Threat Psychology

So many a person can say that they have been threatened or abused in some fashion or manner and not witnessed having said threat acted upon.

Likewise, you can also say you have witnessed a threat and have seen the threat acted upon or appear to have been acted upon.

Territorial pissing and bragging rights will often see people do the most stupid of things, quite simply to be in alignment with some REPETITION that they make and say to themselves.

Or indeed that they think others are making or claiming about them.

So today is Guy Fawkes Day and as a youngster I did of course go about collecting anything and everything to help build a fire.  Prior to the old railways line that runs through the city and various Neighbourhoods being converted into a cycle path, it was often used for a bonfire walk.  In the sense that you could see multiple fires and groups standing about fires proud of their efforts in collecting wood and other scraps and burning them and so on.

Unsure if such activities are still carried out, though I know as a youngster that it was almost like an annual event and activity.

So returning to the psychology issue, today I noted some local headline that a man said to be linked to the EDF threatened a Social Worker some time earlier this year or last year and has now been sent to prison for said threat.

That of course is quite strange given how many people in many walks of life threaten others about them day after day without any seeming Police or Court involvement.  A favourite line from a particular line manager I work and occasionally interact with is “you could get hit by a bus tomorrow”, and I have heard the same line spouted by more than one person of SENIOR MANGEMENT level within the realm.  Whilst I can generally ignore such statements, they are, upon REFLECTION potential THREATS, or implying of THREATENING BEHAVIOUR.

This is what is going to occur or happen to you when these other peoples and persons are not here.

The downside of course, is that having said line and in front of witness, what if some incident occurs to myself and I have made note of said threat.

Even if such things were off the cuff, metaphor like meaning and so on, they do at FACE VALUE become leads to investigation and so on.

So unfortunately you can be TARRED with an area’s reputation or simply be adding to an area’s reputation.

I spoke on that Stabbing or murder investigation of Christian Bagley (for example) and this guy doing the threatening for a non-related event, who has now been sent to prison, was another resident of said Hereford Estate or district.

So what if you are someone with a long record, and little opportunity and you do not like going in and out of prison much like the A-TEAM for a crime you did not commit.

A threat is a SUGGESTION of INTENTION, not a crime itself, unless of course some History and behaviours can be DEMONSTRATED.  Is it possible then that in being hauled before court or charged with threatening behaviour, some folks would then think “If I am going to be (pre-judged) through reputation and so on, when this that or other incident comes to court, then I may as well have COMMITTED some legitimate crime.

So you can see that psychology goes round and round.  In story & real life, for example, we have seen within particular realms, that folks guilty of one set of crimes, and little evidence, are “FITTED UP” by the Police for other offences that they may or may not be guilty off.

So yes you can of course be wholly innocent of all and absolutely everything.  Or you could simply having gotten away with one crime, that is common law word of mouth knowledge among a community, be gotten on some other aspect or issue and topic.

Legends tent to build themselves around particular peoples and particular activities irrespective of being deserving or otherwise.

That Bronson guy an example, of someone who went to prison for a couple of years, then got involved with riots and so on and suddenly found himself being a life meaning life prisoner, and various Legend surrounding him.

The problem with many such peoples, is of course that they usually have networks and connections, or people who want to become part of networks & connections, and you then see all those kinds of INITIATION CEREMONY’S going on.

America high-lights such activities of course through College University Campus films and dramas surrounding such activities.  Animal House, I think was one such film, though Disney Pixar also did such a styled film with Monster University.

You also of course get the one-up manship within initiation ceremony, and when you look about, you see other groups MASON’S also known to carry out such things.

So to an independent observer, what is the difference between this initiation ceremony and that initiation ceremony?

In fact time and again, one is regarded as legitimate to some realm simply through it being the realm or establishment that you desire being part of, or indeed it is demonstrably differing from some street hoodlum group.

So Guy Fawkes is burning up and down the land and of course, you get official displays and pub displays and indeed garden displays.  Over the years and if such events coincided with a daughter visit, we would sometimes go to the racecourse and enjoy those events, (I actually quite like some organised events, simply through them being a little more long lasting than what you may or may not get out of the Firework Box that you have purchased).

Whilst I do like the DO IT YOURSELF approach and the differing thoughts and feelings generated through activities you have done yourself, it can often require substantial investment, we have all perhaps thoughts yeah FIREWORKS and then looked at the price and seen some ridiculous seeming mark-up as to COST.

£100 for this box of X number of fireworks, yes I know you can get & spend far less, though there is money up in smoke and there is money up in smoke and they really are money up in smoke.

How long can you make your box last, yes in fact it can be a good idea to buy a small box and have a barbecue perhaps, and indeed also attend a larger event, though they do offer differing perspectives.

So what else, well I did of course suggest that you could take photo’s about a city or landscape and then use such location as prompts for your writing, and I have indeed suggested such things historically, you could of course also have sub realm scenes within each location.

So for instance I said take 5 locations, and then 3 times of day and you could also add subrealm within a given location.

A pub might contain a bar, a pool room, a lounge

A house might contain kitchen, bathroom, bedroom

A café, might have kitchen, a counter, a diner area

So that takes you mathematically to 5 * 3 * 3 and you can of course add further and further levels of DETAIL to make your World seem more real.

One of the things I have done during research is actually study various versioning’s of WHAT REVIEWERS have said and indeed how they have COMPARED to alternate Authors and writers within a genre.

Very often the descriptive imagination & capability of Author is what is most heavily ENTHUSED upon.

So what else, well big news for fans of STAR WARS is of course the release of official POSTERS.

I recall as a youngster being quite interested in getting the odd movie poster, and they were not all that easy to get hold off, although things have changed, as it became quite a popular activity, though likewise a BILLBOARD POSTER is not the same as what you could get from many a retailer such-as Woolworth’s and Athena used to sell.

More interesting was the issue of MIRRORS within the POSTERS, all characters seemingly had one eye covered by a light or weapon or however.

I then of course looked for MEANING.

Now if I look in a MIRROR and close one eye, it is still my left or right eye that is being shut, and that is of course DIFFERENT to imagining a ROTATION.

If you look in a MIRROR and shut one eye and IMAGINE A ROTATION, it APPEARS or CONFUSES you into believing the ALTERNATE EYE is now shut.

YES? No? are you following?

Big Deal?

Well of course given how we all perhaps now have better understanding of TRANCE states and how we live our lives through having developed various layers and levels of TRANCE STATES, we can see that many a day to day believe however long and established as some kind or TRUTH, is exceptionally easy to pick and pull apart.

Some may wonder WHY you might think of a REFLECTION differently to a ROTATION, though in a maze like fashion such things are well worth exploring.

I studied some hypnosis materials a few years back and they often take you through what some folks call meditative walkthroughs and so on, I find it EXTREMELY INTERESTING for example, that whilst I have multiple MEDITATIONS on and within my Learning Strategies Library, that FEW really genuinely place myself within some vision like realm of EXPLORATION.

Almost as though some sectors or thought processes and THRESHOLDS have been raised and are now differing to how they were previously whilst others ACCESSIBLE areas and regions, still for the most part go unchanged, unless some particular given METAL EXPLORATION places you within that zone.

That perhaps part and parcel of that DREAM within a Dream kind of scene where you think you are now awake and so on, only to discover you are in a new version of some Alice or Neo like alternate reality zone.

So were we born with all the building block required within our cellular makeup as suggested via string and holographic theories and so on, or do we accumulate such things through growth and learnings and so on etc.

I think a certain amount of both goes on, to be honest, though likewise can only ever speak from the level I am at and I did rush through multiple levels without necessarily stopping to consider potential consequences.

Progress is progress.

Do I think any matches may be differing now (fresh faces) to how I wrote them earlier, well I thought, I know I will write a new listing now and then see if any given before after predictions are different and again I can use the morning predictions, the evening predictions and indeed real actuals, to see if I can pinpoint, when I am operating at some most optimum point, I for example was potentially a little harsh toward Tottenham, though the DANGER exists that you end up completely going around the TWIST through constant CHOPPING & CHANGING without a suggested DEADLINE.

That is a reality for many realms, I know for example that over the years I have had run-ins with managers quite simply because they want to squeeze more & more into what can be achieved within some DEADLINE, and POLITICS wise we can always ask, why is this favoured realm son and-or daughter not being asked to achieve the same or higher standard and so on.  Yes, that is of course DANGEROUS because it keeps you looking to EXTERNALS rather than what you can achieve for yourself, though likewise why am I expected to kill myself, whilst some other colleague are given easy time of it etc. for being more FRIENDLY and SOCIABLE with management etc, eye on the ball wise, I want to do a good job and have money in the bank at the end of the week, SOCIAL RELATIONS and CIRCLES nearly always impair people’s ability to remain NEUTRAL or OBJECTIVE, when positioned or not rationale’d and sorted at appropriate level in deliberations.  and they create the very things “mental smokescreens and mirrors” and a kind of SNOW BLINDNESS and narrow mindedness and cul de sacs that most people with AWARENESS and HIGHER ENLIGHTENMENT spend a great deal of time seeking to reorganise themselves with.

Having said that, I do have to reiterate that many thoughts feelings and attitudes and associated witnessing attitudes have changed a great deal over the years and the realm is unrecognisable to how it was, new starters when asked or in conversation have typically not IDENTIFIED “OBVIOUS” ISSUES and politics and so on, that was historically quite prevalent and distracting.

Europa League Take 2

Celtic DRAW

Tottenham Win

Liverpool Win

Ajax Win

Monaco Draw

Asteris Tripolis Win

Sparta Prague Draw

P’Zan Belgrade Win

Az Alkmaar Win

Bordeaux Win

Borussia Dortmund Win

FK Krasnodar Win

So how close was I with morning and evening predictions and does the variance matter a great deal.  What non-conscious reasons might I be operating from in making particular changes.

Can I identify where I have seemingly hedge from one team to another where a Draw is more likely or was I simply realising an error from earlier and reconfiguring according to knowledge and awareness now.

1 game has been played and multiple have now begun, though I did not know whilst writing this.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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