Do You Require Taking A Shot In The Dark?

So of course, some may wonder as to WHY, I brought up the Christian Bagley issue on my blog, although in reality it was simply a WITNESS & FEEDBACK RETURN SYSTEM, triggered via other events and so on that happened to occur.

All meaning given by an individual. (So to speak)

So yesterday I went to the Local rag Hereford Times website and 2 stories went Kerchang in grabbing attention.  One the Court Story I mentioned as to the chap being from the same District where those events took place and another related to some “Wedding Breakfast at McDonalds” and of course we had seen a shot from McDonalds, where Mr Bagley had taken his daughter for some purchasing of food.

Would I be inclined to research “The Guest List”

Well given the way in which 5 or 6 degree’s of freedom operates, such MEANINGS are of course somewhat SHOT IN THE DARK like as to cause effect and reasoning, though perhaps a worthwhile pursuit in simply being able to TRIM or CULL any given list of SUSPECTS etc.

We also have myself mentioning Territorial Pissing recently and today I noted an interesting Article as to Bishop’s school Rugby Teams, the 1986-1987 team apparently one of there best.

Within my own mind and memory recollection, I am UNSURE as to whether that was the TEAM that were regular year in year out opponents of myself and my team mates from Aylestone, or whether they were a year above or below.

I can however state, that MEMORY is of course a CONSTRUCT and we often DISTORT and ADD and SKEWER such things.

I from my own memory thought that the Aylestone team I played in was one of the Best, in terms of local competition, year in and year out as we went through our Secondary Schooling, we won more than we lost, and in terms of COMPETITION, Bishops were perhaps our closest Competitors, during those years, and I do know that one or two slightly younger individuals whom I knew from Bishops had been proud of their Team, I strangely recall having to make CORRECTION on what they were boasting of as it did not always TALLY with my own memory.

Having said that I think the FINAL SEASON (probably 5th year) many enforced chopping & changes seemingly led to us going somewhat “off the boil”, I have vague recollection of fixture trips to places such as Leominster and getting our asses kicked, where in previous seasons, we had waltzed such games.  Such things can of course come down to “ALTERNATE INTERESTS” and indeed MOTIVATION & INCENTIVE.  I think one or two of our better players, were not being SELECTED or indeed had FALLOUTS with COACH, I know that I myself fell foul of the COACH and missed out on a couple of months of games at one point during schooling.

We also of course had the introduction of the all brand new GCSE’S at that time, what is the distraction, from the activity that you want to be participating in.  Being marked for work throughout the year, instead of CRAMMING for EXAM and doing well, as previous GENERATIONS had been entitled and allowed.

We also strangely had the School suddenly introducing a House System upon us, during the latter 2 years of my schooling, where previously we had been lumped into some Alphabetical Ayle or Stone, we suddenly had 4 Houses and colours and “all very Harry Potter” like in reality.

I know other schools had such House systems prior to us adopting it, though BEING most of the way through Schooling, I did not perhaps feel any great kind of interest in inter house politics and rivalries and so on, I seem to recall being given a red circular badge and being told you are in this house and so on, although as suggested previously when you are young, you tend to just nod and whatever your way through many such incidents or changes.

Reflection does suggest The NEW SYSTEM really did MIX THINGS UP, because normal sporting ALLIES from Interschool competition and teams, suddenly found themselves being placed as newly created rivals within the House System.  I recall playing in some football team for a House Team competition, although the only football coaching/learning any of us had was outside of School.  Although I played Football at Junior Level, Aylestone really was HARDCORE RUGBY SCHOOL above and beyond all other sporting activities, and I guess I was “with the program” in that respect because I adopted and enjoyed sports all round, having competed at the junior level in athletics and so on.

Bishops, from what I understood from friends from that School already had such a House system and was WELL SETTLED & ESTABLISHED.

So whilst I am only one individual, it may well be worth myself comparing with old friends and colleagues of that Generation, because it does in INTROSPECT appear that my Aylestone Generation was put through the MANGLER.

Yes so unsure as to reasoning’s and so on though writing on TRIGGERS and thoughts and feelings of what you are witnessing and then looking to the wider World and becoming attuned to CROSS-REALM-INTERPRETATION activities really does or can become FUN, when you are not overly obsessed with any one given REALM or activity.

The sad truth of course, that most of us, do seemingly become HEAVLY DISTRACTED with various activities and goings on and so on.

This one just a short, though I may well write again in the Morning.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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