So What Was It I Was Going To Write About

Well I did recently strangely find myself thinking along the lines of a TV or Film developer, in wanting to identify appropriate locations for particular events.

Why tell you that, well I suddenly thought I know I will go about with a camera (for example) and then take a picture at this location and that location and another location.

And then build a Story around some event occurring or happening within the location.

So for example, a Pub round the corner has an interesting Mural on the side of the building, recently added for the forthcoming Remembrance Day.

I have historically of course suggested that having a birthday on my Birthday is not all it is cracked up to be.  Just like anyone in fact, you can find that TIMING of EXTERNAL WORLD issues and events somewhat distracts & steals any thunder or importance that you may have felt you had collected.

These thoughts about such things can be ridiculous of course, given how large the World Population is, though non the less year after year, I find my Birthday detracted from due to some SUPERIOR THOUGHTS FEELINGS & MEANINGS that are superimposed upon the day.

What day.

Well as long term readers, have probably already noted, I do usually mention the birthday being on 8th November 1971.

Not a big deal really, though just like most people, I look up information to see who I share the day with (anyone famous/infamous) likewise “important events” and so on.

Clearly it does not take long for any of us to find or identify yearly or annual MARKERS that COINCIDE with such dates within our own CALENDAR.

I actually spoke previously as to sharing the day with particular people and we all do of course.

So I have a birthday 3 days on from Guy Fawkes bonfire night, and the 5th was also the deceased Grandfathers birthday.

Likewise year after year I find that there or there about’s on the Calendar, various International REMEMBRANCE DAY like events are taking place, whether it is LOCAL EVENTS advertised in local media or indeed National Events in National Media or Indeed International Events spoken upon on various news outlets and media.

Yes that perhaps a time to get on with it and turn of and tune out, though that PERIOD within the NATIONAL CALENDAR is so drummed in, that it can be troubling

BEING HAPPY for having a birthday, when all the World about you is going into SUPER SOBRE MODE.

Yes I speak heavily on this issue of all being actors and actresses, and of course everyone learns at quite young ages, as to BEHAVIOUR expected of them when in Rome.  Rome of course being mentioned because of the age old adage “When in Rome, Do as the Roman’s do”.


Now another interesting CALENDAR variant, give or take a few days are United States PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS.

Every 4 years (I think) they have Presidential Elections and again historically they always coin side with Birthday or thereabouts.  Must be a 2nd Week November thing, unsure though many a DATE in any given Countries calendar, was often worked out or CALCULATED via associated Church calendar days and so on.

I spoke of the 10 Commandments recently, and of course Cecil B Demille (Hollywood Legend) created a Movie surrounding the Story of Moses, and given the title The 10 Commandments.

I looked the movie up and found some interesting pointers, it was RELEASED on 8th November 1956.

Yes we all often given to zooming in or zoning things that are HIGHLIGHTED to ourselves.

So yes, coincidence though all meaning comes from the INDIVIDUAL and we do of course have choice as to what we latch on to or otherwise.

I can also of course mention that this year in seemingly interesting in the sense of mathematical age and 44. I have no idea why though it just kind of pinged into my head when thinking about Forty Four that all kinds of mathematical calculations when spinning of into all sorts of ah-ha, ah-ha etc.

So many an actor actress, performing or creative ARTIST, has historically at least CHANGED NAME and other personal details for the benefit of CAREER or indeed had multiples.

What would the world be like if we all adopted having more than one name or birthday approach to our lives, Numerology suggested that huge difference and variance can be brought about through such activities.

I am UNSURE as to any particular belief of such things, because quite simply CLASHES are going to OCCUR whatever you think your new originality is.

From now on I want you to call myself BLAH BLAH and Celebrate my Birthday on this date and etc.

Yes Adele is being reported upon for a million downloads of her new song, and likewise COMPARISON is being given to the opening snippet with some other singer.

I think such highlighting & comparison, does kind of make a mockery though likewise you do find that when it comes to court battles and fights that particular things are given to take precedence.

Much like all these Companies being ALLOWED via court action to own websites with their own name and brand labels etc, when 3rd party type individuals had hoped to cash in via purchasing many a major brand label established on other non-online formats.  In fact some folks successfully cashed in on utilising such tactic, whilst others were fought against all the way to the highest decision makers, very often on PRINCIPLE.

This has once again drifted and important new as to bombing Syria, I think it appropriate given what we KNOW about VIETNAM and other guerrilla & terrorist group TACTICS.  The hit and run tactics, where some LEGAL BOUNDARY encourages one side to ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK relentlessly, whilst the other side or opposing army etc. is wrapped up in RED TAPE is not good, at ANY LEVEL be it in terms of MORALE on the Ground or indeed being able to track such peoples and persons to SOURCE.

This has of course been found to Occur in multiple wars through the ages, Northern Ireland, Korea, Vietnam, many African States, and more recent times, Iran and Iraq and Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait.

The APPEASMENT of Saddam the first time around in not going full steam ahead into Iraq, lead to further years and years of suffering.  Much is made of Tony Blair era politicians going into Iraq on alleged “FALSE PRETEXT” such as weapons of mass destruction, though the TRUTH is that the previous generation of POLITICIANS FAILED to make the appropriate decision at that time.  (In my opinion).

So British Troops within IRAQ are like sitting ducks to the ISIS or ISIL groups operating out of Syria, in many ways through Hierarchical red Tape not reflecting the “on the ground reality” of those Wild West Borderless zones and regions.

We saw the same in Afghanistan where many a grouping simply hit in caves in the mountains or indeed crossed into weakly controlled zones and regions of Pakistan.

So many a TERRITORIAL MAP is diffirering to Official International Map’s in the sense that old tribes and rivalries exist within some sectors and regions of various landscapes, that go unmentioned within INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS until some calamity occurs.

I mention this Wild West Metaphor of borderless regions and “man with the biggest gun and fastest hand” because whether we like such things or otherwise that is the way in which Survival of the fittest operates in most or many a mindset.

Gaining the WILLPOWER or INFLUENCE of the peoples and persons, usually often involves having to negotiate with massaging EGO’s.

You might want to think you were chosen for this role through having a large brain and great intelligence and being an all round good bloke, though reality is probably that the recruiting agent carried out “The Christ in me see’s the Christ in you” in a “The thug in me see’s the thug in you” fashion. Of seeing a larger individual who when push comes to shove is likely to INTIMIDATE any lower forms of life within a given realm.

Having said that, of course I mentioned “take a weapon to work” days historically, and most factions of course “TOOL UP” in some fashion.  We see this in film and TV and indeed within real War Zones, whether in football faction and territorial pissing etc.

That takes us to the other IMPORTANT NEWS OF THE DAY, that has seemingly been drowned out, POLICE BUDGET & FUNDING.

We are now well and truly within the zone of claiming “Accountants Have Taken Over”.

Yes we are of course given to mathematical logic at the EXPENSE of “on the ground knowledge” or indeed la-di-da ART KNOWLEDGE.

What has ART got to do with War some will say, I would suggest a great deal, because those who play survival of the fittest, usually have an ability to NOT DISCOUNT any tactic and remedy or approach to how things are done.

STRANGLED BY BUREACRACY! Is what is presently occurring and of course such things can course or create OVERWHELM for peoples.

Will the overwhelm cause release and NEW SIGHT?  Well I think that it can lead to break through, though experience suggests you do have to actually PURSUE some activities until COMPETANT or CONSISTENT with those activities.

Yes elsewhere Schooling is also high lighted, though given the GENERATION by GENERATION handing down of knowledge and so on, I really do think BRITAIN has been somewhat HIGH-JACKED during my lifetime by SCIENCE, and science is not given to encouraging ART and other performance activities.

I am someone who threw themselves into the pursuit of Science though the logic versus non-logic and linear and non-linear strategies require more than that.

THE LEAP of BRIDGE that reuires crossing is NOT what many in Society want it to be.

The Bridge of Choices/Options, versus “LABELS” that are thrown out and about without having forethought or study of meaning and REALITY given to them.

EXTREMISM perhaps comes from IMCOMPATIBILITES and people’s desperation in seeking to find remedy of “GET OUT OF JAIL” like cards.

Unfortunately some folks when operating from the Bigger Harder Tougher attitudes and behaviours can of course have the rug pulled from beneath them just as any super intelligent Stephen Hawking can.

So again do not discount anything, and step by step and level by level, investigate differing THREADS and IDEAS.  Have a NAVIGATIONAL COMPASS for each and every sector or realm that you turn to and do not be afraid of EXTERNAL JUDGEMENT, because as you progress you will likely find such things to be completely ERRONEOUS when it comes to cause/effect and not really representative of NOW.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

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