overly or majorly concerned though do wonder as to whether a regular as clockwork annual pattern can be seen.

I do think similar events have occurred within the calendar over the last year or 2, though again, were they my own cause & effect, or simply a knock-on of the ACTIVITIES and-or ACTION of other peoples and persons.

So in plot terms, I might for instance write that someone has had an AFFAIR, someone else has threatened to EXPOSE, and the actions were taken to PREVENT such KNOWLEDGE or however getting into a PUBLIC SPHERE or indeed limiting who within known circles and spheres gets hold of such knowledge.

ALL SPECULATION, though clearly the parameters are seen up and down the land on fairly REGULAR basis among both sex’s and indeed the AMOUNT of nonsense and so on, that can be generated by people trying to PROTECT or HIDE secrets and so on is quite AMAZING.

That one of the topics related to MEDITATION, where many an assumed “this has to be secret” or “hidden2 or “protected” comes at the personal cost of HUGE FRAMEWORKS of deceit and PREJUDICE.

So letting go of such mental frameworks and nonsenses can be GREATER relief and release than holding on to them.

Again what many a PERSON speculates as to others “having to hide” is very often as far from TRUTH as can be found, and differing realms have differing FAVOURITES, though in DEGREES of SEPARATION, some topics and subject matters appear at all levels of SOCIETY and indeed across pretty much all sectors of SOCIETY.

So what next, well I do of course want to write upon the NEWS of the last day or two though the clock is ticking and I do also want to see how BAD my CHAMPIONS LEAGUE predictions are at present.

So at first glance choices



Bayern Munich



Kaa Gent

That is a quick of the top of the head first glance set, and anyone who looks at the TABLES or RECORDS of the teams playing may find themselves more accurate as to results.

Do teams HELP each other, or know that a draw will taken them both through and so on, strange though true, whilst MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION (MAD) can exist, most know that it only takes one individual to not be of similar mindset to bring everyone’ walls tumbling DOWN.

So what else, check out again later, as I will continue into another page or article, after viewing World NEWS and so on.