So Sky Have Reported, The Snooping Legislation Best

In suggesting that the Snoopers Charter Bill is the equivalent to collecting Who, Where and When data.

So you send a text to a colleague (Who) at the Pub (Where) at 12:55 (When) and that is all that the surveillance information provides.

So-called content (What) information is still only accessible with a WARRANT.  So that is effectively like the Royal Mail having knowledge of Your name and address on the COVER of an ENVELOPE to deliver some letter to yourself, without knowing what the letter content actually is.

Elsewhere the Police Budgeting issue is high-lighted due to proposals to increase VOLUNTEER numbers, for behind the scenes roles and so on.  At one time Police complained of to many distractions from front line duties, volunteers and specials were created to fill out those roles, so Police tasked with INVESTIGATIVE Policing could concentrate and focus on the main duties and roles expected of them.

Now of course cuts to budgets and it is easy for Police Unions to point fingers, and suggest that these gap jobs or plug filler roles, are being OVER USED whilst real trained Officer Numbers are being CUT.

Unsure of all the statistics, though I have already suggested that I personally would be inclined toward doubling Police numbers, I suggested 250,000 and that is close to a doubling of numbers.  The downside of course, as I already stated at the time of that article, is that those already with hands in the till, or snouts in the trough have a TENDENCY as they do within most realms to become OVER PROTECTIVE of what they perceive to be there ESTABLISHED TERRITORY or ground.

A difficult area when it comes to Forces such as the Police or Military or indeed Doctors and other Professions.

For example, I have worked in multiple realms HISTORICALLY where talk of Budgets and Budget cuts and tightening of belts and so on was reiterated so much that those on the front line and lower levels were constantly worried about issues that in REALITY and indeed INTROSPECTION were not necessarily ours to worry or be concerned about, such topics often leave you strongly DISTRACTED from what you are supposed to be focussed and concentrated upon.

I can say however that, is something present Working Life Realm Managers have taken on board and mostly (as far as I personally am aware) adjusted to.  The buck stops with those in higher positions of responsibility and so on.

Now a BUDGIE is not a CANARY, and I always forget which ones it was that Miners Historically took down into Mines and Caves as a way to monitor the AIR.

What else is going on, GREEDY JUNIOR DOCTORS, do not like the new look, ways and means that have been drafted to finance them. Expecting a greater slice of the bottomless pit NHS budget for themselves.

Clearly staff and so on, are in effect the front line, though most of the proposals look reasonable to myself.  It does strangely APPEAR that they do not truly know what it is they are wanting/demanding, simply taking the opportunity to out some frustrations and so on.

Elsewhere we are seeing ALLEGED STUDENT RIOTS in London, demanding FREE EDUCATION. (THE TIME OF RENTACROWD IS UPON US, whereby anyone who is wanting some too bit reason to complain, whinge and riot and so on is likely to join the demo & mob culture irrespective of the REASONS given by ORGANISERS, those are also of course often the MOST DANGEROUS groupings and protests to find yourself among).

Well let me put it BLUNTLY, everyone get’s FREE EDUCATION during school years, you already had it.

Yes this typical of course of many wanting to remain “paid for” sons & daughters of the Nation and so on, I actually think it is REASONABLE to encourage greater FINANCIAL AWARENESS and so on, especially as most can hold a bank account with cards and chequebook facilities and so on from age 16.

If you are old enough to have an ACCOUNT for others to deposit FREE MONEY into, you are old enough to have an account where you yourself work a little and make some DEPOSIT also, goes the argument.

Yes, I have spoken on other realms such as the Military and indeed Doctors & Nurses having historically at least some LEVEL of SUBISDY built into the training and so on.

Though given how most over the last 20 or so years have had SUBSIDIES and so on cut and slashed, I do not see why any AREA or GROUPING should not also have to go through some such pains, what is good for the goose, is good for the gander, so the saying goes.

That is clearly akin to saying, (in game of black and white terms) what is good for the one coin side is good for the alternate coin-side.

The problem is of course always one of BALANCE and how far any one of us veers of into one segment or zone, great if you are head and shoulders above all others and on some super positive career track, not so great is you are getting pushed and pulled and being side lined via ISSUES & TOPICS that you ought not to be overly concerned with or about in the first place.

Many such topics exist, because so many have been invented, and it is easy when younger to be convinced of the righteous nature of these particular ALIGNMENTS, though over the longer term, you may very well come to see that some other LESS OBVIOUS reasoning or layered issue was occurring just beneath the Surface.

The vying for SUPREMACY issue perhaps.

I recall seeing some TEEN COMEDY with the daughter when she visited and it presented what is a fairly typical scenario of X person being interested in Y person.

What did they do?  That is correct, X person joined class or group that Y person was within, and likewise we see peoples of both sex’s throwing themselves into some grouping, club or hobby, not through any genuine interest so much as to get closer to particular Individual, great if it works out, not so great if you are already within other relations and do not require another one or indeed find them to not be all that interesting after all.

Likewise, of course you get those wanting to prove that they still “Have it” whatever “it” is and despite already being in an allegedly committed relationship and so on.

I suggested being quite strict with myself in terms of meditation and raising Threshold and having zero relations, and indeed whilst it might seem pig headed and so on over the longer period of time, it perhaps does allow a faster or more accelerated pace to be attained as to the various learnings and cutting through historical flotsam and jetsam and so on.

If being number one stud or top dog within a realm is your thing great, go for it, though do not be surprised, if such attitudes and associated BEHAVIOUR, thoughts and feelings turn and bite you in the derriere.

Now something I have not written on for a while is perhaps congruence and that again perhaps becomes something less to talk upon when you simply are.

Much like going from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence and up through various learning stages of personal growth and development until unconsciously competent and on some kind of AUTO-PILOT.  Even those things that you may have been in pursuit of.  At various levels and so on of study and making new awareness’ etc. seemingly become less important.

I do not have to fight or squabble for the right to be this that or the other, because I already am from some deeper place of awareness and knowledge and understanding and so on.

That of course perhaps a phase or stage that anyone can attain in any area of life, though establishing an all-round more encompassing position of competence and confidence in what you yourself know to be true and what you think and feel and how you act is of course ongoing.

I have genuinely fond that when you regard just about everything in life as some kind of a TOOL, you can re-evaluate WORTH in a whole new way or with a differing mental attitude and so on.

What can seem like the most important thing in the World, simply keeping up with the neighbours and so on who has this new gadget or furniture or whatever becomes less important.

Asking HOW can I gain or get these things for myself is of course CHOICE.  Though likewise some tactics and strategies really are not appealing in any way shape or form.

TEMPTATION over and again seems to be one of those operative words, and is perhaps a word that can be utilised in INTERNAL INQUIRY techniques and so on.

Yes, it has been demonstrated again and again that TEMPTATION and GETTING AWAY WITH IT, attitudes have been allowed to FESTER for far too long within some realms under some hierarchies, though likewise it does seem that time and again, some actions and behaviours can be said to be simply “PART & PARCEL” of a REALM.

We can of course LEARN to UNLEARN and not walk headlong into PERCEIVED ERRORS of others, though likewise we do not genuinely know who, what, where and when is potentially operating upon the other peoples and persons we find ourselves among.

Just a quickie we are of course seeing National Grid Highlighted in some kind of “Water, must have water” type search for greater POWER, more power they cry out for the tea time kettle and all these millions of gadgets that require charging.  Power is of course regulated in various ways and means as to USAGE, though likewise it is one of those words, that infers a million and one cross-realm issues and topics as to believe in what is the source and root and belief of my power.

Hitler was voted into POWER, many a Manager was given the role via some presumed higher power.  And no matter what the realm, we see various SCANDAL or ISSUE and topic pulling the rug from beneath some super ego, yes the spending a lifetime battered & bruised, fighting the good fight, versus otherwise is an interesting debate, what was self-inflicted and what was clearly the RESULT of ACTIONS and BEHAVIOURS, thoughts and feelings of PROTECTIONIST RACKETS operating within various realms and so on.  Rotating DECK CHAIRS and so on, is not the same as removing the source or cause or diseased or toxic element etc.

Anyway I have written on for some time so will now perhaps look at this evening Football Listing. Though must state that pointers and clues can be identified across whatever realms and interests your own focus is at.

Champions League Choices





Dinamo Zagreb Draw

FC Porto


Zenit St Petersburg

So 8 games, once again, will I achieve parity with yesterday or go slightly better or slightly worse, time will tell.

That is all for today, though I really am considering taking photo’s of various locations and then building story scenes and scenario’s around them.

You can of course also have time adjustment.

So you could have 5 locations (for example) and then have some scenario at each that occurs at particular time, morning, afternoon, evening. Effectively EXPANDING the usage of any given LOCATION by 3, (although more can of course be utilised at some locations than others).

Many a soap realm (for example) did not know what CONSUMER/AUDIENCE may or may not want until they gained FEEDBACK, when that happened you typically got what is seen within many a realm community ESTATE.

The Home/House address, The Public House, The Corner Shop, The Launderette, The café, and of course you can go of into REALM specific particulars, Clothes Shops and Swimming Pools and Car Mechanics and so on.

So many differing realms can be INFERENCED (for example) without ever being seen or shown, simply through utilisation of designated REALM clothing.

So espionage and those journaling who, what where when and why as well as how questions, is quite easy to actually write upon and so on.

Perhaps harder is taking a realm life environment and then seeking to IMAGINE something differing because you really can become “locked in” intransigent to a certain extent as to what your senses are telling you.

You can of course shut eyes after looking at some PROMPTS which is what such photo’s and so on are utilised for, though likewise getting through mental circular arguments and diagnosing what is not necessarily ours to DIAGNOSE is an interesting topic and issue.

So lots to be thinking upon at present.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

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