If, What’s & Maybe’s, The Exploitation Of Honesty

So various thoughts feelings and attitudes arising brought the above title to mind, and of course, they do say that given appropriate stimulus and teachings that most people fall into particular streams of modes of how they will endeavour to behave and so on, though clearly any number of events can cause DIVERGENCE from a given assumption, or presumption and path.

I spoke historically on the inmates taking over the asylum and indeed ideas as to When in Rome, do as the Romans do, however at some point most folks come to REALISE that such a policy is not necessarily all it is cracked up to be, especially if Rome is built on strategies and tactics and behaviours that are incompatible with how Society normally operates.

we see across a broad spectrum of realms that you will have what is deemed an appropriate measure taken within some grouping’s, only for then some opponent to up the ante in some counter measure fashion, very often to unaware folks who have moved on from some particular issue or IDEA.

So you release and release on some topic and subject matter, and some individual clearly fails to take the hints or get the MESSAGE.

They say that differing peoples think in differing ways and means and of course you can enter into NATURE versus NURTURE debates until the cows come home, though I generally like anyone to have some level of insight and an ability to have some RETENTION of what has been said and done and witnessed and heard.

Clearly though we see time and again, that you can be going about your business, very often not involved in any POLITICS or other activities, simply getting on with it and someone “with a bee in there bonnet” is meanwhile rallying the troops and encouraging malicious, hatred and war towards yourself, simply for not

CONFORMING or COMPLYING with some aspect of life the Universe and everything.

So suddenly where once you may have simply been up against it on one front, you suddenly find yourself battling total strangers on all fronts, for issues and topics you either have no awareness or idea about or indeed no idea as to WHY.

Typically of course many a person tries to RAILROAD you into the Why of there own CONTENT (WHAT) choosing.  So we need or require you to be THIS that or the other, to fit in with “how we see and view the World” clearly you cannot exist without fitting some aspects and ratio’s of how others see and view the World, though likewise if you are not used to extremism and then are constantly HARANGUED and ABUSED, you are likely to sit up and take NOTICE.

Likewise it can of course be DANGEROUS to assume that some associations are GENUINE and LEGITIMATE.

So for example you cannot run around boasting of receiving phone calls and text from my mate so and so, and then not expect others to want to place distance between yourself and themselves, especially if some realm Hierarchy is attempting to be established by bragger or who ever.  Likewise we have all perhaps had that experience for example of being in a location that is shared by very many a MIXTURE of peoples of all levels of a realm and finding ourselves rubbing shoulders with

Some perceived ARISTOCRACY, that person has got a Orange, White, Blue, green, Black HAT etc.

In fact of course in finding your own voice and way, whilst it can be good to Learn and model some aspects of a given realm life from more experienced personnel you also sometimes require placing distance, when you find that individuals whilst FAVOURED within the realm life may be very differing from your own experience.

A typical example perhaps where I work is that when you are placed into environments where you are rubbing shoulders with the assumed Good & The Great, saying hi and being polite as a courtesy is not the same as being part of some Integral cog or wheel within the overall Facility or Business or Structure etc.

Likewise of course, myths and legends can go from presumption about how the Night Realm operates to presumption about how day realms operate, and indeed who is doing the reporting.

I often find it surprising how some folks are thought of in fictional manners and fashions across realms in terms of perception in both directions.

So on days the Great and the Good of nights is thought of well, whilst on nights they are sometimes thought of in less than pleasant terms, by those who are around them day after day and more intimate with how “ways & means” are applied to colleagues and so on.

The same is true of course on days, where I have been polite to some day workers at some cross-over time and seen horrified looks on there colleagues faces, that clearly must surely relate to differing perceptions of peoples and persons.

A common phrase or CONCEPT I have utilised on numerous occasion in more recent years is that I often get on better with some peoples & persons, when I am not directly responsible to them or for them in some fashion.

Other colleagues have INDEPENDENTLY CONCURRED such thoughts and feelings and topics, you can get on with so and so as a mate in the pub etc, though you most definitely would not want to work with or for them.

Such CONCEPTS do of course bring up those ideas once again as to CONSISTENCY and indeed CONGRUENCE and COMPARMENTALISATIONS that we all often have grown up thinking we need and require.

I have in terms of FEAR issues and so on found that it is no good Compartmentalising some issues and topics because typically whilst you may have thought you released on a topic or issue within one mental compartment, it could well be another mental compartment that is causing you to continue to experience RESISTANCE or like attracts like and “people like me” issues and so on.

Far better to break many a compartmentalisation and clear out many a negative issue and topic to the point of feeling free of such issues, prior to then perhaps coming up with a NEW MODEL of reality and compartmentalisations that better reflect how you wish and desire to be seen now.

So irrespective of what people want and so on, we can through raising threshold and sticking to our guns clear all the nonsense and garbage out of our own thoughts and eelings and behaviours and perhaps encourage such things among others, though do not “hold your breath” waiting for others to have change of minds and hearts and behaviours because very often it can take some HUGE RUG PULL, or ROCKET to get through to some folks, so resistant and well versed are they in believing there own BULLSHIT or indeed the POWER of THERE INFLUENCE and Manipulation.  This can be especially true of belonging to a given REALM ESTABLISHMENT or indeed UNION.

I spoke on Unions previously having belonged to multiple and on each occasion that I ever had to call upon them, they failed myself, because typically they will usually operate in ACCORDANCE with a given realm, more than many a staff member necessarily wants them to.

Likewise you also see under representation of particular working groupings.  I have been pleased over the last year or 2 that one or two persons within the night crew have taken to becoming Union Rep’s and so on, though again do not hold my breath on great expectancy of what they can achieve for us, I simply like that we finally have some Union representation rather than non at all, much like a few years ago I campaigned for First Aid courses and so on.

Strangely many of these things were already campaigned for by others, though likewise some FORMALISATIONS and so on, do go to far.

Do you want to be able to carry out these practices in COMPETANT manner when called upon to do so, or do you want to wear the pretty badge and wear the bumbag and coloured florescent waistcoat and so on.

Amazingly whether this Dave likes it or otherwise the ATTRACTION to “SHINY THINGS” and “LABELS” & “TITLES” really does go to many peoples head as the INCENTIVE or MOTIVATION that they have for some particular activity. And when you see that those things are ORDERED

Higher than the underlying purpose or reason for the requirement you have to become once again concerned or worried as to long term issues and motivations.

Yes some folks might see themselves marching with the brotherhood or however though in general Alignments and Hooks Hinges and Trigger or whatever do require some greater FORETHOUGHT and DEEPER study of CONSEQUENCE, than what some folks clearly rush too.

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