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So feedback from the Champions League football.

David Said our reality said

Barcelona and Barcelona Won, David = 1

Arsenal and Bayern Munich Won, David = 1

Chelsea and Chelsea Won, David = 2

Roma and Roma Won, David = 3

Dinamo Zagreb Draw and Olympiakos Won, David = 3

FC Porto and FC Porto Won, David = 4

Valencia and KAA Gent Won, David = 4

Zenit St Petersburg and Zenit St Petersburg Won, David = 5

So There you have it once again from 8 games played and with little study or genuine effort I got 5 from the 8 games correct.

It really is a strange PSYCHOLOGY that suggests some great leap or giant leap of genius, going from 4 to 5, though once again had I taken time to read my own writing and blah, blah and taken note of wider World etc, I could have probably gotten a couple more.

Interestingly of course multiple COURSES focus upon the yin/yang type symbol and that perhaps gives that kind of mental DISTORTION, you focus on the black side and are impressed with it appearing to make an incursion into the white, and you focus on the white and it appears to make infringement or incursion into the black.

Yes many a Meditation styled MANDELA and stare at these IMAGES is very often about training differing aspects of SIGHT, AURA seeing does this though likewise you can of course try such techniques simply to bring greater balance or retrain yourself if you feel overly distracted.

All too easy to have some mental lock-in to a particular pattern and various mental breaks can be created to cause you to STOP look listen before you cross the road and so on, yes it has been suggested on numerous occasion by many experts that breaking your current pattern and or inserting a new step or stage into your thinking process can be quite handy.

Now that was an hour writing break whilst I watched yesterday evenings addition of the Apprentice.  The task was interesting of course, quite simply because I have been writing regularly for some time now, though likewise have not really considered going down the children’s book route.

Clearly I can say that the RHYME thing used to be my thing, early on within my studies and so on, and that is because most if not all of us learn to sing and rhyme and so on at young ages and indeed, such things have a kind of HOOK to them, hence they also being popular in ADVERTS and so on.

I enjoyed the show, although I did feel that some particular individuals once again kind of disappeared into the background.

Clearly 1 or 2 rivalries were seemingly being highlighted, though I did think that other group members worked around seeming friction of colleagues and so on.

Lord sugar spoken on Natalie (the one who was fired) being somewhat immature, though it did appear within this task that 1 or 2 others also (from what we saw) fitted that description.

Again it may well be suggested that the groups require mixing up or changing about, as it does appear that a particular dominating thread is occurring as to attitudes and personalities and so on.

Likewise, we can see that CULT OF PERSONALITY issue whereby instead of using colleagues where they can probably genuinely succeed, an almost self-saboteur like nature is happening within the groupings, whereby you keep waiting for them to break out into the song ANYTHING YOU CAN DO I CAN DO BETTER.

The problem for anyone sitting in the background is of course that you want to win and succeed irrespective of team, and indeed contribute on those skills you feel that you are known and identified for, however we are also seeing a THEME developing where those who have been dominating personalities from the off or beginning of the series are surviving show after show through better communication skills or at least WILLINGNESS to put themselves forward etc.

Anyway unsure if I will be up in time to write a list later so for today Europa League I will go with the following and hopefully not have changed mind or opinion after some sleep and rest etc.

Europa League






Asteras Tripolis


P’zan Belgrade

AZ Alkmaar


Borussia Dortmund

FK Krasnodar

12 Games and whilst I would be inclined toward DRAWS, I actually think the time of year and season is wrong for that at the moment.

So even if my selections are WRONG I genuinely think OUTRIGHTS, is at present the name of the game.

We can see the Wider News World about us and it is very much people coming down rightly or wrongly on ONE SIDE or OTHER of many a realm topic and debate.

Mr/Ms I say black is black, and Mr/Ms I say white is white.

So of course I am just spouting off and when you meditate and go clue hunting for what the non-conscious is SAYING above and beyond what is coming to conscious attention, you can find yourself in totally the wrong BALL PARK.

Though yes, peoples and World-wide Society in general (if media are to be believed) are STEPPING down from sitting on the fence and DECLARING a position in somewhat RESOLUTE manner and fashion.

I shall leave this here for now though may write later, see how long the sleep is going to last.

I found myself once again experiencing some kind of sharp INTERNAL bodily pain during the night and am unsure as to cause effect etc, perhaps someone has crafted a voodoo doll of myself and was sticking a pin into it.  It was not through anything I was doing workwise and it typically caused myself to go into one of those self-inquiry modes of wanting to IDENTIFY REASON, even though as most who have advanced are well aware, such bodily feedback and sensations are just as much smokescreens and mirrors as can be our WORDED THOUGHTS on such things.  Strange though true a pain can be a sign of healing just as much as a sign of injury, some kind of nerve response or blockage shift etc.  Time will no doubt inform.

I will leave you for now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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