Okay, So Seeking To Identify The Flaws & Errors


Paris St German Draw; Actual Real Madrid Win, David = 0

Manchester United, Actual Manchester United Win, David = 1

Athletico Madrid, Actual FC Astana Draw, David remains = 1

Man City, Actual Man City Win, David = 2

Malmo FF Draw, Actual Shakt Donsk Win, David Remains =2

PSV Eindhoven, Actual PSV Eindhoven Win, David = 3

Benfica, Actual Benfica Win, David = 4

Juventus, Actual B M gladbach Draw, david Remains =4

So 8 games played and I am once again at the halfway or midpoint, having guesstimated 4 correctly.

Having said that I can of course look to other clues and pointers within my writings, that may have increased any income, for instance some folks may have noticed that on some occasions when I have mentioned Rose for example or Rosberg has done well in Formula 1, that we sometimes see Mr Rooney scoring for Manchester Utd.

You do have to be more careful with seeking out goalscorers of course, though again it is often a matter of looking at accumulated CLUES, strange though true, I thought for example that following that SUGGESTION HISTORICALLY was CLEVER, as I had witnessed similar events on multiple occasions (and CONVINCED myself of some ECLIPSE or GREAT ALIGNMENT OF THE PLANETS DEADCERT).  Strangely enough what happened when I did such selection based in seeing lots of such POINTERS & CLUES was some other Story or nonsense, Rooney gets sent off, or his Mrs is expecting or some other story.

So whilst I suggested to be quite ABSOLUTE early on with pointers and clues and relating them all to one sport, be it football or tennis or cricket or golf or motorsport or rugby, you do find again and again that what you think is some great alignment can bite you in the derriere.

So yes you have to judge to PLAY THE PERCENTAGES, and likewise think of any triggers or alternate events to what you predicted as useful feedback or information/DATA.

Yes I see some reports as to the POLICE and OTHER GOVERNMENT BODIES wanting changes to the law for so-called SNOOPERS CHARTER and GREATER ACCESS to on-line information and web browsing history and so on.

I personally think such IDEAS are GREAT and to be introduced, the ONLY COMPLAINT I may personally have is of course, that old chestnut, that we see within the real world over and over again, MISUSE of information, by peoples and persons in positions of AUTHORITY.

Edward Snowden (US NATIONAL TRAITOR) was such a person in a position of Authority, who LEAKED information and then played some kind of JEOPARDY NATIONAL INTEREST CARD.

We also of course time and again see information being gained by the PRESS and other media bodies via PAYMENT to individuals within particular circles.

Such things are or have been regarded as acceptable within international espionage and for police investigations into criminal gangs and so on, so the simple fact is that you can get sucked into thinking you browsing history important, though reality is, whilst you are being convinced of self-importance and why your privacy matters, openness and honesty and not having anything to hide (from a personal point of view) generally seems to make the argument against somewhat weak.

No I do not want criminals getting hold of bank details and card and so on, though likewise the further I have progressed and studied various courses and disciplines, it really is an ATTITUDE & BEHAVIOURAL issue more than anything else.

Much like being told to wear clean underpants each day, just in case you are hit by a bus and have to be rushed to hospital.

If you go to porn websites and illicit criminal piracy download sites, and then come up on the Intelligence RADAR, who is responsible for that, you or them.

So far to many people think themselves of great importance because we want to feel that we matter, when reality is that we are simply another statistic within the broader population and so on.

Anyway I think I shall leave this one here and write again later.


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