The Shards Of Contrary Comparison

So I found myself wondering as to the nursery rhyme Mary Mary Quite Contrary, and that led to myself wondering whether being CONTRARY was the same as being OPPOSITIONAL.

Having progressed with Meditation and various learnings, I have generally concluded that an INTRANSIGENT position would be to claim that they are the same.

However, I actually think that contrary actually perhaps allows more work in progress forks and junctions than perhaps oppositional does.

Contrary to myself, actually kind of suggests a parallel route or course running alongside or in sync, perhaps like a group of runners lining up along given lanes within a track, or indeed like waves and so on within a swimming pool, whilst it can be troublesome for us to imagine or seek to monitor and witness, the great magnitude of Oceans and Sea’s, we perhaps can carry out such Witnessing within swimming pools or indeed within rivers and streams, though ECOSYSTEMS do of course offer us examples of restriction & sometimes constriction of movement or indeed expansion of movement.

Clearly each and every person develops habit and habits are usually akin to mental pathways and grooves that you follow, and of course it is far too easy to always act in particular indoctrinated or learned fashion or behaviour when a particular event occurs.

Clearly it can also be interesting in seeking to read between the lines of what you are witnessing and-or otherwise.

Cleary this perhaps comes down to “people like myself” syndrome and indeed how well you are known or otherwise to those you are working or interacting with.

Again it can be far too easy to get caught up within some REALM PSYCHOLOGY and in terms of games of black & white.

I spoke for example yesterday on the IDEA of clones and so on within the realm of STAR WARS then later in the day we actually had a Dr Who episode that pretty much reflected the FORMULA I had described earlier.

In fact the more of those shows and realms you witness, whether a given TV REALITY such-as SOAP OPERAS “Coronation Street” “Eastender’s” etc. or so-called Big Brother like shows or Game Shows, you nearly always can SHUT YOUR EYES and imagine that you are in fact WITNESSING ONE OF THE OTHERS.

Yes, we place IDEAS as to differing performers and actors and actresses and personalities and indeed voices and so on, though in reality when you STRIP AWAY everything to say “JUST A SCRIPT” or “JUST A STORY” you come to see how much you may or may not be rolling within the GIVEN PSYCHOLOGY of particular CHARACTERS or BEHAVIOURS and what you are learning from them as your FAVOURITE (or indeed least favourite), indeed when you become aware of such TUNINGS you can of course seek to UTILISE such things for


However, it really can be better to RAISE THRESHOLD, and identify the STORY COMPONENTS & BUILDING BLOCKS that may be being utilised.

We can of course step up through level by level of Meditation and teaching, though typically a good level of awareness can be attained at quite low levels of the Technologies.

So where once you may have thought that some particular action thought or feeling means that this RESULT will occur or happen, just about each and every one of us can find ourselves having a greater number of choices and options.

In fact you could of course have spent a lifetime reiterating many a negative thought feeling and so on, or likewise have gone hardball into all the positive and uplifting and rewarding thoughts and feelings, whatever the choices and options and CURRENT STORY, various courses and teachings, lessons and learnings can very much alter the playing field to such a SIGNIFICANT DEGREE, that you can potentially spend several years simply UNRAVELLING or RE-INTERPRETATING a life time’s worth of build up of all the very many REPETITIONS of what you have been thinking & feeling and indeed the RESULTANT BEHAVIOUR.

I spoke on the Facebook Page of the Write Well Course as to Identifying the Money (muni) in communication, though clearly the TITLE here speaks of SHARDS.

Clearly shards perhaps are similar to those little sticks of Krytonite within Superman Films, or indeed much like all those fragmented pieces  of a shattered mirror or indeed any number of broken plates and saucers and mugs and other eating implements.

Yes so many tools have been created within the World and of course it is up to ourselves as to how much we utilise or seek to become attuned to such things.

Instead of rushing to some EXTREMIST position within many a day-to-day life topic and issue, we can adopt a more mature decision making process born out of some degree or level of WISDOM.

So I said that a month or two ago I had stepped up a level within meditation having remained at the same earlier level for a couple of years.  Yesterday I found myself seemingly finding myself thinking about events from the accident I had at 17 (this was during meditation).

Strangely the NEWS regarding Egypt was also SIGNIFICANT, because the trip to Egypt I mentioned, also resulted in the break-up of my marriage at that time.

Sharm from Sharm el-sheik is also of course very SIMILAR in word to CHARM.

I mention that because I have historically at least suggested that my daughter and her two sisters making a group of 3 typically reflect the World of TV’s CHARMED.  That perhaps a variance on groups of 3 Witches, the earliest versioning of course came from Shakespeare and MACBETH.  Though many an historically portrayed as EVIL, CLASSICAL REALM, has been taken by modern FILM & TV and REINTERPRETED as them in fact being GOOD or perhaps closer to


So where a hundred years ago, we had TAROT cards and lots of associated OCCULT type materials and literature, these days many who collected or STUDIED TAROT have moved on to newer shorter decks called ANGEL CARDS and so on.

Clearly debate can be had as to choice and options and indeed influence and manipulation, though I have generally found that along with the MEDITATION, you really are often better seeking to align with the more “LIGHT HEARTED” choices and options, as opposed to rushing to some EXTREME INTRANSIGENCE or belief in the extremities of dark impulses and so on.

So alignment of choices and options is a personal one, and being light hearted does not mean you cannot go the gym and be fit and able to look after yourself and so on.

Returning to that IDEA of DAEMONS or demons, many a person understands or regards there VICES as there DEMONS, though of course such things can become positive and rewarding HABITS or indeed the ALTERNATE.

Clearly I have found as I have progressed many a duality that does not make sense.  I have mostly been seeking to shift BLOCKAGES or INTRANSIGENCES within my own mind set and I have come to see that on some occasions I happily DISAGREE with some masters and TEACHERS.

Hale Dwoskin for example criticizes Monks, hidden away in monastery’s and so on, suggesting that they are unhappy, though I personally actually think some ISOLATION from the madness of crowds or intransigent type groups and society in general can be a good thing.

These things clearly come down to GIVE & TAKE and who or WHAT is aligning with who or what.

What does that mean?

Well a typical example as many know, I have spoken HIGHLY of my Surface Pad and how great it has been over recent years, simply through being somewhat STRICT as to software and suppliers and ACCESS of 3rd Party Vendors, in other words I kept my Surface Pad quite purist and ISOLATED from the infection of conflicting software companies and so on.

However I like most people am used to having MULTIPLE GADGETS and having multiple gadgets it can be quite useful to have them in ALIGNMENT or SYNCED with one another.  Typically, my old laptop was fine alongside my Surface Pad.

When I recently purchased a new laptop and had Windows 10 installed, my Surface synced with the NEW LAPTOP and SADLY (in my opinion) seemingly threw out all the settings I had utilised to defend against all the garbage and junk.

So what I perhaps WANTED was that the NEW LAPTOP sync with the Surface Pad, what I actually got was the Surface Pad syncing with the New LAPTOP.

Yes sounds strange as to INTERPRETATION of the difference, though clearly it might be akin to someone with FLU marching into a factory full of people without FLU and where you want the person with FLU to get healthy, instead everyone else gets SICK or FLU.

Anyway, the CROSS REALM CAPABILITY between Computers and real life, does work quite well.

Many such things are perhaps related to ATTITUDE and whether you regard as something new as genuinely something new to fear and be wary of or whether you regard something new as something to be embraced and enjoyed and revelled in and so on.

Clearly as much as I have been seeking to RAISE THRESHOLD and AWARENESS and ENLIGHTENMENT, and been quite DEDICATED in attitude and approach to these things, I like many other people of course experience times when VARIOUS TEMPTATIONS present themselves.

TEMPTATIONS can of course occur in many SHAPES & FORMS, from seeking to influence and manipulate, others with less awareness, to seeking to explain such themes and matters and hoping that others can see the potential BENEFIT for themselves in also taking up such strategies and Technologies.

Yes many are conscious teachings of what we may or may not have already encountered, though generally I have found that bringing what has previously been adopted or indeed rejected from the non-conscious into the CONSCIOUS creates CHOICE.

Clearly the further I have progressed, the more I see the benefit of staying somewhat focused upon control of what I personally have the power to control.


Is actually quite interesting, because clearly we can apply for positions and jobs, because we want to step up in working life, though clearly the REASON or KARMA or whatever any individual gives for gaining advancement is not something we can know beyond of course studying tactics and remedies that REVEAL the non-conscious within INTERVIEWS and so on.

The get out a pen and draw links between words and phrases on the sheet is actually an excellent and revealing strategy, and would certainly separate greater numbers of wheat from chaff as to MOTIVE & INCENTIVE that peoples and persons are potentially acting out non-consciously.

Sadly of course, the problem with “People like myself” syndrome can be demonstrated to exist in societal wide degree’s of separation.  Hence some realms having difficulty in getting people to apply for positions, where it is often a suggested GIVEN that someone has already been lined up for some role and ADVERTISEMENTS on boards are just governmental law compliance.

That is not always true, though clearly someone who is already carrying out some particular role has advantage (assuming they are doing a good job, or have indicated some long term commitment).

The other problem can of course be, that rotating interviewers typically means that someone who did well in one selection process, fails with differing interviewer, who is looking for someone from their own sector of the “degree’s of separation, people like myself” non-conscious.

Clearly whilst I know “for example” that I can get on with pretty much anyone, from any community, strangely I have found myself targeted by just about each sector and every grouping at some point over the years and clearly, in GOSSIP terms some troublemakers and stirrers have long history of

CREATIVE ENDEVOUR as to what was said, and how they themselves interpreted what was said.

Yes Russia has suggested that America is starting a PROXY WAR, via sending in special forces into help train and advise local troops.

Sadly most groups and factions within many walks of life and so on, run PROXY wars, usually GOSSIP oriented or indeed SPYING.

Hands up all those who this David has asked to add on Facebook, or for a phone number (for example), or any other type realm.

Historically of course I promoted these TECHNOLOGIES BROAD & WIDELY via FACEBOOK and believe the UPTAKE to have been reflected in just how much progress has been made among very many previously at war groupings.

Likewise NEWCOMERS whilst I have been polite and respectful I have generally remained a distance or boundary from for several years, so anyone who takes up the technologies now, is doing so through ESPIONAGE like activities, of tracking myself down on Facebook and finding an advertising link or indeed having the Technologies recommended via other peoples from within the realm.

Clearly I have maintained a quite strong discipline because of some SEVERE TRAUMAS within my own life, though that does not mean any one else has to be as extreme or disciplined about such things.

For every person who has become somewhat dedicated and disciplined as myself, you will likely find others who have at some point sought to take advantage of putting one over on others about them, in REALITY I found quite early on in my STUDIES that such tactics were generally unhealthy, hence my boundaries and discipline, in simply seeking to ascertain some LEVEL of knowing that I am operating from a position of CENTERED INTEGRITY and can be TRUSTED and so on.

Yes TEMPTATIONS are numerous throughout the year, simply because of the very many INVENTED SPECIAL DAYS, Christmas and Birthdays and Easter and Halloween and Anniversaries and so on.

Are your vices TEMPTATIONS or simply lifestyle choices that you have optioned or chosen to take little interest in.

I have spoken on multiple occasions as to INCENTIVE & MOTIVE and kept repeating the simple mantra MONEY on the TABLE and food in the Belly.

Clearly that is quite limited in vision and so on though MORE MONEY ON THE TABLE AND MORE FOOD IN THE BELLY is not that short and sweet.

Yes A great deal is being made at present as to persons living below the Governments “Living Wage” strangely I can of course maintain that whilst I may not fit official government DEMOGRAPHIC in terms of stated income on paper, the reality is that for a DOZEN YEARS or more I have through deductions from wages, easily probably fallen below many of those below living wages who also get housing costs and child benefits and many other benefits that I have been historically REFUSED.

So I cannot control the external, and jumping through many of the HOOPS that various AGENCIES constantly demand people jump through is TIRESOME, when the DESIRED RESULT, usually shown on MASLOWS PYRAMID DIAGRAM, is not being achieved.

It’s akin to Simon Say’s GAMESHOW HOST “ You jumped through those hoops, so now we want you to jump through these hoops”.  Nope hoop jumping is not on the list as a living requirement or indeed issues and topics such-as DIGNITY & RESPECT.

How can anyone step by step make progress, even with raised THRESHOLD, when the most basic of foundations within the pyramid are failing to be achieved.

Likewise, strangely we can go into many a realm and find that some psychological switch happens or occurs whereby those who ran fastest away from the physical manual work, is somehow deemed suitable choice to govern others.

Yes you can be intransigent and oppositional to such things, or you can be contrary though still in alignment with WAYS & MEANS that many a realm utilises to get passed the stupidities and idiocies of people who strangely believe their own BULLSHIT, because they have suddenly been gifted a ranking or position of POWER.

Anyway enough for this evening.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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